Chapter Three-

AN: Well, you guys wanted more, and here it is! Hmm, I should change the description cuz it isn't exactly a oneshot anymore….

Window Guy has logged in.

Kill 'em all has logged in.

Kill 'em all- So Baranabus was pretty pissed, huh?

Window Guy- That's an understatement. He threatened to make me streak at my old school.

Kill 'em all- …BWAHAHA! That's awe-

Window Guy- *glares*

Kill 'em all- Awful. That's awful.

Lord Loss has logged in.

Kill 'em all- What the hell are YOU doing here?

Lord Loss- Calm down, Grubbitsch….

Kill 'em all- No! Get lost!

Window Guy- Was that supposed to be a joke?

Kill 'em all- *stares*

Lord Loss- *raises eyebrow*

Window Guy- I'll shut up now.

Kill 'em all- Seriously, why are you here?

Lord Loss- One of my familiars told me about this, and I was offended that I had not been invited.

Kill 'em all- We didn't invite you because you're constantly trying to KILL us!

Lord Loss- So?

Kill 'em all- …..

Window Guy-…..

Priestess has logged in.

Lord Loss- Hello, Bec.

Priestess has logged off.

Lord Loss-Was it something I said?

Half and Half has logged in.

Half and Half- What's going on? Bec just told me Lord Loss is here!

Lord Loss- I sure am.

Half and Half- Log out right now, or I'll blast you with magic.

Lord Loss- How would you do that? This is a chatroom. It's not like I'm right next to you.

Window Guy- He has a point, you know.

Half and Half- Shut up Kernel.

Window Guy- What if I don't want to?

Half and Half- Unlike Lord Loss, you are in the room next to me.

Window Guy has logged off to go hide.

Lord Loss- So, Grubbitsch, feeling any misery today?

Kill 'em all- Stop calling me Grubbitsch!

Lord Loss- Why? Does it make you angry?

Kill 'em all- Yes, it does!

Lord Loss- Then I'll keep calling you Grubbitsch.

Kill 'em all- *Roars angrily*

Kill 'em all has logged out.

Half and Half has logged out.

Lord Loss- ….these people are way too touchy.

Lord Loss has logged out.