**A/N: This story is the melding of two of my favorite quirky and awesome shows from the late eighties and early nineties-The Adventures of Superboy and the sitcom Out of this world. Don't ask me how this idea came to me, but if you remember the shows at all or are just curious to see what the blazes is going on, please read along! :D**

The Adventures of Superboy: The liberation of Antareus

Chapter 1

The loud buzz of his alarm clock abruptly woke Clark from a pleasurable deep sleep. It was the kind of slumber that came sporadically, in between investigating bizarre activity and mundane filing errands at work, and soaring around the planet day and night protecting the innocent as Superboy. He raised his hand, and was ready to slam down on the 'alarm off' button when he remembered this was the fourth clock he had bought in two months from that maneuver. His super-strength always flattened them to pancake proportions.

"I could open a clock factory with all the ones I break." He spoke aloud.

Clark heaved a sigh and gently pressed the button to shut it off. He rolled out of bed and began his morning routine of a shower, heat laser shave, and methodical dress. He hated feeling rushed in the mornings and preferred not to use super speed. As he combed his thick black hair into a side-part, an unusual feeling enveloped him. It was too quiet-much too quiet for the busy city street he lived on in Capitol City. He buttoned up his beige shirt to the collar to hide his Superboy outfit and put on fitted dark navy suspenders. Before going down the stairs to make some coffee he decided to peek out his window. He drew up the shades and what he saw before him caused him to gasp.

"What in the world is going on here?"

A pigeon was at his window, but it was frozen in mid-flight, just about to land on the ledge and go for the seeds he usually left out. Clark flung open the window and touched the bird carefully; it did not move or flutter in any way. He quickly scanned the sidewalks and streets below. Everyone and everything was frozen in place, in the last action they took- looking at watches, eating on the run, driving, waving down a bus or cab, talking, hugging, running to school…they were one and all motionless in time.

"Not them again! Please no!" Clark groaned, remembering the aliens who had slowed down time to nanoseconds in order test Superboy's presence and eventually overtake the world. This event didn't feel the same.

He banged the windowsill annoyed. The disturbance could be coming from anywhere. Clark put on the TV. The newscasters stared dully at the teleprompter, unmoving. He flicked through more channels; commercials and morning cartoons were inanimate. It was if the entire world was on a standstill. He peered at his alarm clock. The time was stuck at '7:30am.'

"So much for breakfast and tasting the new Turkish coffee." He grumbled.

Clark spun around fast, and was immediately in his Superboy clothes. At this point in the morning, he hadn't the faintest idea where to look. He hurried down the stairs and stepped out of his apartment building. He wondered if the people could see him in their frozen state. He passed the newsstand owner on the corner and waved his hand across his face. There was no response. He assumed their vision was blocked.

"This is gonna be loads of fun." He muttered and flew up high. His first decision was to look for anyone showing possible signs of movement, and harass them for answers until they begged for mercy.


Thirteen-year-old Evie Garland clutched the crystallized cube in both arms and roamed the streets of the unfamiliar Capitol City. Although still in the tropical climate of Florida, it was a far cry from her luxurious seaside neighborhood in Marlow, California. Capitol City was a bustling urban setting, much like when she and her mother Donna visited New York, though probably not as large or dirty. Evie's father Troy had brought her here on a very important mission. She had to find Superboy.

Troy was counting on Evie, because his communication from his planet was now severely limited through the cube. In many ways she was practically on her own. Evie felt bad that her father froze the people in her hometown too. He did it so her mother would not wonder where she was and go crazy looking for her. Donna was very overprotective in ways, but she would be rightly furious to know that young Evie was alone in another state. Evie decided to put the cube in her purple knapsack in case it dropped. That was the last thing she needed.

"Superboy…Superboy, where are you?" She wondered aloud. "Superboy! I need you!" She shouted toward the sky. "Please come!"

Thinking of him sent pleasant shivers up her spine and she blushed hard. Almost everyone on the planet knew and loved Superboy and all he stood for; she was guilty of having more than one poster hanging above her bed to drool over before she fell asleep. She and all her friends fawned over his shiny black hair, tight muscles in the colorful uniform and his blue-gray, doe-like eyes. He had a handsome, friendly face, and a very serene nature. Evie hoped that he wouldn't be too angry that she froze everyone in his City. He always helped people in need, and right now she was one of them.


A beam of energy shot forth and a rectangular portal opened against a brick wall in an alleyway. Three mercenaries from the planet Xavariax marched out, brandishing weapons. The Xavarians were a fierce breed of alien, their skin tones ranging from red to purple, with hair in hues every color of the rainbow and stark black and white. They had a mouthful of tiny razor-sharp teeth and black talons for nails. These particular Xavarian mercenaries dressed in form fitting leather and tensile chains that added supple movement to their hulking frames. They were on a vital mission too. The tallest in the center stared out across the motionless city.

"The girl is in this vicinity already! I sense it. Only an Antarean would freeze time! We must find her before she gets to him!" He rasped.

He pushed a few buttons on a silver triangular gadget that hung off his belt loop. It was a holographic apparatus that could trace all life forms. He zeroed in on Evie and laughed cruelly. She was only three blocks away.

"Now we will show that fool Troy who really is boss! I will never forgive him for killing my father in battle." The alien Tammox, seethed. He clamped the apparatus back on his belt. "We will find her and kill her here!"

The other aliens kept silent before their commander and nodded. They were twins, sharing violet skin and emerald green hair and eyes.

"Power up your phasers to maximum. I suspect this will be an easy kill. She is but a half-human girl with limited Antarean abilities."


A young girl's terrified screams broke the death-like calm of the City and Superboy flew faster toward the commotion. It was the same light, sweet voice he heard pleading on the wind for him.

When he gazed down he was shocked to find three alien beings, unlike any he had seen, menacing the girl. Superboy plunged down and barreled himself into the ringleader just as he was about to slash the girl's throat with his talon. The alien slammed against the building, sending sprays of bricks flying over the sidewalk. Superboy landed and the girl clamored to her feet gratefully. She ran beside him and Superboy kept his arms protectively in front of her.

"Who are you? What are you? What have you done to this City?" He demanded.

"You have asked the wrong alien, boy of steel! Give us the girl! You have no idea of our mission!" The purple creature hissed. His words garbled with saliva. He flicked his reptilian tongue at Evie and licked his puffy lips. Evie cringed and hid further behind Superboy's cape. Who knew what vile plans the alien was hatching for her?

Superboy narrowed his eyes and stood his ground in front of her. "Not on your life, you scum!"

"Yeah! Don't touch me, you're so gross!" She called out bravely.

The alien reached for his phaser and shot at them. Superboy threw out his hand to block the bright yellow beam, using a slew of force to send it back against the alien. The alien stumbled and fell hard onto the floor, cracking the concrete into chunks.

"Midox! Doxim! Quit fooling! We underestimate this one! Seize them!" Tammox shouted, pulling himself out of the brick hole his body created against the building.

Midox's twin, Doxim, rushed up against Superboy and lifted him high above his head, throwing him across the the street. Superboy crashed through a storefront window, in the process he grabbed hold of two frozen shoppers and pushed them out of the way of the shattering glass. Evie screamed and ran to help him.

Tammox pointed his finger, raising Superboy out of the glass mess with telepathy. With a magnetic force he swung his arm and Superboy went flying on top of a building. He banged against a giant billboard, bending it out of shape. The alien's magnetism stunned him and kept him locked into place. Midox clutched Evie from behind.

"Let me go, you ugly creep!" She tried to bite his scaly arm. "Purple is not your color!"

Tammox used even more force and Superboy let out a pained shout. "Leave. Her. Alone!" He demanded through gritted teeth.

"Stop it! You're hurting him!" Evie cried. She closed her eyes and lowered her head up and down swiftly. In a flash of colors, she transported herself directly to where Superboy was. Evie miscalculated her landing and she tottered on the edge of the building.

"Ahhh! Superboy! Help me!"

Superboy's eyes widened despairingly as he watched the girl fall backward. His strength came to the fore and he peeled himself off the billboard and dove after her. He caught her before the aliens could.

"I got you!" He landed gently, feeling her shudder in his arms. "You'll be okay."

The aliens laughed and encircled them. Evie closed her eyes. In a flash, a giant wall of flypaper appeared out of nowhere in a haze of translucent white, purple, and hot pink sparks of energy. The aliens were at once stuck and fumbled, entrapped in the gooey substance.

"Darn it! It was supposed to be a wall of steel!" She let out a puff of exasperation. "But it works! That's gonna be a killer on the hair, guys!" She called out.

Superboy backed away from them, looking very perplexed.

"How did you do all that?"

"It's called a gleep."

"A what?"

"A gleep, I'll explain it later, I'm kinda new at all this. I've only had my powers for three months." She clutched Superboy's arm in a fright. "They're breaking loose!"

Superboy lowered her down. He saw Tammox raise his weapon, and he leaped in front of Evie to take the blow. Before the beam could hit, Superboy counteracted with his heat vision and the beam reversed into the weapon, exploding it in Tammox's hand.

"My talons, you broke them!" He grasped his right hand in pain.

"That's gonna be a heck of manicure…" Evie mused, covering over her fears with humor.

Superboy sucked in a lot of air, and then blasted the trio with streams of cold wind. The aliens, along with the flypaper whacking against their faces, skidded down the block. Superboy did not let up and they kept rolling like tumbleweeds and they tried to claw at the street to keep from going any further.

"Midox! Doxim! Retreat for now! We must re-think our strategy! This is not over, Boy of Steel! We will capture that girl and we will destroy you too!"

"As long as I'm around, you will never hurt her!" Superboy shouted to them. "And you'll never get me either!"

Evie cowered behind him, but felt a swell of courage. Superboy was going to be on her side. She peeked at the aliens one last time; they were almost too hideous to look at, despite having arms and legs and features like humans. She gleeped again and the aliens were clothed in big red and white polka dot dresses and hot pink lipstick on their slimy mouths.

"That looks much better!" She giggled nervously.

The aliens roared with displeasure and when their portal suddenly appeared, they stumbled through it, still battling against the flypaper. Superboy was stunned into laughter and then he turned to face Evie. Her powers somewhat reminded him of the imp Mxyzptlk. Perhaps she came from the fifth dimension too. He looked down at her carefully. She was a pretty blonde-haired girl, with catty, dark-blue eyes and a wide, playful grin. She cocked her head and kept her hands behind her back, then looked down shamefacedly.

"I didn't know they were going to come. I'm sorry."

Superboy forced her gaze. "What's your name? Are you the one responsible for stopping time? Or did you just freeze the people?"

"Yes! It was me. My name is Evie Ethel Garland. You can just call me Evie; mom only calls me that when I'm in trouble. Time is not moving here, Superboy. When everyone starts moving again it will still be 7:30 am. My father was going to take me directly to you, but then I lost contact with him, so I had to think fast. I know about your super hearing, and I thought it would be easier if I just froze everybody and tried to call out to you. That way you'd hear only my voice. I'm really, really sorry. I can make them move again, I promise. Please don't be mad at me." She said in one long, anxious breath.

Superboy cracked a smile and put hand on her shoulder lightly. "Hey, I'm not mad, just really, really baffled. I'm glad I did hear you and came just in time. Tell you what, why don't we have a nice long talk about this. Maybe you can tell me why those punk aliens were after you."

"Sure I will! But I don't know them; I've never seen them before. What if they come back?"

"I'm hoping they don't, we'll stick around down here in case. I don't want them hurting anyone else. Right now everyone is extremely vulnerable."

"You're right, but it is safer to keep them from getting hurt and running around."

"All right, we'll leave them for now." Superboy surveyed the damaged City block and frowned.

Evie saw he was concerned over all the damages made from the fight. Before he could attempt to fix it, she gleeped three times, restoring each battleground back to its fine condition. It was as if nothing ever occurred. Superboy shook his head in wonder.

"That's so amazing, Evie."

"It's really cool. There's a coffee shop on the corner, let's go there to talk." Evie pointed. "I'm starving."

"I hate to say this, but unless you unfreeze the cook, you'll have to do it yourself."

Evie grinned. "Oh, that's easy. I can gleep up a good breakfast for both of us."