"Get over here you little brat!" Eileen was sitting upstairs in the study when she heard Tobias yelling at Sev.

She dropped the folder she had in her hand instantly the papers scattering all over the floor and she ran down the stairs picking a two year old Sev up into her arms. She turned her back to Tobias as if protecting him. "Shh.. Sevvie.. its okay baby" she purred running her fingers softly through his raven hair. She felt Tobias's hand close around her arm tightly, painfully.

Severus buried his face in her chest not realizing that she was about to be hurt. Her soothing voice kept him calm. "Its okay" She whispered again not wanting him to cry, She could feel Tobias roughly force her to him but she kept Sev away from him. Sev had noticed a slight jerk and he whimpered but Eileen kept his face pressed softly against her breast as she tried to hide him from what was happening.

"Do you know what he did you whore?" Tobias whispered

"No" Eileen replied looking down at her baby boy, He was whimpering and cuddling closer to his mothers warm, soft, skin.

Tobias glared at her. "Give him to me Eileen." He ordered roughly.

"No" she whispered.

"Fine then…."

"Tell me what he did!"

"He walked infront of the t.v. again! I thought I taught him good enough last time!"

Eileen had not known about the "last time" but she felt her eyes tearing up. "You better not have touched him!" She stormed off and up to Sev's room. Locking the door behind her. She laid him on the changing table and got a night outfit for him. She began undressing him softly. Her eyes scanning his small body for any cuts or bruises. When she found the bruise it was a HUGE black and blue across his stomach. She whimpered and decided she'd lay him on his side when she put him in the crib seeing as his there was a bruise on his back too. She changed him very carefully and laid him in the crib, but he began to cry and reach for her as thunder crackled outside. She knew he was afraid of the loud noises the rain brought, Possibly because the thunder sounded like his father throwing his mother into something. Softly she cradled him and rocked him. Then in a soft angel-like voice she began to sing.

"Little child.. be not afraid, the rain pounds harshly against the glass like an unwanted stranger, there is no danger. I am here tonight… Little child be not afraid though thunder crackles and lightning flash illuminates your tear stained face, I am here tonight.. And one day you'll know that nature is so, the same rain that draws you near me, falls on rivers and lands on forests and sands. Makes the beautiful world that you see, in the morning…" She laid a now sleeping Severus in his crib and turned on the white noise to keep him from hearing the fate that she was about to face once she walked out that door. She sat in a chair for a minute just staring at the wall her eyes tearstained. The dark room was illuminated softly by the moons glow and the lightning. She stood and walked out locking the door behind her.