Let It Be Enough

"Can I ask you something?"

"I'm not taking out the trash today. It's your turn."

"Haruhi, will you be serious? "

"Fine. What is it?"

"You're happy... right?"

"... Of course I am. What a stupid question."

No matter what she says, he understands that it is not enough. That their small existence in this large city, out shined by neon signs and engulfed by concrete giants, was not what she wants. He can see it in the sluggish way she gets out of bed in the morning, or the way she stares longingly out the train window on their way to work. She wants something more: something vivid and surreal and extraordinary, but he can not give it to her. All he has is himself, and their small apartment. The silver morning light and the bed on which they sleep. He wants to give her what she wants, but he never can, and probably never will.

He wonders when she will go. When she will realize that she is not OK, and needs to move on to find her incomparable, untouched something that only she can see and feel and obtain. He wonders when she will leave him, and if she'll say goodbye. If it will be silent whisper in the early morning, or if it will be during coffee a few hours later. If she'd keep the necklace he gave her for her birthday, or if she'll leave it neatly on the dresser. He wonders if he will miss her, or hate her, or simply feel nothing at all. He has gotten used to feeling how she feels. If she is gone, how would he continue?

He understands that she is there for him, and him alone, but he also understands he is not enough.

"Hey. Haruhi."


"I love you."

She stops making breakfast, suprised by the rarely said phrase, but then smiles sincerely. It's another cold, January Saturday, and they're still clad in pajamas; hair messy and unkempt. His gaze travels from her slender, skillful hands to her bright, big eyes. Sparkling and beautiful and lovely.

"Idiot. Saying things like that so suddenly."

He grins as she goes back to cooking.

Watching her, taking her in. That was enough for him.

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