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The Chosen One

The Autobiography of

Harry Potter.

Chapter Four: Family

Aunt Petunia may have been my only living blood relation, but she was not my family.

I didn't know what a family was really until I was twelve years old and went to stay with the Weasley's. Mrs. Weasley always treated me like a son, my real family though were the last of the Marauders'; Sirius Black and Remus Lupin. Remus had a son before he died with Nymphadora Tonks. His name is Teddy Lupin and he is my godson, My family. I swore I would be there for him. Swore I would tell him about his parents and do all the things for him Sirius was unable to do for me.

It kills me inside to know that I can't keep my promise.

Draco lay on his back with his arms folded under his head. The blanket was draped over his waist the spring night was uncommonly warm.

Draco listened to a storm rolling in through his open balcony doors.

He stared at the ceiling thinking about Harry, Draco had been over to the house several times in the past few weeks and had coffee with Sirius but Harry was always out with Jordan.

The only time Draco had seen his raven haired obsession had been in his dreams, rather erotic dreams they had been at that.

Draco was brought from his thoughts by a loud clash of thunder. The blonde inhaled deeply he loved the smell of rain, Sirius had been spilling embarrassing details about Harry to him over each visit and Draco smiled wondering if Harry was out dancing in the rain or jumping in puddles as Sirius described.

A flash of lightening lit up the sky and he jumped. He then jumped again at the small voice from beside his bed.

"Daddy, Merlin is playin splodin snap agin." Mathias' bright blue eyes peered up over the edge of the bed.

"Yes he is." Draco agreed pulling the boy up into his lap. "How rude of him. Playing exploding snap while sweet little boys are trying to sleep." Draco tickled his son.

"And daddies too." Mathias giggled.

"And Daddies too, do you want to stay with daddy tonight?" Draco asked.

Mathias nodded enthusiastically and dove beneath the covers. Draco chuckled at his son's antics and curled up beside of the boy his arm wrapped protectively around the small child. He sang a soft lullaby until Mathias was asleep and then let out a deep sigh.

If all he could ever have in the world was his son, he would be okay but Draco had to wonder if it was true.

The next night Draco arrived at Sirius's for their usual Friday night coffee but didn't find the man in the kitchen as per usual. Draco looked around quizzically before he heard noise coming from Harry's room. Draco went to the top of the stairs but didn't know if he should go down, it could be Jordan and Harry and that was not something Draco wanted to see.

After a moment Sirius came stomping up the stairs muttering under his breath.

"Good for nothing little gold digger lucky snuffles doesn't rip his throat out."

"Um, good evening Sirius." Draco cleared his throat. Apparently the man wasn't in the mood for company.

"Draco," Sirius smiled as soon as he saw him. "Sorry our coffee slipped my mind."

"Is everything okay? I can go." Draco chewed his bottom lip.

"No you can stay. Jordan stood Harry up again, third time this month." Sirius sighed putting out the coffee mugs.

"Wow, Maybe I should go down and talk to him, do you think it would help?" Draco questioned looking towards the stairs.

"Well I doubt it could hurt." Sirius shrugged.

"He's not going to go all psycho and try to kill me again is he?" Draco chuckled lightly but was completely serious with his question.

"No, he's been back on his medicine long enough he acts halfway normal now." Sirius assured him.

Draco nodded and took a deep breath heading down into the dragon's lair.

Harry was sitting on his bed cross legged writing in a journal his hair spiked to perfection with the tips died blue.

Harry looked up as Draco entered the room his eyes were red and puffy from crying. "Hey Dray," He gave a weak smile that didn't meet his eyes.

"Hey.." Draco shuffled from foot to foot nervously it had been a few weeks since he had seen the other man. "How are you?"

Harry shrugged. "About as well as can be expected I suppose, I'm alive and breathing."

"And looking good to, there's always that as well." Draco replied with a crooked smile.

"Yeah all dressed up and no where to go." Harry sighed continuing to write in his journal.

"Perhaps it's none of my business but is he really worth it?" Draco asked he was concerned with his friends well being.

"When he's around it is." Harry admitted sitting his journal aside he patted the bed next to him inviting Draco to sit down.

"It seems like he's away more than he's around." Draco moved and sat next to the brunette.

"He's around more often than you are." Harry retorted leaning his head against Draco's shoulder.

"Yes, and I'm not your boyfriend now am I?" Draco questioned.

Harry mumbled something unintelligible before speaking clearly again. "No but you don't act like much of a friend either. You haven't even asked Sirius about me your last couple of visits, if you had he would have told you I was down here the whole time."

"That's because I would much rather hear it from you, instead of making Sirius the gossip girl." Draco crossed is arms.

"I didn't know if you hated me or not." Harry looked down in shame. "I'll never forgive myself for attacking you."

"I don't hate you Harry." Draco shook his head."I know you weren't yourself, you would never hurt me, I know that."

"Then why don't you ever come see me anymore?" Harry looked close to tears all of his emotions swirling in his eyes.

""Because I was a fucking chicken?" Draco exclaimed.

"what do you mean? What were you afraid of?" Harry bit his lip not wanting the answer.

"That you would switch off again, or that Jordan would be down here with you. I wouldn't wanna see that." Draco shuddered at the thought.

"I'm on medicine now so I won't do that anymore, but why would Jordan be down here?" Harry asked seeming confused.

"Because he's your boyfriend?" Draco raised an eyebrow.

"Doesn't mean I want him in my room." Harry mumbled.

"Why wouldn't you?"

"Because if I brought him into my room he would think i wanted sex." Harry sighed as if it was obvious

"Don't you?" Draco blushed slightly

"Of course not." Harry raised his chin defiantly.


"Because I don't love him." Harry blushed slightly looking down.

"Really?" Draco asked shocked

"Yeah sex isn't just a casual fling to me, its special it should mean something." Harry looked up at the blond and shrugged.

"That's not what I meant, of course it should. But you really don't love him?" Draco just couldn't seem to wrap his head around that.

Harry shook his head.

"Harry, why are you with him?" Draco blurted

"I don't know I wanted someone to call my own, someone to make me feel special, he fills that slot." Harry said quickly

"well he fills the opposite as well." Draco pointed out.

"beggars cant be choosers Draco." Harry replied defensively

"You don't have to be a beggar you know." Draco stated quietly.

"If you can't be with the one you love, love the one you are with, and I'm trying so hard." Harry replied cryptically.

"You love someone else?" Draco asked a sick pallor coming to his face

Harry shrugged blushing again.

"I... I should be going..." Draco stuttered moving from the bed.

"Yeah sure, like every other time go ahead I know you have important things to do..." Harry retorted bitterly

"Yeah well you aren't making it easy for me are you?" Draco whispered just loud enough for Harry to hear.

"How am I making it difficult Draco? Just go ahead and go you've proven the can't be with the one you love part lets see if I can perfect love the one you're with." Harry gently pushed Draco out the door. he swiftly shut and locked it.

"Wait what!" Draco turned around banging on the door.

"Go away Malfoy," Harry yelled from within the room before earsplitting rock music filtered through the cracks.

Draco rolled his eyes and used alohamora to open the door. He marched across the room turning the stereo down. "How is it that I've proved you can't be with the one you love?"

"I can't be with you." Harry replied softly burying his face in his pillow.

"ME? But..." Draco's eyes went wide as the implication set in. and his jaw dropped.

"Close your mouth you'll attract flies." Harry murmured.

"You love me?" Draco paced a bit

"Yes, that's what i said." Harry sighed in annoyance.

"But I thought you meant..." Draco paused.

"You thought I meant what?" Harry sat up and looked at him.

"Someone else" Draco replied lamely.

"If someone else is you then yes." Harry rolled his eyes

"Fuck this is so messed up. " Draco laughed bitterly, if only Harry knew the truth of the situation.

"Yes well now that I have spilled my soul to you, you can go." Harry grimaced.

"You don't get it do you?" Draco threw his arms up and walked closer to the brunette.

"Apparently not."

"If you wanted to be with me, you could've had me all along." Draco spoke in a hushed tone moving closer still.

"How Draco, every time I tried you shot me down its okay I understand you aren't into me." Harry scooted across the bed to put distance between him and the blond

"I didn't shoot you down. and I am very much in to you." Draco gave him a predatory smile.

"Draco don't please, I really do love you and every time you tell me you want me I'll believe you and every time you tell me no I'll fall twice as hard as the time before." A single tear streamed down his cheek.

"But I haven't told you no" Draco defended himself.

"Draco how about Saturday? I'm sorry i cant. Draco how about Friday I'm sorry I cant. What does that sound like it doesn't sound like yes, " Harry retorted.

"No it sounds like I truly couldn't make it on those days, not that I didn't want to.

you just assumed I didn't want to, and before I knew it you were with Jordan" Draco sat on the edge of the bed trying to make Harry understand.

"Yes, I simply assumed and those assumptions were not at all based on your actions." Harry snapped.

"Okay so my actions were stupid, I get that and I truly regret them, but that doesn't mean I don't want to be with you." Draco sighed and reached out his hand towards Harry's face.

Before either man could say anything else there were footsteps on the stairs and after a second Jordan poked his head in the door. He stopped cold sending a murderous glare at Draco who was sitting next to Harry their legs touching. Draco snatched his hand away quickly.

"Whats going on down here?" Jordan asked suspiciously

"None of your business Jordan. We're just talking." Draco snapped.

"What are you doing here Jordan?" Harry sighed.

"I got done early and wanted to see if you wanted to hit the club." Jordan smiled.

"I don't know it's getting late and I'm tired." Harry debated looking at Draco out of the corner of his eye looking for a sign, any body language at all to tell him what Draco was thinking.

Draco returned a murderous glare at Jordan.

"I think I'm going to stay home tonight." Harry decided

"What? Why? You're cheating on me with the deatheater aren't you?" Jordan exclaimed.

"Excuse me? Would you like to repeat that?" Draco asked standing up and going to face Jordan mere inches away from the shorter man.

"I said you're a bloody deatheater." Jordan hissed through his teeth back at Draco

"Thought so." Draco growled pulling back his fist punching Jordan in the jaw knocking him backwards.

"Are you going to let him do this to me?" Jordan whined to Harry.

"If you hadn't called him that I wouldn't allow it no but seeing as you did, yes I'm going to let him hit you." Harry shrugged.

Draco smirked and punched Jordan again.

"However I've no desire to watch you beat the hell out of him so either toss him out and leave it at that or take the fight outside." Harry then clarified.

"No I think I'm done with him. Perhaps Snuffles would like to take out the trash?" Draco grinned maniacally

"I'm sure he would but not this time, let him go." Harry ordered.

Draco released him, After Jordan had high tailed it out of sight Harry turned to look at the blond

"I would ask you to spend the night but I'm sure you have other plans."

"And it's now that I would say that, yes I do have other plans. Not that it's because I don't want to stay. Please believe that!" Draco begged.

"I know, Goodnight Draco." Harry hugged the blond and kissed him on the cheek before burrowing into his blankets and pulled a pillow over his head

Draco moved the pillow kissing Harry quickly on the corner of the mouth.

"Sweet dreams Harry." He smiled softly before showing himself out.

Draco's mother was waiting for him when he got home holding a sleepy headed Mathias.

"Draco dear there has been an emergency I need to go to France. I'll be gone all week." She stated quickly after greeting him and handing him his son.

"Is everything okay?" Draco asked holding back a groan. He had finally started to make some headway with Harry and now it would be a week before he could see the boy again.

"Yes, it should be fine. One of the families we do business with has started some rumors that must be squashed." She replied her regal Malfoy air taking over.

Draco smiled this was his mothers game face.

"Good luck mother be safe." Draco hugged the woman and kissed her cheek before going to put Mathias to bed.

Draco was kept extremely busy all week and was ever so grateful when Sirius' head popped into the grate on Friday afternoon.

"Hey Draco are we still having coffee?"

"I'm sorry Sirius mother is out of the country I don't have anyone to watch Mathias." Draco apologized.

"Bring him with you then." Sirius chuckled.

"I can't Sirius... Harry." Draco sighed.

"Harry is out of the country as well and won't be back until Monday." Sirius argued. "Bring the tike and come on over."

Sirius' head disappeared from the fire and Draco shook his head. There was no telling Sirius no.

Draco got Mathias ready and held onto him tightly as he stepped into the fireplace.

As soon as they stepped out a big shaggy black dog met them and licked Mathias in the face.

"Snuffles I presume." Draco laughed he had heard of the man's animagus form but had never seen it.

Mathias clapped his hands in delight.

Sirius turned back chuckling.

"See told you it's safe... no Harry here." Sirius grumbled the last part.

"What do you mean by that?" Draco asked sitting his son down.

"He's in bloody Canada..." Sirius blurted then clapped a hand over his mouth. "Sorry I mean he's in Canada."

"Why is he in Canada?" Draco asked sitting down at the table conjuring a couple of toys for Mathias.

"Meeting whordons family.. I mean Jordan's." Sirius hissed making the coffee.

"It's come to that then?" Draco sighed. "Oh and don't worry about covering the swear words Merlin knows I swear in front of him enough." Draco reached down to ruffle Mathias' hair " And you know them too don't you my little dragon?"

"Hell yeah," Mathias said with a giggle.

"Well in that case.. He's bloody well miserable with that gold digger, I don't know why he won't leave him! He didn't even want to go to Canada. He kept muttering something about trying so hard and making it work." Sirius ran a hand through his hair sitting the mugs of coffee on the table.

"That git! So he still didn't get it even after I told hm straight out." Draco slammed his fist on the table almost causing his coffee to spill.

"Told him what straight out Draco?" Sirius questioned wiping up the drops of coffee that had jumped from his own mug.

"That I wanted to be with him too." Draco exclaimed.

"Oh, so that was why he was acting so weird all week..." Sirius rubbed his chin in thought.

"Weird how?" Draco questioned.

"He ignored Jordan all week, the man sent him flowers and stuffed animals and candy. Notes and drawings. Harry ignored them all told me not to let Jordan in the house. Every time he opened a card or letter he would look at it a second and throw it out like he was hoping it was from someone else." Sirius frowned thinking about it. "and he upped his medication."

"Fuck, you should have told me. I was so caught up with little guy here... now he probably thinks I didn't mean it." Draco put his head in his hands.

"Draco you need to figure this out before you mess with him anymore. I know your son is your priority, that's how it should be but you can't keep stringing Harry along." Sirius shook his head he was concerned for his godson.

"But he's stringing me along too." Draco defended himself. "He's still with Jordan isn't he.. and as long as he is I can't be with him."

"I'm pretty sure he was ready to break up with the great cheating whore if you had only given him a sign that you meant what you said." Sirius replied.

"Bloody hell, this is so fucked up." Draco sighed. "I guess I really don't deserve him I am a screw up."

"You deserve him Draco more than anyone else I know. But you've got to tell him the truth if you want to have a chance with him." Sirius reached over to pat Draco's hand.

"Yeah I guess so," Draco sighed while looking adoringly at his son,

Mathias had settled on the floor and was drawing his four year old rendition of snuffles.

"What do you say little guy, wanna meet Harry Potter?" Draco asked with a grin.

"You mean Bloody Potter?" Mathias questioned innocently

"Err Yeah, just Harry though, don't call him the other name, that's our little secret" Draco blushed and looked at Sirius.

"Don't worry about it, I've heard the phrase bloody Malfoy more times than I can count." Sirius laughed his face then became grim. "You know I'm pretty sure Jordan has been cheating on Harry this whole time."

"What? Are you sure?" Draco leaned forward.

"Not positive but fairly certain she sure as hell didn't look like his sister to me." Sirius sneered.

"What!" Draco practically exploded.

"I saw him in Diagon Alley the other day before I came home, the night he blew Harry off... he was with some woman they were holding hands and laughing and smiling." Sirius looked disgusted.

"That slimy fucker. I'm really going to hurt him now... and he had the audacity to accuse Harry of cheating with me!" Draco exclaimed standing to pace around the kitchen.

"You need to get in line I've wanted to beat the shit out of the little fuck since Hermione hired him."

"All right fine but I want the final blow." Draco agreed.

"Deal." Sirius grinned.

The two whiled away the next few hours talking about the different ways they could dismember and mutilate Jordan.

"Why don't you and the little one stay here tonight and tomorrow I'll show you a nice little muggle park." Sirius suggested when Mathias began to yawn.

"Sounds good. Hear that Mathias? You get to play with Snuffles at the park tomorrow." Draco grinned at Sirius. Mathias smiled and giggled sleepily as Draco picked him up.

"You can either kip in the living room or there is a children's room with a crib next to Harry's downstairs its through the door next to the bathroom. You can put Mathias in there and you can take Harry's bed." Sirius murmured as if this was a big secret.

"Why is there a crib down there?" Draco asked quizzically.

"From when Harry's godson Teddy used to stay the night. He's a couple of years older than Mathias. His grandmother won't let Harry see him anymore." Sirius answered sadly.

"Not even now that he's back on his medication?" Draco asked.

"She won't listen to him she thinks he's lying about being back on it. But Andromeda always was a bit hard headed." Sirius shook his head.

"Hmm. Perhaps I should have a talk with my dearest aunt then." Draco replied thoughtfully.

"Maybe you can talk some sense into her after you see how he is with Mathias. Harry would make an amazing Father." Sirius smiled softly.


"Yeah, he's great with kids never loses his patience or his temper with them ." Sirius spoke adoringly of his godson.

"Hmph could have told me that from the start." Draco huffed feeling like an idiot for thinking Harry would hurt Mathias

"You never asked."

"No I guess not." Draco agreed.

"He used to spoil Teddy he took him to the park and the zoo and the aquarium and anywhere else Teddy wanted to go. He's like that with his love interests too by the way." Sirius winked.

"Damn, I really have been an idiot to not see this sooner." Draco breathed out.

"Well love is blind." Sirius replied with a knowing smile.


"Have you told him?" Sirius leaned forward towards the blond

"told him what?" Draco asked cocking his head to the side.

"That you love him?"

"No, not that I love him. I told him that I cared deeply for him and wanted to be with him." Draco replied.

"Hmm if you'd used the L word he's probably be here reading a bed time story to small fry right now." Sirius mused.

"Yeah well I already admitted I'm an idiot you don't have to rub it in." Draco whined deciding he was spending to much like his son. He was even starting to sound like him.

"Sure I do." Sirius teased

"Thanks ever so much."

"No problem, now get the little one to bed and get some sleep." Sirius got up to head towards his room "And Draco?"


"Harry has loved you since Hogwarts" Sirius almost whispered.

"What?" Draco exclaimed

"He told me sixth year he thought he'd gone off his rocker he was dating Ginny at the time but he was crazy about you" Sirius gave a soft smile.

"Well he had a funny way of showing it then." Draco scoffed adjusting Mathias' weight on his hip.

"He was scared he didn't know he was gay and he had fallen in love with his enemy." Sirius replied defensively

"Ahh that would do it I guess." Draco thought back to sixth year. It had been a rough year.

"Night Draco."

"Night." Draco carried Mathias down to the little room Sirius had told him about. It was full of stuffed animals and toys and even a childs' racing broom.

Draco put the already sleeping Mathias in the crib and covered him up.

"So I may not be able to give you a mommy, what about another Daddy?" Draco whispered softly leaning in to kiss the boy on the forehead.

He then went into Harry's room and buried his face in Harry's pillow inhaling the amazing scent that was Harry Potter. Smiling he wondered what it would be like to have Harry sleeping next to him after telling Mathias a bed time story together. With that thought in mind Draco drifted off to sleep.

The next day Draco and Sirius took Mathias to the park Sirius had mentioned.

Mathias thought it was the greatest thing in the world. Draco smiled sadly at his son for a moment. He didn't get to take the boy to the park very often for fear of the tabloids catching wind of him. He wanted his son to have a normal child hood for as long as possible. The poor child didn't need his face plastered all over the news paper.

Sirius even transformed into Snuffles and let Mathias ride him around the park.

With a sigh Draco finished the thought with 'look what it did to Harry.'

After the day at the park Draco was called to France to help his Mother he packed up Mathias and fire called Sirius to tell him he probably wouldn't be making Friday night coffee night for a few weeks and he headed off to France.

It took an entire month to clear everything up in Paris and by the time he got back his usual smooth running of the household had fallen to shambles Paper work had piled up, There were calls to be made, appointments to reschedule and errands to be run.

With a sigh Draco handed Mathias off to his Mother and began working to get caught up on everything.

Draco had promised Mathias an ice cream when he returned from his errands in Diagon Alley so he headed to the ice cream shop after his meeting with the family attorney. His ex-wife was trying to demand more of the Malfoy money be handed over to her even though Draco had fulfilled his part of the divorce agreement. Draco smiled at the thought, he had Mathias, he had money, he had his mom and Sirius and hopefully still Harry. His ex-wife had nothing

When he entered the ice cream shop however the smile dropped from his face and rage built inside of him.

Standing at the counter was Jordan he had just finished kissing a petite woman and had swung a giggling little girl up into his arms.

"What kind do you want?" Draco heard him ask.

"Chocolate Daddy." She smiled sweetly.

Draco charged up to the man who immediately put the girl down.

"Malfoy." He mumbled.

Draco grabbed him by the arm dragging him to the door.

"I need to speak with you alone." He smiled at the woman and child.

"You cheating Bastard!" Draco exclaimed as soon as they were outside continuing to pull him along until they were in the alley next to the shop.

"Malfoy listen I can explain." Jordan whimpered.

"Listen to this." Draco growled punching Jordan in the nose.

"I deserve that." Jordan admitted holding his hand to his nose. "But I do love Harry. You have to believe that."

"If you did you wouldn't be with him when you have a wife and kid. How stupid are you? Didn't you think he would find out?" Draco raged.

"She told me she'd take Alexis away from me if I left her... and Harry won't know if you don't tell him." Jordan smiled weakly.

"I'm not going to tell him..." Draco sneered. "You are."

"What? No I can't tell him. He would be devastated do you really want that?" Jordan tried to play the guilt game.

"On the contrary, I really think he would like to know what a slimy git you are." Draco hissed.

"What are you going to do if I don't?" Jordan crossed his arms defiantly.

"Then I'm going to drag you there and pour Veritaserum down your throat, after I've beaten the shit out of you of course, oh and I think Sirius wants to have a go too." Draco smiled sweetly. "And of course I'm going to tell your wife."

"You can't do that." Jordan's shoulders slumped in defeat. "Okay we are going to the club tonight I'll tell him then."

"No you're telling him now."

"Please just let me tell him tonight I swear I'll do it then." Jordan pleaded.

"you better, or I'm going to make your pathetic excuse for a life miserable beyond belief." Draco kneed him in between the legs bringing the man to the ground.

Draco sneered and walked away, he would get Mathias' ice cream else where. He had to get home and get ready to go to the club.

That night Draco tucked Mathias into bed and kissed his mother on the cheek.

"You're looking handsome tonight son." She commented with a knowing look.

He was wearing a pair of black jeans and a sleeveless white button up shirt with the first few buttons undone. His blond hair looked like he had just rolled out of bed.

Draco apparated to the alley just outside of the only gay wizarding club in Britain and took a deep breath. He ignored all the appreciative stares he was receiving and headed straight to the bar. He found what he was looking for immediately.

Harry was sitting facing the bar leaning on his elbow playing in his frozen drink with his straw. Jordan was no where in sight. Draco wondered if he had shown and told the truth or if he had stood Harry up again.

Draco approached the raven haired man who's spikes were now tipped in silver.

"Hey gorgeous love the hair." Draco crept up and whispered in Harry's ear.

Harry turned in his seat looking ready to kill someone, when he saw Draco he gave a soft smile.

"Hey Dray, Thanks." He replied quietly.

"So I guess the bastard has already been here?" Draco asked raising an eyebrow.

"Jordan? The fucker stood me up." Harry spat turning to the bartender. "Another shot of tequila for me and whatever my friend wants." He looked at Draco for his drink decision.

"He did what, oh I really am going to kill him now, this is the last straw." Draco shook his head his eyes turning to molten silver.

"I'm breaking up with him Draco. So don't even worry about it he's not worth it." Harry downed his shot chasing it with the fruity frozen drink in front of him. He signaled the bartender for another shot.

Draco took the shot and downed it himself. The bartender shook his head and poured another one for Harry.

"You're right about one thing. He isn't worth it! The fucking two timing whore! I caught him today with his wife and daughter."

Harry had just tipped his shot glass into his mouth and succeeded in spitting out all over himself in shock.

"He.. You What!" Harry exclaimed.

The bartender overheard and began lining shots of various liquors in front of the men.

"He's married. I beat the shit out of him too, and made him promise to tell you tonight, but I guess another ass kicking is in order seeing as he didn't show up." Draco took one of the shots.

"I'm an idiot how could I not see it?" Harry down two shots one right after the other.

"No you're not. Even I didn't see it coming, though Sirius did. Don't blame yourself for trying to see the best in people, that one of things I love most about you. You are a very caring man, you shouldn't be sorry about that."

Harry reached over to take Draco's hand in his own and leaned in to kiss the blond on the cheek.

"Thank you for being there for me Draco. I don't know what I would do with out you." He then abruptly turned requesting a shot of vodka.

"What if you wouldn't have to be without me?" Draco asked softly.

Harry smacked his glass onto the counter and turned to look at Draco his eyes were red and blood shot it was clear that Harry was drunk.

"Draco I haven't wanted anything else since sixth year." He replied with a bit of a slur. He then turned to look towards the dance floor where various couples were grinding against each other. He looked everywhere but at Draco.

"I know. Though I can't claim to have wanted you since Hogwarts, I can say that I've wanted you since I walked into Black Inc. I haven't been able to keep my mind off you, I've dreamt about you every night, and thought about you every minute of every day since."

"Then why are we still dancing around each other?" Harry asked finally meeting Draco's eyes. "Shouldn't we be dancing together by now?" He winked at his double insinuation.

"But of course, I couldn't decline a clear offer to let me grind against you." Draco winked with a grin and stood up holding his hand out to Harry.

Harry took his hand and allowed himself to be led to the dance floor where he pulled Draco back flush up against his chest, placing his hands on the blonds hips. Draco began to move his body with the music grinding his arse into Harry's groin.

"I hope you don't have other obligations tonight because I will not be letting you out of my sight." Harry growled in Draco's ear.

"None whatsoever. You can officially have your wicked way with me."

"I told you it didn't matter, I'd be having my wicked way with you no matter what."

"Well you don't hear me complaining do you?" Draco asked reaching his hand around to squeeze Harry's ass.

"I wouldn't do that If I were you."

"oh an why is that?"

"Bad things might happen to you."

"Well in that case..." Draco grinded against harry while squeezing his arse again.

With a groan Harry wrapped his arms around Draco and apparated them straight out of the club and into the kitchen of the townhouse where Sirius was sitting drinking a cup of coffee reading a manuscript.

"Sirius, I don't have time to find the don't disturb sign so take this as your warning." Harry grinned before picking Draco up carrying him to the bedroom tossing him on the bed.

"Hmm Kinky, perhaps I should tease you more often." Draco teased.

Harry dropped to his knees on the bed pulling his shirt over his head. He then crept up to Draco ripping his shirt open sending buttons everywhere.

This was definitely a Harry Draco had never seen before. He felt himself growing hard

Suddenly Harry's mouth crashed against his the brunettes tongue begging for entrance. Draco quickly obliged.

Draco wasn't entirely sure where time went. One minute he was laying there still dressed snogging and the next thing he knew he opened his eyes and he and Harry were both naked.

"Harry?" Draco asked uncertainly .

"I want to be inside of you." Harry leaned forward whispering in Draco's ear.

Draco couldn't form coherent words so he nodded.

Harry rocked back onto his heels lifting Draco by the knees dragging him closer.

"Accio lube." Harry summoned wandlessly.

"Show off." Draco squeaked as two of Harry's fingers cold from the lube were pressed into his entrance.

Harry opened and closed his fingers in a scissoring motion he added and extra finger and Draco's back arched up off the bed.

"hmm I found somebodies soft spot." Harry teased moving to hit the spot again.

"Harry would you please just fuck me already," Draco gasped.

"As you wish." Harry growled removing his fingers and lining his aching erection up with Draco's tight opening.

He thrust in with a grunt Draco cried out. Harry started out slowly and picked up pace wrapping his fist around Draco's throbbing cock pumping in time with his thrusts. Both men were moaning and groaning. Draco was fairly certain Harry had even spoke in parseltongue a few times.

Draco was so close to the edge he didn't have time for a warning before he shot all over himself and Harry. Draco's muscles tightened around the raven haired man and he came deep inside of the blonde whispering his name.

Harry collapsed on top of Draco panting listening to his pounding heart beat.

"Harry, that was amazing." He breathed running his fingers through Harry's sweaty hair.

With a quick wave of his hand Harry had cleaned them both up and he pulled the blanket up over the two of them wrapping his arms securely around Draco's waist.

The next morning Draco woke up alone and with a pounding headache.

He reached his arm out towards the nightstand where he would have left a hangover potion after such a night. His arm bumped into the glass vial and he quickly uncorked it downing the foul potion.

Draco's vision cleared and his headache subsided before he realized he wasn't in his room, the previous night came flooding back.

Draco immediately went in search of Harry he had to apologize, he had taken advantage of the brunette in an emotional situation.

He looked everywhere before finally locating the man on a balcony off of the kitchen Draco hadn't even known existed.

Harry was apparently sunbathing in a pair of cargo shorts and green tinted sunglasses.

"Looking good there Harry."

"Morning Dray." Harry replied, "Sleep well?"

"Sleeping wasn't the problem. The waking up part was though." Draco huffed

"Why is that? I left you a potion did you take it?"

""Yeah i did. But I'd much rather have wanted to wake up to a warm body snuggled against me." Draco whined.

"I'm sorry, won't happen next time." Harry held out his arms to invite Draco into his lap.

"Thanks." Draco kissed Harry on the tip of the nose taking the offered seat "I want to apologize for last night though, it wasn't my intention to take advantage of you in your drunken state. Sorry."

"I didn't mind believe me... I at least had good reason for leaving you this morning though." Harry grinned.

"Why?" Draco asked, though he didn't think anything in the world was a good enough reason.

"I may have gone to introduce myself to Jordan's wife." Harry laughed.

"You didn't.." Draco tried to hold back a laugh.

"Oh but I did. Good morning ma'am. I know you don't know me but your husband has been dating me for three months.." Harry rattled off.

"Bloody hell, that must have been a bit amusing at least. How'd she take it?" Draco asked unable to keep the grin off of his face.

"I don't think Jordan will be having sex anytime soon. I'll be surprised if he has gotten up off of the floor yet." Harry replied

Draco laughed so hard he snorted. "Suits him well, but for Sirius' sake I hope he does. Sirius was so eager to have a go at him too."

"well after I gave him a good kick of my own and told him he was fired and we were over she had started packing her things so I don't think his life could get much worse even if Sirius did get his hands on him." Harry shrugged.

"Oh I bet it could."

"I can't believe it, the wife part is bad enough but hiding the fact that he has a kid too." Harry shook his head.

"I... Oh fuck I've been such a complete idiot, I don't blame you if you're gonna hate me, but please know that I love you." Draco bit his lip nervously.

"What is it Dray?" Harry eyed the blond in concern.

"I have a kid too." Draco finally blurted closing his eyes and waiting for a fist to connect with his face.

"what?" Harry's tone was hurt.

"I have a son. He's four years old, his name is Mathias. I don't have a wife though, I got separated from her shortly after he was born. That's my obligation that's been taking up a lot of my time." Draco rambled.

"Draco," Harry spoke softly

"Yeah?" Draco asked nervously

"why didn't you just tell me?" Harry's hurt tone was back and Draco felt like an ass.

""I was afraid of what you'd think, that you'd shun me for my bad mistakes.. Err my failed marriage that is, I don't regret having Mathias, I love him more than my own life. I was going to tell you, but then I got afraid again when you had that bad day, and I was afraid that you'd be able to do the same to him. I know now that it was stupid, but I didn't know how you felt about children." Draco wanted to shove his foot in his mouth especially when he saw Harry's expression

"You were afraid I would hurt him..." Harry's face fell. "I understand. That's what happened with Teddy too."

""Yeah but now I know that you'd never hurt a child. I'm so sorry for doubting you." Draco tightened his arms around Harry

"No it's okay, but I'm on medicine now so I'd never hurt anyone child or otherwise." Harry sighed and smiled again.

"I know. I really want you to meet him, if you want that is? He's really excited about meeting you." Draco exclaimed excitedly

"Well with a father like Draco sodding Malfoy I bet he's adorable." Harry said playfully

""Yeah he really is, actually he's a miniature me. Looks exactly like me, loves stories about Harry Potter, and curses like a drunken sailor, but adoringly of course." Draco was so glad to finally tell Harry the truth he felt like he had to tell it all at once.

"I would love to meet him." Harry finally grinned.

Draco gave a huge smile before crashing his lips into Harry's "Thank you!

"You know I've always dreamed of having a family." Harry sighed after a moment of snogging Draco had turned around and was now leaning back against Harry's chest.

"Yeah Sirius told me." Draco looked up into Harry's face squinting at the sun.

"Perhaps in a few years we could adopt a little girl every boy should have a little sister to look after." Harry suggested both to gauge Draco's reaction to more children as well as to gauge his reaction on long term relationship plans.

"I'd love that, Mathias would too I'm sure." Draco smiled softly at the thought of Mathias having a little sister.

"Well what are we waiting for? Go get dressed I want to meet the miniature Malfoy." Harry grinned pushing Draco off of his lap playfully.

Draco jumped up grabbing Harry's hand to pull him up.

"Let's go."