"It came from the depths of the ocean… a terrifying monster… known as-"

"Cut it out, Tsutarja!"

"Mijumaru! The terrifying beast with the face of a demon!" The Grass-type cackled evilly as his Water-type acquaintance held back tears. While the grass snake cracked up, slumped over a rock, the otter walked away dejectedly. "The only thing fatter than a Snorlax! Uglier than a Feebas!"

Mijumaru burst into tears and ran away.

After twenty minutes, the Water-type had finally gotten out of earshot of Tsutarja's ranting. Wiping away tears, he began to draw in the dirt. "No one would want me…" he sniffled. "I am hideous!"

"Oh, don't say that!" Mijumaru looked up to see Pokabu, smiling as usual. "I'm sure a trainer will love to have you as a partner some day!"

Mijumaru glared at him. "Easy for you to say! You probably have people lining up to get you! No one wants me! I'm ugly and fat!" The otter burst into tears again.

"Don't listen to Tsutarja. He called me bacon a few days ago. I am not bacon!" Mijumaru was too busy sobbing to hear him. Just then, Pokabu got an idea.

"Hello, Mijumaru!" The otter looked up with teary eyes. A strange creature had appeared before him. It was reddish-orange, with black ears and huge, sparkly pink wings. It wore a sparkly tiara and a glittery tutu.


"Who is this Pokabu? I am… the fairy princess!" the red creature said in a falsetto voice. "And I have come to tell you… um…" Its voice dropped down to a lower pitch as it searched the ground for something.

"Since when have fairy princesses have snouts and hooves?" Mijumaru asked suspiciously.

"I'm a… special fairy princess!" the fairy said, its voice rising in pitch once more towards the end. "I've come to tell you that… um…right! Tsutarja is a big jerk and you are not ugly and useless!"

"Really?" Mijumaru sniffed.

"Yeah! And I- I mean, Pokabu – is not bacon!"

"Haha! Bacon! Bacon! Ugly! Ugly!" The two swiveled their heads around dramatically and saw… Tsutarja!

"I… I am not ugly!" Mijumaru shouted at the Grass-type.

The fairy princess disappeared into a nearby bush. A few minutes later, Pokabu walked out of the bush. Mijumaru and Tsutarja stared at him.

"Why are you wearing the fairy princess's tutu?" Mijumaru asked innocently.

"Haha! Bacon in a skirt!"

"It was… a present!" Pokabu said.

"Okay!" the other two said before returning to their dramatic confrontation.

"I am not ugly!" Mijumaru repeated.

"And I am not bacon!" Pokabu yelled.

"And I can fly!" Before Tsutarja could make another smart comeback, a Bagon jumped out of a nearby tree and crash-landed – right on top of Tsutarja!

"Excellent flight!" Pokabu commented.

And thus, Pokabu, Mijumaru, and the Bagon went out for ice cream. Tsutarja spent the rest of the day at the lab with an ice pack on his head, watching bad soap operas.