Just Like Daddy
By: Manna



It was a word that Louise had heard many, many times since giving birth. Children learned the word within ten minutes of entering the world, and as soon as their bodies developed enough to allow them to speak it…they did so with reckless abandon.

"Don't you want to be a handsome boy?"


She sighed, but did not put down her scissors. She was tempted to take a bowl, put it on his head, and cut around it just to save herself some time, energy, and…sanity.

Her son's mouth was set in a firm line.

"Just hold still," she said.

"No, Mama, I don't want to!" His protest was strong, especially for a child of only two years old, though… Louise had heard many a time that… the age of two was the most dangerous of them all. (Though, some would argue that they would take a two-year-old over a thirteen-year-old any day of the week, so…maybe she should simply count her blessings?)

"Why don't you want to?" she asked seriously as her scissors snipped away a little bit of his hair.

"Daddy doesn't have to!" His wide eyes were swimming with tears, and they were enough to make almost anyone's heart melt into a gooey puddle.

Louise was not going to fall for that. "When you are your daddy's age, you can wear your hair long, too."

"B-But…" Tears made their way down his cheeks as little chunks of his hair landed on the floor around him. "Mamaaaa," he whined.

Ten minutes later, Klein's hair was cut neatly, and she put him on the floor, dusted any excess hair off of his small shoulders, and swatted at his backside. "Now, go ask your daddy what he thinks."

Not even a minute later, a frazzled looking Pent walked into the kitchen holding his sobbing son. "My dear," he said to her, shaking his head, "I don't understand why he's crying."

"He wants to look like you."

"What?" Pent looked down at his son and set him on the ground before ruffling his now-short hair. "Why would you want to look like me?"


"Your mama is much better looking than I am," he coaxed, sending a wink his wife's way.

Louise smiled. "I think you both look handsome," she said, lifting up her son and leaning into her husband's arms. "What do you think, Pent?"

"I think all the girls are going to be on our doorstep waiting to marry him," he answered seriously. "We'll have to chase them all off."

"Eww I dun wanna marry," Klein mumbled, clinging to his mother. "Chase 'em! Chase 'em!"

"See what you started?" Louise asked, pushing her husband back to his study. "Don't worry, Klein, you won't always feel that way. Someday you'll find a girl you love, and—"

She hardly realized she was babbling before her son interrupted her with a, "But mama I love you."


Author Notes:

This was for Klaavier on LJ.