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Chapter I-Mother Lust

It has been fourteen years since the day of the Kyuubi attack Konoha and young Naruto Uzumaki. The chosen host for the Kyuubi had suffer a long term of hell for this but now in his apartment waiting for the next mission as today was a raining day.

Naruto was bored and tried so Naruto went to sleep to pass the time.

Naruto's Mind:

"Naruto, Naruto, Naruto, Naruto." A voice whispers his name over and over again.

Naruto woke up to find himself inside a large place a dark in fact. Naruto looked around to see a large cage behind him the voice was coming from there. Naruto wasn't sure what was going on until the voice spoke to him.

Behind the cage there was a woman with long red/purple like hair her eyes were dark blue. The woman wore a beautiful long black dress.

"Naruto my dear child." The woman said with a warm smile.

Naruto look confuse "Child? Who are you lady?"

"Naruto honey do you not know the voice nor the face of your mother?" the woman said with a sad look on her face. The woman before Naruto was his birth mother the one who gave him life.

"You're my mother? Why are you here if you're my mother…wait a minute my mother I remember the old man tell me the Kyuubi was sealed inside my soul." Naruto looked hurt to hear this.

"Naruto-chan I am your mother your Kaa-san. And yes I am the Kyuubi." she said "But Naruto I shall tell you the truth on that day."

Naruto sat down on the floor "I'm listening." He told her.

"It is true I am the Kyuubi I have live for a long time, taking the form as a young child for many years. Meeting a lot of people making friends I have enjoy my role in human life. Then I met your father I fell in love with him the first time I lay my eyes on him." Kushina blush with delight "I decide to grow up using my power to make my human form grow and from a tomboy girl to a beautiful lady."

"Go on." Naruto was listening so far.

"I lived with Minato and have a wonderful life with him." Kushina blush more "He was the best I ever had. He was perfect. And one day I found out I was pregnant and Minato was the father." Kushina put her hands on her stomach "I remember those nine months of you inside me growing every day ready to be born. But that night when you were born it was the greatest moment of my life and the worst." Kushina frowned.

"I don't know who did it but someone spoke of a rumor that I was a tailed beast in human. My life as a human would soon end and I would have given up my perfect life in Konoha. Shortly after you were born I caught an Assassin trying to end your life although I was weak after giving birth I killed the assassin. And well I don't remember after that I think I just lost it the last thing I remember was…hearing your cries." Kushina sighed and looked at Naruto "Hearing the cries of my baby girl."

Suddenly Naruto's face turn ghost white "Girl?" he said.

"Oh yes I gave birth to a girl a very healthy girl too." Kushina added.

"But I'm a guy." Naruto sweatdrop as Kushina shook her head "I see they gave my daughter a jutsu sex change." Naruto blush heavenly red "I'm a girl no way I been a boy my whole life!"

Kushina slowly wave her index finger at her child "Tsk, tsk, tsk honey I know what I had before I died."

"You're dead?" Kushina nodded.

"Yes my child but my soul lives on in you." She said.

"If I am a girl for real then I don't have a…" Naruto look down at his pants "Damn."

"I am the only member of the Uzumaki clan but now you are the only one. Did you know an Uzumaki is always a female?" Kushina smiled "And yet long ago there were a large clan."

"What happen?" Naruto asked.

"The great ninja war many died and only I remain." Kushina sighed then Naruto brought up a good question "Why only girls in the Uzumaki clan?"

"Because every girl in the Uzumaki clan can self create." She told Naruto.

"What does that mean?" Naruto got confuse.

"It means the women of the Uzumaki can get themselves pregnant without the need of men." Kushina explain to Naruto but Naruto was still confuses about the whole thing "I'm still lost."

"The women of the Uzumaki can grow a Penis." Kushina said as Naruto's face was in complete shock.

"Whoa." Naruto couldn't believe it hearing from his mother's mouth.

"They can choose to be asexual, bi-sexual, homosexual or do it the normal way have sex with a man. They have been doing this for years. The clan of Uzumakis are all are hermaphrodite or Futanari as many men say in their hentai doujinshi mangas." Kushina chuckle with delight as Naruto asked another question for Kushina.

"So does that mean you got one too…mom?" Naruto was afraid and yet curious to know.

"Is my child curious to know?" Naruto blush while looking down at the floor.

"But first I shall return my child to her true form." Kushina's right hand glow bright red as she feed Naruto with energy the energy of her the Kyuubi. Naruto felt his body changed to it true form Naruto's hair grew out long he felt his chest grew bigger. His finger nails grew longer feeling his body becoming more lady like, then when Kushina was done.

Naruto look himself in mirror by using the water on the ground as a mirror to see his true form. He was now a she Naruto's body has been change completely now a dead drop beautiful teenage girl. With C-cup breasts size her ass was big and round her hips were perfect.

"I'm a girl." She said but then Naruto felt something big hanging between her legs as she sweatdrop while saying "Well I still have that but I am a girl now."

"Naruto you always been a girl my dear. Just trap in that fake body of yours." Kushina smiled at her daughter "How do you feel Fuki." Kushina said her daughter's name.

"Fuki I thought my name was Naruto?" Naruto said.

"Well your godfather and father name you that but I always wanted to name you Fuki it means freedom."

"So I'm Fuki Uzumaki then?" Naruto asked

"Yes that is your real name but you may go by the name Naruto if you want honey."

"It feels strange to have a body like this. And still have a penis from my boy form." Naruto sweatdrop "I think my penis gotten bigger." Naruto look to check "Wow I grew a few inches."

"How big were you before?" Kushina asked.

"Well I was a six I think I'm an eight now." Naruto said while blushing.

Kushina has decided to give her daughter a few trips of her new form "I must warn you Fuki now that you are your true form your sex-drive has double." Naruto jaw hit the floor "Really?"

Kushina nod her head "You will last longer in sex then most men with high sex-drive. Women will love you in bed trust me before I marry your father I slept with a lot of women. Who knows you might have a brother or sister out there Fuki and to be honest, I have met few women that have penises like you and I. But that's another story."

"Wow mom I didn't know you um went around." Naruto sweatdrop as Kushina glare at her daughter while Naruto was still sweat dropping "I know what you're thinking no I am not a slut or whore I just friendly when it comes to meeting women. But your father is the only men who ever made me feel like a real women." Naruto blush after Kushina wink at her daughter.

"So I have a choice who I want to sleep with?" Naruto asked her mother.

"It's your life Fuki have fun party have sex, train hard kick some ass it's your life Fuki make me proud but before you wake up my daughter. I want to give my daughter a special lesson." Kushina started to remove her dress slowly.

"Mom what are you!"

Kushina smiled "I am just going to teach you how to have sex the right way. Trust me Fuki you will have a large lust I have watch you Fuki you have a big crush on that Sakura girl and you have masturbation to her more than twice." Naruto looked away and mumble to herself.

Kushina remove her dress now showing herself in full nude her breasts were double D. Her hips were very curvy her ass was big Kushina had a nine inch penis between her legs. Naruto turn around to see her mother looking down at her daughter.

"Mom I." Naruto was cut off by her mother "Shh just listen to your body." Kushina unzip Naruto's jacket and remove her shirt to see her daughter's breasts "You have a nice size Fuki."

"Thanks mom but your bigger." Naruto stared at Kushina's breasts.

Naruto grab Kushina's breasts feeling her mother's big breasts how juicy they look so real and so sexy. Naruto took Kushina's left nipple into her mouth sucking on it licking it with her tongue as Kushina moaned feeling good.

Kushina unzip her daughter's pants and pull down her pants and pull down the boxers as well to see Naruto big hard throbbing penis. Kushina grab Naruto's penis and slowly jerked her daughter off as Naruto moaned feeling her mother's soft hands on her penis.

Naruto played with Kushina's breasts licking her left and right nipples as Kushina was giving Naruto a hand job stroking Naruto's penis faster and faster making her daughter get harder and make her throb harder.

"Ah mother I'm gonna cum." Naruto moaned.

"Cum Fuki cum for mommy." Kushina moaned.

"Ahh." Naruto moaned as she felt her penis shot three cumshots toward Kushina's breasts her penis was still hard even after three big shots. Kushina licked Naruto's cum and hum "Yes my dear they will love you as I will."

"But now my child get ready I will show how it will feel if you choose a man to be your love." Kushina laid Naruto on the ground with her legs out wide as Kushina can see Naruto's virgin pussy. Kushina grab Naruto's legs over her shoulder "It will hurt at first but you will get use to it." Kushina told her daughter as Naruto nod her head.

Kushina slowly thrust her large penis inside Naruto's virgin pussy. Naruto twitch in pain "Ahh ouch." Feeling her mother slowly enter inside her "Ah Fuki your pussy is wonderful I can feel you holding me tight ah." Kushina was in heaven feeling her daughter's pussy having a tight hold on her penis. Kushina start pounding Naruto like every Uzumaki would do to a normal horny woman in need of a good fuck.

Kushina at first started slow and gentle but now feeling her daughter's pussy getting wetter and the sound they were making as Kushina's penis pounding Naruto's pussy was enough to make any dick hard or make any pussy wet.

"Ah mother it feel so good oh yes more!" Naruto held close to her mother having her pussy getting pounding by her own mother incest it was but they didn't care Kushina was giving Naruto or should we say Fuki a lesson.

"Yes Fuki your pussy so good your gonna make mommy cum oh god baby." Kushina could feel Naruto grab hold of her mother's huge ass while she was getting fucked.

"Oh ahh mother I can't hold it I'm, I'm, I'm gonna CUM!" Naruto's pussy grab Kushina's penis real hard as Naruto's penis unload a huge cumshot into the air while Kushina bust a big load inside her daughter's pussy.

"Oh god I really needed that I hadn't cum like that in years." As Naruto could her mother's sperm drips out from her pussy while for Naruto her first time having sex it was unbelievable the best feeling she ever had just pure happiest she was in nothing else.

"Thank you mother." Naruto said before vanishing back to the real world while Kushina could only smiled and said "Good luck honey your gonna need it now."

In the real world Naruto was on her bed naked sweating after a good fuck her pussy was dripping with cum and her penis was leaking cum getting fucked was so good as she was thinking she wonder how was the pleasure of fucking would do for her?

Now in her true form how can she explain this to her team let alone the whole village? But right now Naruto didn't care all she wanted to do now is just sleep and thank her mother for it.

Next Time-Wild Lust

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