It was time for their session again and they were already a half hour late.

He didn't know why he even bothered anymore.

Thursday morning, 11:00 to 12:00.

It wasn't that hard to remember.

Was it?

Maybe they hated him?

He knew they didn't like him much,

But there couldn't that many bodies found on a Thursday morning.

Could there?


Agent Booth thought he was incompetant.

Dr. Brennen thought his profession was pathetic.

They all laughed at him.

His age.

His maturity.

His life's work.

He was 24.

A Prodigy.

A Genius.

A waste of time.


A broken child.


They didn't care.

No one did.

He knew Mayhem.

The Band.

The Scene.

He never stopped knowing them.

He was always there.

He knew the tricks.

And the blood.


The blood.

The crimson fluid gushing through veins.

The act of ripping skin.

Of letting it flow.

And what a party it gave.

The carnage of the stage.

The euphoria of the drugs.

The pure orgasmic thrill of being there.

The door opened at last.

Two very reluctant figures sulked in.

Sat on the chairs.

Time to make happy.

"Good morning Agent Booth, Dr. Brennen." Sweets said cheerfully "How are you?"


This is just cause I think that sweets is taken advantage of and has never really gotten over his past and I don't think he would have left the death metal scene so easily.

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