Diary of a Wimpy Italian
Part XI

Warnings: Not much
Pairings: GerIta, Spamano, PruAus


Dear Diary,

I wonder why there are pages torn out? Did Romano need paper for something? I'll have to ask him about it.

Anyway, lots of strange things happened last night. After me, Germany, and Austria left our tent, Germany noticed we needed more firewood. He's so smart! Only, he wanted me and Austria to help him get some because he didn't want to leave us alone in the tent. I asked why and he said something about his brother, France, and Spain, and Romano's sad fate. It was weird and mumbly. So we left our little campsite to look for nice, dry firewood. The woods were dark, cold, and spooky! There were so many scary noises that Germany said were just my imagination. I'm still not sure if I believe him…

Germany kept making sure we didn't wander off, because he said we both have bad cents in direction. Or was it sense? I thought I kept seeing these two pairs of eyes following us…One was bright red, and I screamed that it was a wolf! Then Germany grabbed my hand and pulled me to keep us going. I swore we were being followed! Austria said he had the feeling we were being watched too! So Germany sighed real heavy and stopped us. He grabbed a big stick (he likes using big sticks for some reason) and searched the area.

Then, out of nowhere, France and Prussia jumped out at us! I couldn't believe they tricked us again! Prussia grabbed Austria and dragged him through the woods to show him "just how awesome he could be," and Austria grumbled something about last time being too painful and not worth it. That shut Gil up until we couldn't see them anymore. Germany said that now that France was here, he should help us with firewood, but instead France laughed in a really girly way and skipped off naked. Except he had that weird rose thing over his vital regions. I wish he didn't do that! His body is all gross and hairy. But don't tell him I said that.

So Germany grumbled about lazy people and getting headaches and I decided I should cheer him up. I went to grab some firewood and ran up to him, all smiley and saying, "Ready for orders, Captain!"

Then I got real happy because Germany smiled a little and said I'd done plenty for now. He got lots more (heavier) wood, and we found our way back to the campground. I think I heard Spain singing a lullaby in Spanish in the other tent. Was Fratello in there with him? I'm surprised he sat and listened to it. Spain has a nice voice, but Fratello is always too stubborn and flustered to admit it.

Germany told me to get into the tent while he tended to the fire, so I waited a while and got sleepy. By the time he joined me, I was thisclose to falling asleep. He pulled an extra blanket over my sleeping bag and I attempted to cuddle against him as best as I could (he was glad I was wearing pajamas—it was really cold, so of course I would!), but it was hard. He unzipped my sleeping bag and laid it out flat so we could both lie on it. With all the blankets and body heat, it was sooooo warm!

I made lots of happy noises that made Germany blush, and then I kissed him goodnight on the cheek. I kind of wondered where France, Prussia, and Austria were, but France wandered in a little later and I guess Prussia and Austria got into Spain and Fratello's tent at some point in the morning.

It was such a fun camping trip! I didn't get why everyone was grumbling about being so tired and sore in the morning. It wasn't that bad! Germany said it was their own fault for staying up so late and Prussia said that France was just a prissy little girl. Then France chased Prussia to his car and we all went home. I ended up going home with Germany, since Fratello said Big Brother Spain was kidnapping him again, and I didn't want to be home alone for no reason. Now that I think about it, me and Fratello are away from home a lot nowadays!


P.S. Right before I wrote this entry, Germany asked me if I learned anything important on this trip. I told him I should never trust France and Prussia and Spain together, and at first he looked confused, but then he sighed and agreed. He said that wasn't the point of our camping trip, but it was good enough. I smiled hugged him and we went to get ice cream. :)

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