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Chapter VI-To Waves part 1

Fuki's/Naruto's Soul:

Fuki appeared inside her soul. Fuki looked around to discover where she was? Fuki smiled once she knew where she was.

"Kaa-san!" Fuki yelled out.

"I'm here Fuki-chan." Kushina's voice was heard from the cage.

Kushina appeared behind her cage "Good morning Fuki-chan."

Fuki grin "Morning Kaa-san." Kushina hugged her daughter. Fuki was glad to see her mother again. Ever since she found out her mother lives within her Fuki didn't feel so alone anymore.

"I saw your little fun hour with your girlfriends." Kushina said as she smirked while Fuki's face blush light red.

"But it was a good show. I watched and it's pretty hard not to get turn on while watching." Kushina smiled as she shows her daughter how hard she was. Fuki looked at her mother's large hard penis.

"Nice, but Kaa-san I can't play around I have a busy day." Fuki frown.

"Ah no worries honey, next time when you sleep we can have a long mother and daughter time how's that?" Kushina asked Fuki, Fuki gave a nod. Fuki went up to her mother and gave her a nice wet kiss. Fuki place her right hand on Kushina's left breasts, Kushina blush when she felt her daughter's tongue enter her mouth.

Fuki broke the kiss "Next time your mine Kaa-san. You fucked me last time I think it's time to see how wonderful your pussy is."

"Oh trust me you'll love it. Your father loved it but maybe you can prove to be the one who wears the pants in this family." Kushina chuckled.

Back in Fuki's Apartment:

As morning came so did it rise of the sun's light shining down upon all of village hidden in the leaf, in Fuki's apartment a hard knock was heard. Waking up Fuki from her slumber as to Fuki's right was Sakura. Fuki had her arms wrap around Sakura's hip Fuki woke up to see Tenten was gone.

Again the hard knock on the door was heard Fuki let go of her grip around Sakura. Went over to her door and peek at the eye-hole to see was there.

It was Anko who was knocking on the door "I know your there Fuki-chan!" Anko knock on the door again but this time harder. The sound of the knock woke up Sakura who quickly got up looking around "Huh who?" Sakura said.

Fuki open the door to Anko when the unlocked the door was quickly fly open and Fuki was greeted by the lips of Anko's. Anko tackle Fuki down to the floor as Fuki waves her arms while being kissed by Anko.

"Anko-san what are you doing here?" Sakura said while hiding her nude with the covers. Anko stop kissing Fuki and smiled at the young pink haired woman.

"What this? Fuki you have been a naughty girl going out getting fresh pussy while I was busy." Anko stood up while placing her hands on her hips as her breasts jiggle.

"First of all what are you doing here and how the hell you know where I was?" Fuki yelled.

"The old man told me where you were. And today begins our mission remember?" Anko grinned.

Fuki and Sakura remembered just now "Right." they nodded.

Anko suddenly took a sniff "The smell of sex is in the air. Good God how long have you girls been fucking?" Anko looked over at a nearby trash can and saw about ten condoms were in there, each one was filled.

"We went a bit of a little overtime." Sakura blushed.

"A little? There are ten filled condoms in here. You guys were like bunnies."

"Actually we started using the condoms after Sakura's ass got sore." Fuki grinned while chuckling as Sakura blushed ever more.

'Naruto,' Sakura thought as her face was colored red.

"I am so jealous. But don't worry I am sure you can make it up to me." Anko hugged Fuki and kissed her on her lips, Anko was using her tongue. Fuki pulled her back quickly.

"Stop, please. As must as its fun getting turn on. I really liked to wake up without with a boner. Okay Anko-chan?" Fuki looked at Anko with a seriously stare. Anko sighed but gave a nod while smiling friendly.

"Alright girls get dress and eat breakfast we leave in two hours." Anko informed them.

"Yes Anko-San." They said.

After getting and breakfast they still had about one hour left before the two met up with Anko at the front gate of Konoha. Sakura told Fuki that she'll be there was something she forgot at her home. Fuki told her make it quick, and so Sakura hurried while leaving Fuki alone.

Fuki walked across a bride but midway as she stared down at the water down below. Fuki looked at herself, she looked so different but yet she was the same old Naruto Uzumaki just well female now and with big dick and her stamina has double ever gaining her true form.

She wonder if the rest of the guys ever found out, would they laugh at her or will they be shock or will they treat her the same as when she was Naruto? Fuki sighed.

Suddenly Fuki heard a familiar voice from behind her.

"Hey why is there a beautiful mama like you doing here all alone?" Fuki knew right away whose voice that belong too. It was her good but annoying friend Kiba Inuzuka.

Fuki didn't say anything at all. Kiba didn't have a good look at Fuki's face only the backside of her body. Fuki had to admit she did have one hell of a female body. Large breasts, beautiful legs and big ass that fit well with her thighs. She was the mature and real form of her Sexy jutsu form she was the real Naruko, as Naruto called his female form.

Fuki felt Kiba grab a nice grip of her ass as her eyes widen as her face lighten up with a blush. Suddenly Fuki thought of a cruel joke that would put Kiba in his place.

Fuki looked over her left shoulder and gave out a fake moan as she turned around facing the horny Inuzuka. Fuki winked at Kiba as she placed her hands on his chest and spoke in a sexy voice "My you're a handsome young man. You know you touch my special weakness. Maybe you and I can get together and have hot."

Fuki whispered in Kiba's left ear "S.E.X."

Kiba's face lighted as he smiled "Well I must warn I am a wild one."

"Oh I am sure you're wild as I am." Fuki giggled.

Suddenly as Kiba's right hand reached down between Fuki's legs he felt something, he felt something that female should never have especially a hot busty blonde hair chick. And right before Kiba was about to have a mass freak out of grabbing possible a transsexual's ass He suddenly Kiba notice the whiskers marks on her cheeks.

"NARUTO! YOU BASTARD WHAT THE FUCK MAN!" Kiba punched Naruto right in the face. But Naruto recover from Kiba's punch and strike him with a blow to the face as well.

"What the fuck! The hell man! Damnit Naruto I knew you love pulling pranks. But that was overbroad!" Kiba yelled while giving Naruto the middle finger.

"Serves you horny ass right! Do you really think a woman's gonna let you grab her ass! Fucking horn-dog!" Fuki grinned while giving Kiba double middle fingers.

"And to think I was really about to fuck you." Kiba felt real ill. Not only his friend trick by using the sexy-jutsu again. Not the first time Naruto did this to him. But Naruto actually looked fine as hell.

"Oh you're just jealous because no girl this hot will ever fuck a guy like you." Fuki laughed.

'Wow did Kiba really found me that hot? I need to be careful if dog got turn on. I didn't think I was that beautiful' Fuki thought while Kiba shook his head trying to shake the dirty images he had before he found out the hotty before him was Naruto.

"I'm out of here I can't believe I got trick again by Naruto ugh." Kiba quickly got the hell out of there. Fuki was still laughing at the matter.

"Woman or guy I'm the master of doing what I do best." Fuki grinned.

When Fuki turned around she bumped into none other than Hinata Hyuga. Hinata was shy and cute as ever. Fuki was a bit surprise to bump into the Hyuga today.

"Oh Fuki-chan what are you doing here?" She asked while blushing a little.

"Just waiting on Sakura-chan, we're going out on a mission today. What are you doing here?" She asked the Hyuga.

"I was going to meet up with Shino-kun and Kiba-kun. Kurenai-sensei has a mission for us as well." She explained to the Futa-Uzumaki.

'Wow Hinata looks great today. She looks really great. She's blushing too, wonder why? Maybe she didn't think we would meet up? I still can't believe she really like me. I wonder if she figures it out I'm Naruto.' Fuki wondered.

"Fuki-chan…you're pants…I…um." Hinata mumbled.

"Huh?" Fuki said as Hinata looked down at Fuki's pants but looked away.

'Boner really, now out of sudden? Damnit my cock got a mind of its own. Well I can't do anything about it. And Sakura-chan hasn't come back yet. I got an hour to burn.' Fuki suddenly grew a big smile.

"Hinata-chan, have I ever told you. How cute you are when you blush." Fuki took a step closer to the cute Hyuga.

"Um I never notice…thank you Fuki-chan. I should really get going or the guys will get worry." Hinata looked away as she ran passed Fuki. But Fuki grabbed Hinata's right hand stopping her from getting away.

"Hinata-chan I really need your help."

"What's wrong Fuki-chan?" She asked, if a friend needed help. Hinata without a doubt will do her best to help.

"It won't go down and I don't think jerking off will keep it down for long. Hinata please help me, Hinata let me fuck you." Fuki said with honesty. Her blue eyes stared into Hinata's white eyes.

"I really should get going Fuki-chan. My team is waiting for me. I-" Hinata was silence by Fuki's lips. Fuki placed her hands on Hinata's hips as their lips touched. Hinata's white eyes widen in shock as she was about to pushed Fuki away. But the moment Fuki's tongue enter Hinata's mouth, Hinata just gave in.

She could just see Naruto the one kissing her rather than Fuki. She didn't know why but what that's what she saw. She saw the boy she was in love.

Fuki broke the kiss and said "I want to fuck you Hinata. Please I'm so hard right now. I need you Hinata."

"But we can't do it here. W-w-what if someone sees us?" Hinata stutter.

"Let them watch, I don't care. I bet it will be so hot if some woman come by and see us." Fuki tease Hinata, as they kiss once again. But Hinata broke the kiss and looked away.

"Please Fuki-chan." Hinata stare look at her Futa-friend.

"Ok, Hinata you win." The Uzumaki grin.

Fuki took Hinata to a place nearby the training grounds. But inside the woods so no would find them. Hinata still felt nervous about this. But Fuki told her not to be, Hinata believed in Fuki's words.

"Fuki I'll help you but I can't keep them waiting." Hinata said, as Fuki kissed her once again.

Fuki broke the kiss and said "I know I got a team waiting too. I'll make it quick."

"Fuki-chan," Hinata moaned as she felt Fuki reached her right hand down Hinata's pants, touching her special spot. Hinata moan louder when Fuki thrust two of her fingers inside Hinata's pussy. Hinata wasn't a virgin anymore she gave it to Fuki. But she still acted as one.

Fuki withdraw her right hand and shown Hinata just how wet she was. Hinata looked away with her eyes close embarrass upon what she saw.

"Please don't tease me." Hinata moan.

"I'm sorry Hinata, now turn around and pull down your pants." Hinata nodded and she did what Fuki asked. Fuki pull down her pants as well. Fuki grabbed her hard eight inch penis and gently stroke the head against Hinata's ass cheeks as Fuki pre-cum hard against Hinata's cute butt.

"Hinata you got a fat butt a nice fat booty." Fuki gave Hinata's left ass cheek a nice slap. Hinata lightly scream upon being slapped.

Fuki was gently with Hinata. She slowly thrust about two inches out of her eight into her. Hinata let out a cry of pleasure. Fuki thrust deeper pushing two more inches inside as now with four inches deep inside of Hinata's pussy.

Hinata used the tree in front of her as suppose. Hinata felt Fuki's powerful thrust thrusting in and out of her. Pounding her from within her as Hinata's cries turned into sweet music for Fuki's ears.

"Ah deeper." Hinata cried.

Fuki thrust deeper inside her Hyuga friend. Fuki smashed deep this time her thrusting became rougher. Fuki prove her dominants over Hinata. Fuki took her penis out of Hinata which left her confuse.

"Turn around." She said told Hinata.

Just as Hinata turned around Fuki took Hinata right there. Fuki grabbed Hinata by her hips and lift her as Hinata wrapped her beautiful legs around Fuki's hips as the Futanari blonde loved every moment she was sharing with Hinata.

"Ah Fuki…Fuki…Fuki you're so deep I…I can't…hold it." Hinata was on the edge of her orgasm.

"Just hold on a bit longer for I'm almost there. Wait for me Hinata." Hinata nodded and tried her best while she felt Fuki's penis ram faster inside of her. She felt the head of Fuki's penis kissing her womb.

"Fuki…Fuki…Fuki." Hinata said over and over.

"Hinata, Hinata you're so damn good. Ah you're so hot your pussy is so tight it gripping me so bad. It's not letting me go. I'm gonna cum Hinata. I'm gonna nut so bad!" Hinata felt so hot, she felt her naughty pussy being pounding so hard by Fuki. Hinata felt the futanari's penis hamming deep inside her pussy.

"Yes, Yes, Yes! Fuki-chan! Please make me cum! Make me cum!" Hinata cried.

"I'm gonna nut!" Fuki felt her cock twitched hard. Hinata gripped Fuki's shoulders tight.

"NARUTO!" Hinata shouted as her orgasm finally hit its mark. Fuki shut her eyes tight as she came at the same time as Hinata did. Hinata felt Fuki's seamen enter her womb. Hinata's face was deeply red, she came so hard and she was worn out. Hinata held Fuki not letting go.

"I love you, Naruto." Hinata said as she passed out from her orgasm. Fuki was shock after hearing what Hinata said did she know the whole time? It did matter, Fuki couldn't help smiled "I love you too Hinata."

Later on:

"Alright you two ready?" Anko asked, Fuki and Sakura nodded.

"Alright then let's go!" Anko shouted.

The three women travel together through the hidden forest. Fuki kept herself in check even though she was alone with two beautiful women. Fuki kept her lustful desire in check, she came long while ago and was focus on seeing some old friends from Wave.

Back when Fuki was Naruto Uzumaki a boy, Team Seven battle Zabuza one of the seven swordsmen of the Mist. Though the battle was a difficult one the battle ended but with a price. Though Zabuza's servant Haku survived that day, but Zabuza didn't. The last time Naruto saw Haku was waving goodbye to them on the bridge which was called "The Great Naruto Bridge."

Fuki wonder how everything went, did everything went well after they left and what of Haku? Did Haku was living with Tazuna and his family? Fuki could hardly wait to see her old friend.

The team made a stop they were still miles away from the land of waves. They made camp within the forest. Anko kept on first watch while Fuki and Sakura sleep. Fuki was sleeping in her own sleeping bag, she was focus on the mission rather than her lust that what her plan was but her body had other ideas.

Naruto's soul:

Waking up within her soul, Fuki let out a soft moan. She didn't know why she was moaning until she looked to see what was the cause? There down on her knees was her Fuki's mother, Kushina Uzumaki. Kushina was stroking her daughter's penis.

"Kaa-san," She moaned.

"Even in here you're so hard. You're a naughty girl aren't you Fuki-chan." Kushina smiled. The beautiful red hair mother jerked her daughter faster. Both Fuki and Kushina were naked alone in Fuki's special place within her soul.

Kushina stop jerking off Fuki and took her daughter's penis into her mouth. Kushina bob her head up and down as her daughter's cock thrusting in and out of her throat. Kushina felt the penis reaching back inside her mouth as it the head hit the back of Kushina's throat.

"Ah Kaa-san, you're so good. Ah yes, suck me Kaa-san, suck my dick!" Fuki cried in pleasure. Fuki grabbed Kushina by her beautiful red hair. Kushina's eyes widen as she started to gag as she deep-throat her daughter.

Fuki pulled Kushina away from penis as Kushina throw back and fell on her ass. Fuki stood up and jerking off fast and hard in front of her mother, Kushina close her eyes and open her mouth as Fuki cried as she cum, Fuki shoot her mass load of sperm at her mother's face though she was aiming for Kushina's mouth.

Kushina was nearly covered in her daughter's sperm. Kushina tasted the load that entered her mouth. Kushina licked her lips as she soon swallows her daughter's load.

Kushina grab her own big dick and start stroking off in front of her daughter. Kushina saw how hard her daughter still was. Both of them were horny, both were beautiful, both they had big dicks and both lust for one another.

"I love you Kaa-san." Fuki smiled.

"I love you too Fuki-chan." Kushina smiled back.

Kushina lay down on her back with her legs spread open wide. Fuki fell down to her knees and grab her penis. Pre-cum was dripping out from the head of her penis. Fuki rub her penis head against Kushina's lower lips. Kushina waited for her daughter to make her move as the red head Uzumaki embrace herself for the worst or rather the best.

Placing her penis into the very womb that birthed her as Kushina let out a loud scream as she felt her daughter's penis thrust deep inside of her. Kushina felt Fuki grab both of her hands as the two futanaris stare at one another with lust in their blue eyes.

Fuki had return to the womb, she was fucking the very womb she spread her unbirth days within Kushina. Kushina's pussy was hot and tight. Fuki hammer her hips forward and back, Kushina's breasts bounce as each thrust Fuki made.

"Kiss me Fuki-chan." Kushina said lustful.

Fuki kissed her mother as the mother and daughter kiss with passion. Their soft lips met one another in hot embrace. Their hands held one another tightly. Fuki's speed her thrusting. The sound of Fuki's cock clashing with Kushina hot mature pussy was heard again and again.

Fuki let go of her mother's hands as Fuki's hands went down to Kushina's hips. Fuki began her speedy thrust into deep hard pounding. Kushina grab her big penis and began to jerk herself while her daughter was making sweet deep love to her pussy.

Kushina couldn't believe it. Her own dear sweet beautiful daughter was fucking her as if she and her was a couple. The thought of mother and daughter futanari making incest love drove her to the edge of cumming.

"I'm gonna cum Kaa-san." Fuki moaned.

"Oh yes me too. I'm gonna cum Fuki-chan I'm gonna cover us in my cum!" Kushina smiled her daughter with a sexy smile.

"Yes, let us cum together Kaa-san. Mother and daughter coming together!"

"Cum inside of me Fuki-chan filled my womb with your cum, your hot thick cum." Kushina cried as she was just seconds away from cumming.

"Yes, I'm gonna cum. I'm gonna cum inside you, I'm gonna cum inside my mother, my Kaa-san, my mommy. Kaa-san I want to give you my cum! I want Kaa-san to have my baby!" Those last words was it, Kushina let out a large scream. Kushina's penis shot out a big load between the two futanaris. Kushina's and Fuki's face, breasts and most of their hair was covered in Kushina's hot sperm load.

Kushina felt Fuki shot her load inside of her. Kushina could feel it dripping out her pussy, Fuki's load overloaded inside the womb that birthed her. Though they were covered in Kushina's sperm the two Uzumakis kissed one another. Kushina wrapped her arms around Fuki's neck as taste Kushina's cum within their hot mouths.

"Kaa-san, if you and I do it while I sleep will it help me in the outside world?" Fuki asked her mother.

"I'm not sure on that Fuki-chan. But it is worth trying." Kushina chuckled while having no problem spending time with her only child.

"I would like that." Fuki nuzzle her mother's neck. While Kushina moan softly as felt her daughter grew hard inside as Fuki didn't even bother to pull out of her mother even after cumming.

"You're so strong, so big, and so ready."

"I am young."

"Yes, a young grown futanari. But I want grandbabies even if I am seal inside of you. I am your mother." Kushina kissed Fuki's forehead.

"If I cum inside a woman's pussy. Would they be with child?" Fuki asked her mother.

"First time it rare that happens, but if you do it more than once then yes she would be pregnant. Why do you ask that Fuki-chan?" Kushina stare at her daughter.

"Well, I came inside a few pusses and didn't pull out when I bang Sakura-chan and Hinata-chan. And Anko and I were like bunnies." Fuki frown as she wonders if she knotted up any of her female friends already.

"It can't be helped Fuki, you can't control it. You're a young woman who just gifted with both sex. You can't help it when you see a woman you like. Trust me I know what you're going through honey. If you ever feel unsure or not ready to be a father just don't cum inside." She told her daughter but Fuki still frown.

"But it feel so good."

"I know, there are other holes you can fill you know." Kushina smirk. Fuki's light up in a big blush.

"Oh, right." Fuki giggle.

"Now would you like fuck my mouth again or would you like try Kaa-san's other hole?" Kushina had a very naughty smile on her face.

"Or?" Kushina said as she grabbed Fuki's butt cheeks "You rather have Kaa-san's big cock inside your pussy again."

"Oh Kaa-san don't not there ah!" Fuki moaned as she felt one of Kushina's fingers entering and thrusting inside her asshole.

"One hour down eight more to go. Let us kill some time Fuki-chan." Kushina grab Fuki and rolled her over as Kushina was on top of Fuki.

"Ah Kaa-san!" Fuki moan.

"Rwar!" Kushina's laughter was heard as screen went black.

Next Chapter-To Waves part II

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