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Its called Q.

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Naruto sat in the back of the classroom, ignoring Iruka as he once again went over the fine line of how shinobi were supposed to conduct themselves.

Naruto did not care: some people would say he was joking and that his plans were to be a great ninja, or to be their hokage. Others would say that he did not have the skill set and would never reach that high expectation. Everyone said what they thought the blonde knew, would know, or did know but they were wrong.

Naruto was not what they said; he was himself, not some speculative choosing of how the village thought he would be. He had his own plans and choices.

Naruto sat in the back of the room, a twisted kunai in his hand, the kunai was one of his presents irks to his mood. Thanks to that Uchiha a few rows down from him, he now had another kunai that he could not use to practice targets with. 'Oh Well' He thought as he etched swirls into the wood of the desk. The people on either side of him looked at him as they heard the dull clunk of the wood being carved up again and again.

Iruka paused his lecture as he heard the thunks, and cast an eye about to find the source. He stopped as he saw the class's resident blonde trouble maker carving into his work station. A growl escaped his throat as he called the boy's name.


The boy looked up at the mention of his name, shocking Iruka for a reason he didn't know. He pushed the thought away as he prepared to reprimand the boy, only to be cut of pre-rant.

The blonde had looked up at his sensei, waiting for him to say something, but decided that it was taking too long and went back to his previous task.

Iruka blinked at the boy, he had ignored him right after acknowledging him. If the boy had any parents he would of written a letter of stern reprisal to them for his blatant disrespect. But he pushed those thoughts away and called again.

"Naruto since you have so much working knowledge of the subject why don't you come up here and tell us what this basic seal array for a scroll is designed to do."

The boy stopped what he was doing and hung his head before sighing. He then stood, then tripping and falling down after tripping over the bench much to the humor of the class. He stood up and walked down the stairs stepping his feet in a perfect line as he reached the floor and stood before Iruka.

Iruka shook his head as he saw the blonde stand before him with a bowed head. He held out the chalk and then addressed Naruto.

"Naruto you are to finish the seal array on the board and explain to the class its purpose and its practical use amongst leaf village ninja."

Naruto looked at his sensei before bowing his head again and looking at the board with a side glance before nodding, Iruka gestured to the board and the boy walked to it with his perfect steps.

"tikk tikk tick, tik, tik, ticc, tik, tik," Iruka was speechless along with the rest of the class as the blonde began writing and did not stop, the chalk stayed close to the board as the blonde began to write something, something that he should not have known at this level.

In a row a few stairs above Naruto a lavender eyed girl was watching him write, and felt a little joy that he was not afraid to step in front of the class, but also sad as he seemed down and distracted. What was wrong with him? Did something happen?

A few chairs higher a girl with pink hair was looking at the board in confusion, the first part was all the answer that the sensei had asked for, but the rest had no real standing on how the seal was used, what was the blonde getting at?

The row below her a onyx eyed boy watched the blonde write and soon lost interest, this was just a joke or something he had no interest in something that the blonde had probably made up in his daydreaming.

Across the row from him, a boy with pineapple hairdo was watching the blonde write out the most complex and detailed answer he had ever seen the boy give in the history of his academy days.

Naruto finished as he handed the spent piece of chalk to his sensei, and stood back allowing all the others to read the board.

'The seal below is the basics for any seal array, from a explosive note to a storage scroll, it has it's basics from the sandaime, the yondaime and the toad sannin jiraiya. It is normal for chunnin and jounin to know it to a level that they can replicate it to a t in times that it may be needed. It is a basic array, unfortunately it has ties in darker fuinjutsu of the village, and to those who look at it in a blind eye it does look complicated, but to those who see it every time they look at themselves in the mirror it is like a grown man reciting his abc's and counting to ten, unfortunately this is all that is presented and known for those at the gennin level, it takes moderate chakra cost, small standings of know how, and a steady hand to inscribe this array.' Below that the completed seal was set and and informational structure of what different parts were made up of the seal.

Iruka looked at Naruto to see he had taken another piece of chalk and drew a large blocky capital Q on the board before pocketing the chalk and walking back to his seat and picking up his kunai.

Iruka looked at the board than back at Naruto, the boy had just single handedly written out the entire subject that the class was to go over and wasn't even boasting his accomplishments.

"Naruto what is this on the board?" The blonde looked up at the teacher and spoke without any remorse of emotion.

"It's the answer to the question that you all asked me, and the other item is a large Q, but I am sure I don't need to tell a chunnin academy teacher that."

The bell then rang and everyone got their stuff to go home, only to look at the blonde who walked to the window and hopped to the tree just outside it before falling to the ground and running away with what very few could see to be tears in his eyes.


Naruto sat in his apartment rocking back and forth on the floor of his shower, his arms and chest covered with cuts spelling out the words: Why, When, Where, and Who. He watched as his blood pooled and then swirled itself down the drain as he constantly moaned and cries to himself. Why were there so many questions?

Naruto cried out as he suddenly stopped and looked to his hands and arms, as he saw them burning red and beginning to heal, he reached over to the side, and picked up the carving knife as he laid it to the newly healed flesh of his arms and began to recut the questions into them. Crying as he did so, there were so many questions.

Outside the blondes apartment the lavender eyed girl sat on the ground next to the door crying, and sobbing as she could see what was going on in the twelve year old boy's home. She felt her chest tighten as she saw him pick up the knife and begin the etching and carving process over.

The last thing she saw made her close her eyes and scream, perhaps saving the young blonde's life.

In the bathroom the blonde had finished his arms and chest again, he looked at the blade of the small knife as if it were some unknown item and then carved two large bold Q's into both side of his neck piercing through the muscle and arteries in his haste, only to feel his eyes grow heavy as he slid on to his back on the tiled floor, bleeding ridiculously quickly for such a small boy.

'So many questions, so many questions.' He heard the sound of crashing wood and destructed wood from beyond the blackness of his eyes, 'Like what is that sound?'

He felt two gnarled and beaten hands pick up his body before he heard a yell filled with power.

"NAAARRRUUUTTTOOO Don't you dare do this to me boy, stay with me damn it!" and that was the last thing he remembered.

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