The Last Chapter!


Some hours ago

Willow smiled. She had to do something. These two couldn't go on much more like this. If these Oracles could reverse time like they did, they could help with Angel's soul. Well, he was their warrior after all… could they afford to lose him again?

After Angel was taken from the house, Willow decided to pay a visit to these Oracles. If Angel was so important to them, they surely wouldn't want him to be lost.

- Cordelia, can I talk to you for a moment?

- Yeah.

Both girls went to the kitchen. Buffy had left for her recon mission and it was the perfect moment for what Willow was planning to do.

- How can I talk to these Oracles?

- I don't know. Doyle and Angel are the ones to know how to reach them. Why?

- They are the best shot into solving Angel's soul curse. Angel and Buffy love each other and they can't live like this. Besides, there is always someone wanting to take his soul.

- You think they will help? From what I heard, they are not exactly understanding. Well... even if I knew how to do it, we would have to go to LA because the gateway to their place is there. I know there is some sort of spell or words that should be said.

Willow smiled brightly and beamed at Cordelia.

- What?

- If there is a spell, then it has to be in some of Giles's books. They are in some sort of dimension, right?

- Yeah, I guess.

- Than we can reach them from any place, not just a specific spot. At least, I hope we can.

- Well, we can give it a try.

Willow used a protection spell and she and Cordelia went to the library. She didn't have to search hard because the information was in the Book of Gods, a very rare book about the Power of Good on Earth. The book had a section on the Oracles, who were messages for justice and peace. Only the ones with good intentions and a pure heart could reach them in their dimension when the permission was asked from any place different of the gates to their lair.


- What you want lower being?

Willow was standing in a very bright light looking at the two strangest people she'd ever see. They had a gold skin and indigo blue eyes and were wearing some sort of Greek toga.

- I came to intercede for my friends, Buffy and Angel.

- Not again. The Slayer and the vampire.

- Shshs, brother… what did you bring us?

- A pencil.

The woman extended her hand and the pencil floated to her.

- A pencil. I like pencils. They right words, prophecies.

For Willow, the woman seemed a little mad. Just like Drusilla.

- Yes. They are champions for the good. They gave up living to fight for the good cause. She let him drink from her so he would not die. He left her so he'd not endanger her and us, his friends, with Angelus if he got a moment of happiness, which could happen just from her smile. I know they would die without a second thought to save this world.

- They are champions. Champions die for the good fight. New champions can replace the old ones. We can't help you.

The man moved his hand to though her out. He tried, but nothing happened. Willow lost her temper. Who these people think they are?

- Oh No no no no no! You won't get rid of me that easily! I have my own tricks and YOU WILL LISTEN TO ME! I know nobody gives a damn about how they are miserable, but I DO! And you should too. They are the best warriors the world will ever have. Yes… they are! Even a Morah demon recognized it. It said they were stronger together than apart. THEY ARE STRONGER TOGETHER! So, what do you think? You are going to find champions in their league. Oh! Please! THINK AGAIN! They are irreplaceable! So will you help me or I have to yell a little more?

The woman and the man looked stunned to the red head in front of them and seemed taken aback by what she said. Was she right? Maybe the warriors should be allowed to be. They also recognized she would be a powerful witch when the time came.

- The curse can be altered. This is the right one for you to use.

A piece of paper appeared in Willow's hand.

- Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Willow turned around to leave, but she turned back when the woman called her.

- Witch. Beware of magic. It should be used for good, only for greater good. Don't abuse it because there are always serious consequences.


Present time

Time seemed to be slow as Buffy turned around to see the piece of wood in Angel's chest.

- Angel! Nooooo!

Buffy closed her eyes. She didn't want to see her Angel turning to dust.

Seconds, minutes… have passed? She didn't know for sure. The only thing she knew was what she saw before she closed her eyes. Her stake into her Angel. Mr. Pointy killed the man she loved.

She heard screams. She heard Riley laughing like a crazy lunatic saying he killed the vampire. She heard him struggling to get free from the soldiers who were carrying him away.

Her knees gave up and she fell, but she never hit the floor.


Angel gasped when he felt the stake. His only thought was he was going to die, but the boy missed… missed his heart. He saw Buffy close her eyes, surely afraid to see him dust. She fell and even with the pain of the stake in this torso he didn't wait a moment to catch her before she hit the floor… unconscious.


- Buffy! Buffy!

She was hearing his voice. Did she die too? Did her heart give up beating? It was so far.

- Buffy! Please, wake up!

Could it be? Her Angel was dead. She knew it. She saw the stake in his chest. He would not be around anymore. How would she survive in a world without Angel? She didn't want to wake up ever.


- How is she, Willow?

- She is still catatonic, Giles. What will we do?

- I really don't know.

Giles looked through the window of the hospital room to see a pale Angel sat in a chair near the bed holding Buffy's hand.

- How is he?

- It's been a week and he didn't feed. He didn't leave for any moment. He keeps talking to her. You know what? I am really pissed off with all of this!

- I… calm down, Willow! Being angry won't help anything.

- No, Giles! You know. I contact the Oracles.

- You WHAT? How did you…

- Cordelia told us about them and I got to them. We had… uh… a little argument, but I convinced them that Buffy and Angel should be allowed their happiness… if they still want it. They gave a curse without a clause so Angel's soul is his. He won't lose it again. And now, Buffy is catatonic. I…

Willow was so engrossed in her anger and speech that she didn't see Angel standing by the door.

- My soul is mine?

Giles and Willow looked at the pale and weak vampire in front of them. For the first time in days, they saw something near a smile to mark his features. He just went back to the room.

- Vampire hearing!


- Buffy. I love you. Please, come back to me! I don't think I can live without the certainty you are here in this world, fighting by my side… making me… making me happy. I… I know you can hear me. If you love me come back to me. I… Willow said my soul... my soul is mine. The Powers decided we should be together… just like the Morah demon said we are stronger together. Please! Please! Don't leave me here. Not with my soul bound, but without you.

Buffy blinked and twitched her hand a little.

- Buffy?

Willow and Giles entered the room when they heard Angel calling Buffy.

- Angel?

- She blinked. She just… Buffy?

With some difficulty, Buffy opened her eyes.

- Angel? You didn't die?

Buffy caressed his face. He didn't say anything because his tears would not allow. He just shook his head no and kissed her full in the lips. When she spoke her voice was hoarse.

- But…I saw…

- It was close… too close, but no heart.

- I thought I had lost you. I didn't want to come back.

Their emotions took them and they could not talk for a while. They just held each other while their happiness tears mingled. They wouldn't be far from each other again.

- Is it true? Your soul is yours?

- Yes. Willow said the Oracles gave her a new curse. A clause-free curse.

Buffy smiled at Angel.

- Can we make this relationship work now?

Angel smiled back and kissed her forehead before giving his answer.

- Does forever works for you?

The beginning


AN: I thought of killing Angel, but I promise myself to never let these two alone or in pain in my stories. So only happy ends. Besides, they are cute together!

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