Authors note: This is my very first attempt at writing fanfiction. Please be gentle.


Walking through the main doors of FHS, I jumped when they slammed shut behind me. A new city, new school, all new friends. It wasn't supposed to be like this, switching schools in the middle of my senior year.

"Isa, you'll love it! Meeting new people and making new friends. Please mija, just give it a chance."

But no, I didn't see. Renee didn't understand that I didn't want new friends or a new school. I didn't want to live in this hazy little town that seemed to lack any sort of sunshine. I never thought I'd see the day I missed the dry heat of Phoenix.

Making my way towards the front office, I quickly surveyed the land. It seemed as though everyone had stopped what they were doing to stare at the shiny new object. Ms. Cope, who I learned to be the school's administrator, was quick to inform me that the last transfer student had been 2 years ago when Ben Cheney's dad relocated the family from Milwaukee to take over his parent's bed and breakfast that was located halfway between Forks and the Quileute reservation. Ms. Cope continued on with all the important information I needed and sent me along with my class schedule in hand.

Heading down the hall, I looked down to check the time on my phone and noticed I had a text message waiting to be read.

-bells, enjoy ur 1st day school! meet you at the diner at 5 for dinner! Cant wait 2 hear about it.- Charlie

With a slight laugh, I quickly deposited the phone into my back pocket. Clearly Charlie was hip to awful text lingo.

It seemed that Spanish was first on the schedule today and I sighed in relief. Living in Arizona for 14 years and having a grandmother that immigrated from Mexico, Spanish was second nature. When I opened the door, all eyes were on me. These people seriously needed to get out more.

"Buenos dias! Bienvenido a la clase de espaƱol. Como te llamas?"

"Bella Swan." I replied back quickly. I wasn't too fond of being the center of attention and I could already tell this would be a common occurrence today.

"Ah! Bella, que nombre linda! De adonde eres?


"Como te gusta Forks?"

"Todo esta bien, gracias. Adonde me puedo sentar?"

"Well Bella, it seems as though it will be a pleasure to have you in class. Why don't you go ahead and have a seat over there next to Alice?"

A tiny brunette with big green eyes flashed a full smile at me. Quickly taking a seat to her right, I settled in for a glorious first day of the rest of my life. Alice ended up being a sweet little thing. She was very quick to point out the do's and don'ts of the school as we worked on our assignment. Clearly social suicide was not allowed if Alice Cullen was to be my friend. I figured I could have done worse the making a friend within the first hour of school. She quickly ran through how she had lived in Forks her entire life but was counting down the days until graduation so she could head to Seattle- coffee capital of the US. Although judging by her designer wardrobe, I'm pretty sure it had more to do with shopping opportunities and less to do with liquid caffeine.

"Why in the world would you ever leave Phoenix to come here?"

"Well it's kind of a long-"The bell seemed to cancel the question out as we headed towards our prospective classes.

"Oh! Oh! Bella!" Alice was jumping up and down frantically.

"Haha, what is it Alice?" This girl cracked me up, seriously.

"Did you hear about Emmett's party?"

"Umm, no? Was I supposed to?" She looked at me and sighed dramatically. Apparently this was a big deal.

"Bella! Come on! You've been here for two weeks now. Even you know who Emmett McCarty is."

"The big guy?"

"Bella! Not only is he captain of the wrestling team, but he's been homecoming king for the past two years!"

"Alice, who gives a shit? I don't understand why this matters?" After two weeks of attending Forks High School, the only people I knew all that well were those in my study hall and my lab partner Jessica. Sure, I knew those we ate lunch with, but I'm pretty sure they only spoke to me to appease Alice. How someone so small could coerce people into moving mountains for her mystified me. I had however promised her that I would at least make an attempt to make new some friends. Apparently this party might be my chance.

"Alice, who are you going with?" She whipped her head around in surprise, her purse long forgotten.

"You mean you actually want to go?"

"Well, I was thinking it could be fun. Maybe step outside of my comfort zone a bit. But Alice, you have to promise not to leave my side!"

"Silly Bella, where would I go?" That sounded a little ominous. Almost like Alice knew something that I didn't.

"Oh, I forgot to tell you! My older brother and is best friend are coming into town, so you'll finally get to meet them too!"

The bell rang before she could say rest of the week flew by quickly, wrapped up in chapters that needed to be read and tests that had to be taken. Alice had taken to reminding me daily about the party that was finally here. We had made plans for me to get ready at her house after I made the mistake of answering the 'what are you going to wear?' question with 'jeans and a t-shirt.' When Alice mentioned a pair of "fuck me" heels, I realized I was way in over my head. I was lucky if my socks matched in the morning!