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Despite the fact she had regarded Jack as her father for nearly two month, it came as a huge surprise to Lily when Jack announced out-of-the-blue, upon an unannounced, unexplained trip to Perth's city hall, that he was adopting her...with her consent. After living with him for a little over a month, she thought he was being silly by asking if she wanted to be his daughter. She already called him Daddy, shouldn't that be evidence enough. Of course Lily enthusiastically agreed, much to the amusement of the city hall staff, and with a huge smile on both of their faces, Jack and Lily signed the papers and returned home. Finally, they were a legal family.

Zoe had been there, and though her plane left for Dublin that night, they celebrated with a trip to the Kalamunda Wet N' Wild in Perth. Watching them together, Lily joyfully noted Jack and Zoe's immense mutual happiness, and though he was still slightly over-protective given their recent adventure culminating in Lily's near death, she noticed a profound relaxation she had never before seen in Jack. This pleased her to no end; she felt as though the danger had passed and her family was finally free to enjoy themselves, not threatened by a massive incoming army from which there seemed no escape.

When Zoe left that night, Lily realized exactly how much the adoption meant to her. She had come to love Jack in a fatherly way far before actually calling him Daddy in the Hanging gardens, but until this afternoon, she would have been happy with any of the team. The difference was minimal between being Lily Cohen, or Lily al Abbas, or Lily Kissane, or Lily...Monster? After over ten years of knowing and living with Sky Monster, she reflected laughing, still no one knew his real name. He hadn't offered it at the first meeting of the nations, and as calling him Sky Monster sufficed for everyone, no one it seemed had bothered to ask real name.

But now she could say she was Lily West and, she realized proudly, she would not truly have had it any other way. The gap of a family needed to be filled and Jack had filled that first. Lily finally knew where she belonged. She was a West.