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Chapter 32

They ran out of the building where Brandon was waiting. Naru handed Suzuka to Ayako and turned to run back inside. There was an explosion as the entire building was now engulfed in flames.

Naru sank to his knees. He could hear everyone cry and scream out for Mai. She was still in there. There was no way she could have survived. Naru covered his face with his hands. Everyone was crying.

Mai was gone. She had died to protect her family. Suzuka and Haru had lost their mother. They would grow up without her kisses and hugs when they had a bad dream. She wouldn't be there to kiss the scraped knee to make it feel better. She would be there for their first words or steps. First day of school and then high school, she wouldn't be able to help them with their homework or to argue over piercings, tattoos, and hair dye. She wouldn't be at their graduation to cheer them on. The mother of the bride and groom spot would be left empty at their weddings.

Naru had lost the love of his life. Death had finally claimed her. He didn't know if he could live without her. She had been his rock his soul mate and companion for so long. Life without her seemed empty and meaningless. He would have to go on now for his children.

Naru heard everyone gasp and then they began to cry out her name. "Mai!" Naru looked up. Raiden was carrying Mai from the blaze. He made his way to the group. He and Naru gently laid her down. She was in Naru's arms now.

"Mai! Speak to me. Please!" Naru pleaded with her. Mai's eyes fluttered and she groaned.

"My back and head hurt." Mai groaned. Naru started to kiss her in his relief. Brandon stepped in now.

"We need to check her out now." The ambulances came and everyone went to the hospital for their injuries. No one was seriously hurt. Monk had to get a few stitches; Yasuhara didn't have a scratch on him. Same went for Ayako. Naru, Masako and Madoka had minor bruises. Same went for Lin except he had a welt from where he got whipped by Masako. John had a few bruised ribs.

Poor little Suzuka had to get her hands and feet stitched. Well not exactly stitched they used skin glue, but she still screamed when they had to clean and treat her cuts. Mai was covered in bruises. She had a concussion and a sprained knee and two broken ribs. She was ordered to stay in bed for at least a week.

"But Naru, who will take care of the house and the babies? We haven't picked out a nanny or anything." Mai argued why she couldn't be on bed rest.

"Raiden says he has it covered. He said he found the perfect person for the job." Naru told her.

The new nanny/housekeeper was a Chinese woman name Pai, who spoke very little English and very little Japanese. She wasn't just any Chinese woman, she was young and pretty, but everyone was scared to death of her except the twins. As they later learned she came from the same village as Mai's ancestor. Apparently there was a dojo there where the women trained to fight and etc.

She was very good at her job. The twins loved her and she was an amazing cook and made the house so clean. Naru liked her because she would start to yell at Mai in Chinese if she attempted to get out of bed and then would throw Mai over her shoulder and carry her back to bed as if she weighted nothing.

Lin seemed to have mixed feelings about her. He spoke several dialects of Chinese and could easily understand her. Once he was at the house and walked past the kitchen. The twins were in their highchairs and she was telling them a story. They laughed and giggled as she made large gestures and changed the pitch of her voice. Everyone else smiled and walked away. They didn't know what she was saying, but the twins liked it. Lin however understood what she was saying.

"And then they captured the man. It was nothing. He was weak and stupid thought he could escape them. They dragged him back and beat him till he lost consciousness. Then they hung him upside down from a tree and slapped him till he regained consciousness so that they could gut him like a pig. The pulled out his entrails and he screamed and screamed till his eyeballs burst. He died a slow and painful death. That is why you shouldn't steal chickens. Now let me tell you about a man who tried to sleep with another man's wife…." The twins giggled and raised their hands and kicked their little legs in excitement. Lin expression was of mixed shock and horror. He wondered if he should say something. Pai went over to the counter and began to prepare dinner. She pulled out a cleaver and began to chop wildly. He decided not to take the risk of ending up like the man in the story.

They gathered in the master bedroom because Mai couldn't venture outside her room. There were a few last things to discuss about what had happened.

"Ok so we're all clued in, but I have to ask Mai, where did you learn to fight like that?" Monk asked Mai.

"Well I don't really know. It just took over when Raiden gave me the pole thing. Where did you get it anyways? It was like the one in my dream that Suzuka had."

'That staph belong to the first Mai. Supposedly she got it from the Sun. She created the weapon that Suzuka will find and use someday, but this one was all hers and now it's yours. It has chosen you as its new Mistress."

"Cool!" Mai squealed.

"I have another question." Yasuhara raised his hands. "What the hell was that thing you had Ayako?"

"I don't actually know, but I decided to keep it. In fact I think I'll call it the IT" She opens her purse and pulls it out. Everyone backs away from her. She hits another button and its starts to blink. "I didn't know it had lights too… AHHHHH" Ayako screams and falls off the bed as the IT started to shoot out flames.

"Turn it off before you figure out a way to make it shoot bullets or self destruct!" Yasuhara yelled.

"I don't know how!" Ayako screams some more trying to make it stop. The thing was now expanding and retracting making buzzing and whistling noises as the lights kept flashing and flames shot out of it and the whirling spikes came out.

Pai came running into the room now to see what was causing all the noise. She seemed to be taken slightly aback by the IT in Ayako's hands. She looked at everyone's horrified faces and decided to act. She went up to Ayako and snatched the IT out of her hands. She pressed a button and it returned to its quiet form. Pai was now yelling at Ayako in Chinese and stormed out of the room with the IT. Lin and Raiden began to laugh hysterically.

"Well what did she say?" Ayako huffed. Lin just couldn't regain his composure. So it was up to Raiden to translate.

"She said 'this is not a toy!'" and Raiden continued to laugh with Lin.

"Well then what is it?" Yasuhara asked "I still want to know.' He ran out of the room after Pai "Hey Pai! What is it?"

Mai began to laugh and then cry. "It hurts to laugh!" she laughed harder now. "I think Pai is going to fit right in with our family."

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