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Chapter 8

The kiss was starting get heavy. Dean and Castiel started panting laboriously. Dean slipped his hands around Cas' waist under his trench coat and pulled him into a tight embrace. Cas grabbed Dean's old leather jacket and slid it down and off his arms. Dean, in return, removed Cas' trench coat and let it fall to a heap on the floor. Cas then tore Dean's t-shirt off over his head. Dean stopped and looked at his beautiful Angel.

"What is it?" Cas questioned with a confused tilt of his head.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" Dean replied. "I mean, you've never done this before. We've never done this before."

A sexy grin appeared on Castiel's handsome face and he said. "Well, now's a good time to give it a try." With that being said, Cas removed his suit jacket, tie, and dress shirt.

Cas ran his hands down Dean's smoot, chiseled torso until he reached the top of Dean's belt, which he started to unbuckle. Once his pants were completely undone, he slid them and his boxers down his sculpted legs and off over his feet.

Dean decided that it was only fair to repay the favor and helped Cas out of his suit pants. He grabbed Cas by his shoulders and pulled him close to his warm body then threw him onto the bed and climbed on top.

Dean impatiently slid his hardening member into Castiel's hole and pumped with animalistic ferocity and human compassion. All that could be heard in the room were grunts and moans.

Sweat was pouring buckets off of the two hot bodies when Dean cried out with a beast of a roar and let loose his spunk inside the former angel's bowels. Soon after, Cas spewed his juices all over his and Dean's abs.

Dean slid off of Castiel and lay beside him. He turned to his lover and said. "I love you." Cas smiled and replied, "I love you too." They shared the most passionate kiss that no one in the world could ever comprehend.

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