Riley wants to reunite Buffy and Angel... in a not so pleasant way

Takes place between Yoko Factor and The Trial

The initiative was not totally destroyed. Walsh is alive.


Buffy was sleeping. Riley thought she was beautiful… and in that moment he decided to eliminate his enemy once and for all. He wouldn't lose her.

After Angel left she didn't allow him to touch her more than a hug… that was not a good sign… she still had feelings for the damn fiend. Yes, she had asked him if she had given him any reason to not trust her, and she hadn't, but he had to do something… just in case.

And he knew just how. Project 313 would do that for him and he would kill two birds with one stone. Kill Angel and not be involved in it.

Riley got his device and started with the master plan.

Eight months later

"Buffy. You ok?"

"Oh, Willow. I'm… it's just that I'm a little tired."

"Buffy. You have to go to a physician to see what is wrong with you."

"No. Willow. I'm ok. Yesterday was a really heavy night with the slaying and that is that."

"When will Riley be here?"

"Any minute."

"Ok. I'll go to the library to finish my psychology paper. Are you sure you are ok? Well… Riley is coming so… smoochies are good"

Willow gave a small smile and left. Buffy kept her smile until the door closed when her eyes welled up. She could not keep this charade any more. Riley was a nice and safe guy, but she didn't love him. She knew a lot to understand that she could try as much as she wants, but she couldn't love him. Since Angel came to Sunnydale those eight months ago and Adam was defeated she couldn't give herself to Riley. She tried at first to forget about his brown and soulful eyes, but it got more and more difficult. She remained in it for so long because she thought she had to give everything a chance, but it wouldn't work.

She knew she could not be with him. His soul. The dreams. She dreamed again of Angelus … she dreamed she gave herself to Angel and Angelus was released. She knew they were prophetic, but how could she risk the lives of the people she loved, let alone every other soul in the world. She wouldn't, of course… but the dreams could mean only one thing. Will Angel find happiness in another woman arms? Buffy was lost in her thoughts when she heard a knock at the door. Riley.

"Hey, Buffy."

"Hi. Riley. We have to talk."


Walsh was in the 313 room when Riley arrived. His proposition eight months ago was very interesting, although she didn't thought at first she would succeed, but everything went smoothly. It would pay well when they could get their hands on the hostile. He would be a good study subject. The best of all since he had a soul.

"Is it working?"

"We didn't activate it, Agent Finn. We need you here since it was your idea. Everyone ready".

Riley looked at his pet project and smiled. The bitch ditched him. She said she didn't think it was fair for him because she loved Angel. Angel. A vampire. She said she was going to LA and talk to him because she felt something was wrong. She was crazy or he had some sort of power over her. She maybe didn't want him, but she would not have her Angel. He couldn't… wouldn't allow it.

"Start the transfer. Now is the right time. The hostile named Angel is weak and the operation will go according to plan."

Buttons were pushed and project 313 was active.

"It is perfect"

The eyes of the project turned to Walsh.

"What should I do, mommy?"

"You know what you have to do. Go to Los Angeles and bring Angelus here"