"You serious?" Izaya asked incredulously, while Shinra gave an enthusiastic nod and Kadota rolled his eyes, trying to ignore the whole scenario.

"Come on; don't tell me you're scared." Shinra taunted, an unbecoming smirk on his smug face.

Izaya glared stubbornly at the other boy, crossing his arms in defiance, no way was he scared of a measly dare.

Then again, he was usually the one behind the twisted challenges.

"Fine." Izaya bit out, turning to look at the blond boy across the room from their little group and mentally preparing himself for the onslaught of what was Shizuo Heiwajima when he carried out his deed.

He grimaced, pursing his lips and questioning why the hell Shinra would dare him to kiss his enemy. Sick child.

Shinra giggled mischievously, while Izaya went back to playing the whole thing off as nothing, shrugging and waving a 'see you later' at the other boys as he skipped over to Shizuo.

The blond was making up some test, and it was obviously frustrating the hell out of him, aura of danger driving anyone who was sitting by him away while the teacher was absent from the room. Shizuo felt the presence of another student, breaking away from his test momentarily as a coy voice sung his name from behind.

Knowing just who the voice belonged to, Shizuo twisted around angrily in his seat, mouth open to yell at the intruding flea when Izaya's hand latched onto the front of his shirt and pulled the confused boy into a shallow kiss. The blond was too shocked to move at first, and Izaya smiled into the press of lips, feeling the watchful and disbelieving gazes of his classmates before they turned away in fear of what was to come.

Having fulfilled his dare, and not wanting to wait for Shizuo to come to his senses and beat the crap out of him, Izaya let go of the wrinkled school shirt preparing to pull away before a hand wound through his hair and another wrapped around his waist drawing the brunette closer to Shizuo. Surprise etched into Izaya's expression, and his eyes widened to find Shizuo pressing back against him with heated eyes. The brunette flushed, a small sound emerging from his mouth as his air supply got dangerously low, and Shizuo finally released him with a smack of the lips.

The blond grinned to himself as Izaya turned around and stumbled back to Shinra and Kadota without his trademark smirk or smart comments. He returned to his test in a much happier mood.

He'd have to get Izaya to make that stunned expression again later.

"Izayaaaaa, it's your turn!" Shinra stated with glee, delighted at the previous day's turn of events. Izaya groaned, not remembering when their game of Dare or Dare started or when he joined it. The brunette's mind was still flipping out over the dare he had the day before, and he was exhausted since his thoughts kept him up the whole night.

And Shizuo wouldn't stop glancing at him, making his face flush every few minutes.

Izaya remained silent though, following Shinra's gaze from the classroom closet, then over to Shizuo, and watched a smirk form on the bespectacled boy's face, realizing immediately what the troublemaker was planning and his face heated up.

"I dare you to-"