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It was a slow, boring day in Titan's Tower, Robin was reading over police reports, Cyborg was fixing the T- car, Starfire was making some kind of strange Tamaranian food (much to the secret displeasure of the other titans,) Raven was meditating and Beast Boy was nowhere to be found.

Suddenly the previously mentioned grass stain walked through the doors of the common room looking slightly nervous. He went straight towards Raven and cleared his throat "Hey Raven?" he said meekly "Beast Boy, I'm meditating, if it isn't of the utmost importance please leave me alone." Raven said in her usual monotone voice "Well, um can I meditate with you?" Beast boy asked weakly "sure" was all he got in response, with a sigh of relief beast boy sat beside the grey goth girl.

"Now, focus, clear your mind" At this Beast Boy closed his eyes and took a deep breath, everything was calm for Raven until she heard Beast Boy chanting (he was chanting the opening of the Halo theme) "You're a dork." Raven said managing a small laugh "yes, but I'm your dork." Beast boy said grinning. "And don't you forget it." Raven said in a loving tone before giving Beast Boy a light peck on the cheek . "Hey Raven" Beast boy asked "yeah" "later you want to go see a movie?" "Why not?" Was the reply. At this Starfire immediately stopped what she was doing and said in an excited voice "Friends, it fills my heart with joy that you are going on 'the date'." Both teens just sat there looking at each other smiling.


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