Dear Diary,

I know im not the nicest person in the world but this is so juicy I just cant let it go by!

I was walking home from the mall with Aria and we took a short cut out back by an alley way. And I think she notices her dads car because she runs out in front of me. Then she stops abruptly around the front of the car. Staring. Just staring. I ran towards her and gasped. Her dad. Yeah uh-huh Mr. Montgomery, is having an affair. He was in his car making out with another woman and not just any woman but his college student, I think her name is Meredith. I remember because Aria told me that her dad had a cocktail party with some of his college students. Aria tells me everything. Just like she "made me" promise not to say anything. to anyone. Who cares what Aria has to say, I can use this piece of information for my own purposes.