It had taken a lot of time and effort on both Maureen and Collins' part, but Roger had eventually been convinced to check himself into rehab. He was chagrined not only for abusing his friends, but also for the fact that Maureen had had to pay for it (I will get you clean if it kills me, damnit!). Not that everything ended completely happily; Maureen and Roger still fought, naturally, but at least they had finally admitted to each other that they were in love and needed to be together. Collins was still sick, though he remained as upbeat as an HIV positive person could be. As for Mark…well things had worked out pretty well for him in the end.

According to Collins, Mark had been riding his bike down a semi-busy street, running late for the job he was working. Out of the blue, a "sex red head with a perky ass" (Collins' description) threw open her car door and quite literally, swept Mark off his feet. He and Erin had developed quite the love nest, filled with lots of cameras and Jewish humor (Collins doesn't think Erin's actually Jewish, but really, Mark probably doesn't care anyway).

Mark hadn't spoken to Roger and Maureen since Roger got out of rehab. Maureen had been ecstatic that he had been there for his friend, but apparently it was only a temporary truce. However, Maureen didn't feel guilty because she'd been right all along. She'd told Mark he'd find someone better for him, and lo and behold, he had!

Maureen had finally broken down to Roger about her family's wealth so that he would stop harassing her about how much money she was "throwing away" on him. She'd given up pretending to be someone she wasn't; she realized that if she had the money, she should use it which is why she and Roger now lived in a relatively decent apartment in a neighborhood that wasn't quite as grungy. Not that she'd ever sell out. No way. Her new job that she was experimenting with was being a protestor. Her first cause?

Drugs and the Devil (read: the dealer).

No day but today…

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