(AN- Basically a few random things happen, inappropriate areas are bitten by demons, and Bec is clueless.)

Just so ya know!

Kill 'em all- Grubbs

Priestess- Bec

Window guy- Kernel

Kill 'em all has logged in.

Priestess has logged in.

Kill 'em all- Okay, so this is called a chat room.

Priestess- Fascinating! But what does it do?

Kill 'em all- (Groans) We went through this already!

Priestess- Oh, yes! I remember now! Baranabus said that it's where pedophiles go and look for little children!

Kill 'em all- Bec, please tell me you actually know what those are.

Priestess- (Scratches head) No, I cannot remember Baranabus explaining. What are they?

Kill 'em all- I'll tell you when you're older…

Window guy has logged in.

Window guy-Hey guys whatcha talking about?

Priestess- We were talking about pedo-

Kill 'em all- Dogs. We were talking about dogs.

Window guy- Don't mention dogs right now! I just had to fight a dog/frog/bear/lion demon five minutes ago! It bit me in an extremely painful place…..

Kill 'em all- Aw, dude don't tell me it bit your…area(chuckles)

Priestess- What area? What do you mean?

Window guy- Bec, you can be really clueless sometimes. Are you related to Grubbs?

Kill 'em all- Stupid, you already knew that!

Window guy- Great now I'm stupid

Kill 'em all- Yup. And you're bleeding from your area, too.

Window guy- (Growls)

Kill 'em all- Hey, I'm the werewolf! You aren't allowed to growl at me!

Priestess- Boys, calm down, please?

Window guy- Fine. But….I'm going to make Meera kiss it!

Kill 'em all- NO! You little-

Window guy has logged off.

Kill 'em all- (Sits and seethes, breathing very hard)

Priestess- So, what area was Kernel speaking of?

Kill 'em all has logged off to go rip Kernel's head off.

Priestess- Hmmm….I wonder what the area was? Maybe I'll go ask Bran.

Priestess has logged off.

(AN- I know, I know short right? Hope you liked it!)