Summary: E/O CHALLENGE. Drabble word: student. Dean has trouble adjusting to his new life. Spoilers: Swan Song. If you haven't seen the finale, and you don't want to be spoiled, don't read this. Two part drabble; 100 words each section, on the nose. BOOYAH!

Disclaimer: This is for entertainment, and not for profit. Eric Kripke owns the boys. He's just letting me play with 'em for a while.


Dean doesn't trust normal. It's too fragile. Weak.

Normal bleeds. Normal dies too easily, gone to fine grey ash in a swirl of superheated air and yellow hellfire.

It's not that apple pie normal life that Sam made him promise to live. Dean spreads cats eye shells and salt around the windows and doors, quietly carves protection runes into all four corners of the house. Lisa and Ben don't say anything.

Ben has a way of watching Dean without staring at him. He knows Dean does the same. Ben's a damn good student, and he learns without saying a word.


Alastair whispers inside Dean's head, shrouded in the misty darkness of sleep. The bastard sounds amused.

Hell's inside you, my beautiful boy. Always will be. Your precious Sammy's gone, and here you are, my best student, wasting himself. You're a house husband. A daddy, the voice sneers. You know you miss the old ways, kiddo. The knives, the screams, the slick feel of blood on your skin. It's your purpose in life. Why deny it?

Dean stirs sleepily, whispers no no no, over and over again.

Lisa puts her hand on his chest. Her soft touch gentles his wild heart.