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Ch. 10 start,

Naruto stood shocked, he knew. So few knew about his relentless search for the answers, yet this man, who was the master of interrogation, seemed to have the blonde at a disadvantage. Naruto looked at the man warily, he felt like a mouse caught by a tiger. He was not ready for a faceoff with this man. He took a step back and averted his gaze. "yes as sharp as this razor." He then pulled the straight razor from his pocket and showed him the pure silver of its handle, and flipping it open showing the metal bathed red from his blood. Ibiki looked at it then at him.

"Everyone has a way of coping with their choice as a ninja, yours is just another different way of how some ninja do, leave Kilvin and proceed to the second exam." Naruto nodded as he stood himself up straight and leapt off to training ground 44.

Ibiki just looked at him, as the boy disappeared from his line of sight. He sighed as he looked at the blonde's test once again. 'Bishomonten help that boy.'

Training ground 44, the forest of death…

Naruto dropped down just as anko was passing out consent forms, he took one from the gennin and signed it giving it to the people and handing the scroll to the exam helpers and receiving a scroll, Sasuke took it and put it in his shirt. Naruto just looked at him as he processed the information.

'Five days here, collect another scroll from a team with our counterpart, and make it to the tower in the center. Very well.' Naruto nodded as he stood outside his team's gate, they watched as person assigned to their gate listened to his radio and they rushed into the forest. They hurried about a mile in and stopped, sakura huffing.

"We need a plan to capture another scroll, sakura do you have a idea?" Sasuke asked as Naruto looked around, drawing his axe and placing it into a relaxed position.

"I think we should set a trap for the other teams Sasuke-kun, something along the lines of a ninja tool barrage through the fastest direct route." Sasuke nodded as sakura smiled dreamily at him, Naruto turned to the sky once again. He frowned, drawing the attentions of his supposed teammates.

"I am going to see if I can capture another scroll and meet you both here at this spot in three hours that should give sakura time to set up your supposed trap, and Sasuke to preen him." They both glared and Sasuke charged forward, punching the blonde in his stomach, sending him rolling back into a tree.

"Learn some respect you gutless fool, Uchiha are all powerful. No one is close enough to our level to pose a threat. Now you will do as sakura and I say or I will beat you again." Naruto stood from the tree he had hit and shook off Sasuke's attack.

"I will not listen to a thieve who's happiest memory is trying to betray his fellow comrades, I will be back after I have found more scrolls." Sakura glared at him as he left the clearing, Sasuke just roared and fired a fireball after the leaving blonde.

Naruto was far out of the range of the attack, as he moved through the forest, making a shadow clone to tell the team he would meet him at the tower, he disappeared in all haste. He must find team 8, he was in a hostile zone, and he needed allies. He was rushing through the forest until he came across something that made him curse.

As he landed in a clearing, he saw two teams facing off. One from sand and one from waterfall they looked at him. Surprised that he had appeared alone probably. They smirked, the waterfall gennin making a pair of water swords in each hand and the suna gennin drawing maces and one had a large hammer.

"Well it seems like a gennin lost his team, you wouldn't happen to have a scroll on you would you?" Naruto shook his head and the one of the suna team charged at him as the rain ninja engaged the other two.

Naruto ducked the suna gennin's hammer strike and hit him in the back of the neck with his axe, scowling as it bounced off. The gennin laughed as he swung again at the blonde. "How do you like my rock armor jutsu, it makes me impervious to weapons, what will you do now gennin of konoha? Hahaha." Naruto cursed as he grabbed the man's hammer and swung him through the air, slamming him into the ground and kicking him in the face. The gennin cursed as he lost concentration and his jutsu fell apart.

"I am aware of your jutsu, your entire body resonates with earth chakra, I assumed you had some sort of armor, and it seems I was right, and have a nice nap." The gennin looked at Naruto in confusion, "what?" He never noticed a group of Naruto's shadow clones in the trees drop down.

One shot forward and struck the gennin in the neck, crushing the gennin's larynx; he fell to the ground as the other gennin had already taken care of each other. His clones looked at him as he looked to the others. "We were lucky, at the same time; we cannot leave them here like this. Search them," the clones nodded as they went through the two teams belongings.

He found an earth and two heaven scrolls, it seemed that the sand village must have grabbed one of the other teams within seconds of the exam and took their scrolls. Naruto smiled as he pocketed the scrolls, he wondered what those other two were up to. He shrugged as he took list of everything else that was on the teams.

"Let's see seventeen kunai knives, thirty two shuriken, writing materials, food rations, soldier pills, and a technique scroll. Very interesting perhaps I will gain some techniques from my visit to this god awful forest." Naruto unraveled the scroll and read the message on it.

'Dearest Moshi-kun we are so proud of you, your father and mother each gave you a technique as a reward for participating in the chunnin exam. I myself are beside myself with joy at the fact that you, my betrothed, have found the courage to participate in this grueling test, I wait for you to come back to us. Our wedding will wait for your return. Gently as the water, severely as a flower your strength will safeguard you. I have little doubt, be safe my beloved. Ami-Chan.'

Naruto stood there as he held the scroll; one of these dead had hoped to be happily wed at the end of the exams. He looked to the dense overgrowth far above his head. It seemed that there will be more consequences than just what the proctors had told them. "Failure here can very well mean death, I have already robbed one of their life, how many more will die by my hands before these five days are done." Naruto's clones looked at him and their heads dropped as well, they had gained the same knowledge he now had. They looked to him as he picked up two of the kunai the clones had brought him, putting the rest in his pouch, dispersing the clones of the weapons he had made for the exams. His clones looked at him, "we no longer are taking this at light, we have hostiles after us and our allies, and my friends are in danger, if you find any other teams, you are to kill them quickly, no remorse. We follow the teachings of master Kilvin." The clones nodded as Naruto spun the weapons in his hands as if they were daggers. Then he rushed off, leaving the scroll from one of their beloved to soak in the blood of its owner.

Naruto rushed through the forest quickly, he saw another team rushing through the branches above him and he leapt up, one of his clones began tree climbing just as quickly. The rear guard did not notice him as he severed his neck from its owner in a spray of crimson blood, bathing his front in the man's lifeblood.

The other two turned as they saw their ally's head fly past them. One froze as the other made hand signs. He lost his fingers to the knives before he finished, the other taking itself into his eyes and impaling his brain through the optic nerve. He fell dead as Naruto turned and tackled the one about to stab him.

The gennin had no idea what was going on, they were tree hopping and all of the sudden one of her teammate's head had flew past them, and as they turned back she had seen some blonde dressed in tiger stripes and fur fly past her, and kill her other teammate. She had reacted without hesitation and attacked.

Naruto held off the female gennin's lunge and overpowered her, driving her back, causing her to fall to her knees on the tree's massive branch on which they battled. Naruto held her there, knocking away her other kunai as she tried to stab him with it. Naruto grabbed her wrist and twisted, breaking it as she cried out. Naruto grabbed her throat and slammed her into the tree. She tried to bat him away with her broken wrist, but Naruto just sliced her arm off at the elbow. She cried out as she fell to the ground.

"P Please stop, I quit I forfeit please, I just want to leave. Please just let me go." Naruto looked down at the woman, and focused all of his not unnoticeable killing intent upon her. The woman cried as she raised her kunai, and put it against her neck. She was crying as Naruto's dead cold blue azure eyes barred down on her. She was shivering as the kunai point rested against the canal of her throat. She screamed out into the forest as the blade plunged through her neck, gurgling cutting off her cries of death.

Teams throughout the forest turned to the direction that the scream had echoed from. Several teams looked on in fear. It had only been half a day and the teams had already suffered casualties as it was. Team 10 looked on. Ino had been frightened from the scream, and Chougi looked at the sky, and shikamaru came back as he finished setting the trap. They all nodded and hid in wait.

Three days later…

Team Gai watched as Sasuke was crushing the gennin from sound, Lee shook his head as Neji's byakugan scanned the area. "Tenten, Lee Naruto is not here, we are not going to aid the team unless Naruto is here." The pair nodded as they watched the Uchiha's dark chakra recede, and they leapt off to try and locate their now missing friend.

Team 8 stood in a grove, finally having found a team that had fallen in their trap. They were overjoyed that their long standing plan had come into fruition. They had encountered Naruto a day ago, well a shadow clone anyway. They remembered as he had found them, they had set camp for the night.


Kiba sat as his tent was completed, and looked to see shino lighting a fire, and Hinata sat preparing fish that he and akamaru had caught. He sighed; shino's insects would give them an alert if any hostile parties came across them. They finally had a break, and they desperately needed one, Hinata's chakra was drained by her use of the byakugan, and shino was nearly unconscious from lack of sleep. Kiba nodded to himself as Hinata called them, telling them the food was prepared. They both came close just as a blur landed in the middle of the three.

Shino attacked with a kunai, as well as Kiba. They noticed who the blonde was as he blocked both of their kunai with an axe. Naruto stood there, waiting for them to lower their respective weapons. As they did he spoke, "I finally found all of you, Master will be pleased that I have finally located you and you all seem safe. Thank god." The clone fell to his knees, and dispelled, shocking the three, slowly coming to the realization that it was a shadow clone. Naruto had been looking to aid them in the forest even going so far as to send clones to locate them. Their friend was watching over them. They nodded and sat to eat.

Flashback end…

Naruto stood on the bank of the river looking down at the butchered remains of what was left from the gennin of grass village; they were mangled far beyond recognition. He had dropped on them as one was relieving himself in the water, Naruto had made a water dragon from the man's piss and the rivers water, and had it bite off the gennin's groin. The boy had screamed and Naruto had thrown a barrage of shuriken into the gennin's face wounding him. The next died as Naruto's clone appeared and broke his neck. The last turned as Naruto hit him in the face with his air drill technique, causing his head to explode in a gory mess of blood and cartilage. Naruto turned back to the gennin with a destroyed manhood and impaled his axe into the man's stomach, ripping it upwards in a torrent of blood. Naruto's outfit poured in blood once again, he did not care. He was now the possessor of nine of the scrolls, and he needed no more time. He turned and leapt back into the woods, heading to where his clone had been shadowing team 7's remaining members. It was time to end this grueling trial.

Sasuke stood in the clearing next to the tower, Kabuto and sakura flanking him wondering where the hell the blonde was. They could not continue on without him. Sakura cursed as Kabuto looked to him.

"It seems that my team is here, and it would be best that I continue to my team they will be angry if I do not." Sasuke nodded as Kabuto headed off, his team waving to him from their spot not too far from them. Sakura looked at Sasuke as he clutched his now throbbing shoulder from where that bastard Orochimaru had bitten him. He cursed as he stood, and turned to the trees.

Naruto landed across from them, making nearly no sound as he walked across the clearing, his body dripping blood. Sakura made retching sounds at the sight as Sasuke smirked. "Well dobe looks like you just got dragged by your worthless ass, I am guessing you realized by your injuries that you should have stayed with us, hell sakura probably could have protected you better than you did for yourself." Naruto glared at them and smirked.

"None of this blood is mine Uchiha; I have had very happy hunting." Sasuke stood shocked as Sakura retched into the bushes. Naruto reached into his pouch and showed the pair what his hunting had brought to him. 7 heaven scrolls and two earths sat in his hands.

The pair just looked at the blonde, one in anger and the other in fear. "How the hell did you get all of those dobe, you expect me to believe that you killed twenty seven ninja! For an Uchiha it was a minimum task, but for a clan less loser like you it should have been impossible." "Yeah!" Naruto just looked at them as he walked past them into the tower them following him.

"Not twenty seven, I killed forty two, but many of them had already had their scrolls taken, so it was useless after I had killed them." They both glared at him as he pulled one of each scroll and unraveled them on the floor below them. In a puff of smoke, Iruka appeared.

"Congratulations team 7 you are the last team to show up, I am glad you found your scroll, especially you Naruto." Naruto shrugged as he looked to the door behind Iruka. They all just looked at him as they stood waiting for an answer, "Alright good luck everyone." Naruto nodded as they walked forward through the door.

They walked through the hallway, and the doors at the end of the hall. It opened into an enormous room, with stairways to balconies on either side. They filed through, Sasuke bumping Naruto out of the way as he lined up with the rest of them, sakura pushing him aside as well, making Naruto file into the last spot of the line, he checked and saw that his friends had made it here just as well. Good he had been worried for them.

Team 8 noticed him first off, and he saw them sigh. Then they noticed his outfit and were immediately worried, team 10 looked at him as they noticed team 7's arrival and half of them turned slightly green. Team 8 looked like they were about to move to aid him but he shook his head as Sasuke and sakura looked back at his blood drenched clothes. They turned and took into account their senseis standing across from them, each of them looking on in different mindsets.

Kakashi's eye narrowed as he watched Sasuke grip his neck. Sakura looked back at him and was fawning over him. He wondered why Naruto looked like he had walked through a storm of blood. Kakashi frowned as he looked to the other teams. 'Looks like the chunnin exams have not gotten any easier with time.'

Asuma was glad to see his team made it and let out a breath, lucky for him maybe his father would let up on his training methods for now on. He sighed as he drew a cigarette and lit it as he watched the others, the blonde did not seem to be shaken despite the fact he looked to have been doused in blood, and he would have to warn his team if they fought him.

Kurenai looked at her team and their closest friend; they all seemed to be here. A little worse for the wear but intact none the less, she sighed as she looked at the way her team acted around team 7, She could even see hinata's hands in the form of the preparation for a jyuuken attack. It looks like this may be a bloody battle yet.

Gai looked on in pride at his team all being here, and his pupil from Kakashi was here as well. He noticed the blonde's state as well and wondered what could possibly have happened in the forest.

Zabuza stood next to anko and the Hokage; he was acting as the third's escort for this, as Ibiki had been called away. He noticed the blonde, and he smiled. The way the blonde looked, bathed in blood, and reminded him of a younger version of him. The bandages were well worn, the blonde had earned them in the forest it seemed, he could not wait to spar with this new Naruto, this Naruto who let the blood of his enemies wear proudly on his clothes.

"Alright congratulations to all of you passing the second exam, unfortunately there are a few too many for the third so we will have to hold a preliminary exam." All the gennin just glared at him, "Why the hell do you want a preliminary, which makes little to no sense we just busted our asses fighting in that forest!" The teams nodded, Naruto just turned and looked at the loud suna girl's buttocks. "Your ass seems fine, stop complaining, the Hokage is just doing what he thinks is best, now be silent while the village speaks." The suna team glared at him as they looked at the blonde who was covered in blood. The red headed one looked at him impassively, and then turned back to the Hokage.

"Thank you now we will have you all participate in one on one matches, good luck, I now pass it on to the proctor of the preliminaries." The Hokage jumped back on the raised platform as the rest of his ninja went up to balconies to watch the fights.

"Alright I am Gekko Hayate, I am your proctor. You will each compete in one on one matches, before I explain rules, I will ask that everyone who is unready leave now." Gekko stood as eight individuals came forward.

One of Madresi's team quit, so did the team left over from grass, the waterfall team quit as well, then the team that he had named Kabuto came forward and announced his inability to fight. Naruto looked and counted who was left. 'team Gai, the suna team, Team 8, 10 and my own, along with Madresi and one of his team plus the team from mist, and the sound ninja, twenty three, someone will have to fight twice.'

"Alright, we have an odd number does anyone feel that they can battle two opponents, please step forward," Naruto immediately walked to the front and raised his hand. The Hokage nodded, and Gekko made a motion to the side.

"Alright turn your attentions to the large board behind you, and watch for the first fight." The contestants looked to the board and saw the board finish, and show the first fight.

"Would Sasuke Uchiha and Malaga Tou come forward and everyone else please move to the viewing area." The teams broke from formation and headed to the stairs Naruto falling back to team 8. Kiba looked to him, "How are you doing Naruto you seem like you have been beaten pretty bad, are you sure that you will be able to fight." Naruto nodded, as shino looked to the assembled groups, Hinata walked close to him.

She whispered to him using the moving mass to keep their conversation quiet. "Naruto-kun are y you a al alright?" He nodded as he watched Sasuke stand off against an incredibly tall man stand across from him. "I will be fine Hinata-chan, now watch the fights you all may very well end up fighting one of them." She nodded as she cast a side long glance at the blonde, who had removed his bloody coat and tossed it behind him.

They watched as Sasuke charged the gennin who tripped backwards losing his footing, Sasuke launched him into the air with a rising kick and used something he called the lion's barrage to knock the gennin to the ground and render him unconscious.

"Winner Sasuke Uchiha." He was about to drop as Kakashi appeared and vanished away with the Uchiha. The proctor nodded, and announced the next fight. They watched as the board stopped on Shino and Zaku from the sound team.

..Same fight as in manga..

Shino came forward and sat down next to his teammates, huffing from the exhaustion and pain from being hit by the air attack. He watched as Naruto crouched next to him, the fight between Kankuro and another gennin, it ending with the puppet user breaking the mist gennin's neck.

"Shino I need you to relax your muscles," he nodded as Naruto made hand seals and began to run a glowing green hand over the pained friend's chest. Hinata and Kiba watched in amazement, as Sakura glared at the blonde for helping another team, Zabuza smiled. It seems Haku had taught Naruto the Mystic palms technique to aid his already impressive repoitore, 'Haku probably just told the blonde that it was the fastest way to furthering his chakra control, the boy got played like a fiddle, Dumbass.'

He finished and shino let out a sigh, he felt much better, they glanced up and saw the next match. "Sakura Haruno and Ino Yamanaka, please proceed to the fighting area." They watched as Lee made loud noises to encourage sakura as they both charged forward, yelling at each other about their love for the Uchiha prick, only for Ino to catch sakura in a clan jutsu and make her give up. Naruto laughed at this drawing sakura's attention.

"You and the Uchiha call me a useless ninja and it seems that you did not even try to do anything, haruno next time you insult me, you had better watch yourself." Sakura glared at him as he just returned it right back.

"Next match, will be Naruto Kilvin verses Madresi Hagyo, please head down here for your match." Naruto nodded as he leapt from the balcony, landing the same time as his opponent did. He watched as the man pulled two scrolls from his pouch. Gekko looked at the pair and waved his hand down, "Begin!"

Naruto charged as Madresi let one of his scrolls activate, letting out a torrent of water, flooding the ground and washing the blonde back. Naruto stood as he saw the other put the scroll on the ground, and unravel it causing eleven sealing marks appear on the scroll. Naruto drew his axe as the man hit the center and Naruto's eyes shot open.

Madresi was holding a shuriken three times his size. Naruto frowned as the gennin threw the overly large shuriken, making hand seals as soon as it left his hands. "Water style: water dragon Jutsu." Naruto cursed as he leapt over the shuriken and was slammed into the wall, in an enormous cloud of dust.

Madresi glared as the dust cleared, Naruto was pressed against the wall, his legs holding the water dragon's mouth open, and his axe blocking one of the dragon's teeth. Madresi saw this and smiled, Naruto was huffing as the dragon was still fighting off of him.

Zabuza watched and looked at the blonde's opponent, so he was a member of the weapons makers of kiri, meaning he knew the endless water dragon. He wondered how many of the dragons the gennin could make.

Naruto pushed the dragon away, only for it to slam into the wall with more force making him curse. He needed more room; his axe was starting to strain. He looked at his axe and cried out, the blade snapped at that moment. The dragon slammed back into him in a tremendous force.

Madresi looked at the crater, not sure what to make of the sound the blonde had made before he was slammed into the wall with force. 'What could make an apprentice of the swordsmen cry out like that, was that weapon precious to him?' Madresi cursed as he saw the dragon be blasted back. He cursed as he saw the blonde standing on the water, glaring at him. He began to make hand seals as another water dragon appeared and the two attacked him.

"Wind style: Great breakthrough." Both of the dragons were blasted away into nothing but droplets as Naruto drew blood from his clothes and swiped it across the back of his hand, causing Kubiri Houcho to appear in his hands. Madresi face took on a look of unammountable pleasure, as the other spectators broke out in chatter.

"So he uses wind style, he is good and kind of cute, Kankuro see what you can find out." He nodded as he headed off to gain information. Sakura looked on in shock as she saw Naruto draw out Kubiri Houcho. She screamed at the blonde, "Naruto you baka, you were supposed to give that weapon to Sasuke, he said he wanted it!" Team 10 just looked at her like she had lost her mind; she lost her fight and still thought she could give her teammates orders.

Hinata let tears fall from her eyes as she saw Naruto's heirloom from his father break into pieces. She saw as he looked back, at the broken weapon tears falling from his eyes. She felt for the blonde, he was in so much anguish.

Naruto looked at the blade then back at Madresi, he growled deeply as he ripped the weapons across the ground, taking the time to notice, his opponent now had a mace and a giant sickle. Naruto charged.

He front flipped over the first dragon's head, slicing its head off as he sprinted down the monster's back. He cart wheeled out of the way of the second, and leapt high off the dragon's back, coming down with an overhead swing, crashing into Madresi's block.

"Amazing, so fluid and you move so quickly with Houcho-dono. You truly are a masterful enough swordsman to be zabuza-sama's apprentice. You will test me unlike no other!" Naruto just stood on top of the mist gennin; his weapon bore against him, Madresi cursed and threw the blonde off, just as his weapons split in half from Kubiri's sharp edge.

"I do not give a damn about how you perceive me, but you told me you are a master weapon smith. So tell me where do you get off destroying one of my most precious belongings, you will pay." Madresi hit his attack away and in a puff of smoke he was holding another weapon, a pair of Chinese broadswords as he charged the blonde.

Naruto attacked with ferocity, knocking himself and Madresi back with all force he and the mist ninja were using. They kept coming back at each other, intent to beat the other written on their faces. Madresi swung high; Naruto ducked and blocked his momentum from the other sword. He kicked out, Madresi blocking with a sword, and was blocking the attack, only for his weapon to break under Naruto's immense force. Madresi jumped back and sealed away the weapon, cursing as he was now on his last leg. He swiped and everyone went wide eyed.

Madresi held a sword the size of Naruto's, a chain hanging from the hilt. In between lengths of the chain there were axe heads, and on the end of the chain there was a spear head. He grasped the weapon and swung at Naruto. Naruto beat away the attacks, and came up from his duck. He was inside Madresi's guard a second later and kicked him away; as he was in the air he fired a water dragon at him.

Naruto dodged the dragon, and hit Madresi square in the face, knocking the gennin to the ground; he came down and landed with his sword buried in the ground, besides the gennin's neck. Madresi looked on at the blonde who was pushing his weapon closer and closer to his throat.

"You broke my master's weapon; you destroyed one of the only mementos of my father, I WILL KILL YOU!" Naruto roared as his seals on his neck pulsed in great pains from his yell and ripped the weapon from the ground, bringing it down with all force. "NARUTO-KUN DON"T DO IT!" Hinata screamed as he slammed the weapon in the ground, and a cloud of dust obscured him from sight, all they heard was gurgling from the cloud.

'He killed him! His opponent was beaten as soon as he broke Naruto's weapon and he was about to give up. He killed him anyway.' Team 10, the sand team, and sakura thought.

Team 8 and Team Gai just looked at Naruto in sympathy, the blonde had actually lost his rational mind in that second, and this was the force he could summon when fueled by rage. Hinata looked at the cloud, her hands clasped together, as she waited for the dust to clear.

The cloud dispersed only to see Naruto on his knees, his weapon buried to the hilt in the ground. Madresi lay shocked as the weapon had chopped off half of his cerulean hair. He looked at the dead eyes of the blonde as Gekko called out in Naruto's favor. Madresi just watched as he saw the blonde walk over to his weapon that lay shattered on the ground. He just looked down at it, tears falling on the ground. His father's weapon, his heirloom was gone; he just fell to his knees and stared at the dark matte finished pieces lying on the ground.

Naruto picked up the pieces as he heard his opponent come up behind him. "Naruto-sama I am deeply sorry, I will repair it for you, my way of apology for you." Naruto looked at him as he saw Madresi pick up the pieces and look them over with a critical eye. He looked back at the blonde.

"I can repair it and make it stronger, but I will need some things to make it back to the way it was." Naruto nodded as he looked to the weapon, then back. "Fix it, and I will give you what you need after this exam, find me after that." Madresi nodded as they went their separate ways, Naruto allowing him to take the pieces to get a feel for repairing them. He needed to have it back, it was part of him.

Naruto walked up to his spot and stood on the balcony. He was going to have to think on how he would repair and think about whatever his next match was over. He needed to center himself; Naruto crouched down on the ground, on top of his coat and tried to find himself deep into his Aki-Salento. He needed to go and find his center, which is the way he thought of how he could help himself.

His friends looked at him, and sighed the next match was the sand gennin and tenten, they turned back as hinata sat on her legs next to him, stroking his hand. Naruto let a sad sigh release and hinata just continued to try and relax her love interest. Kiba looked back at them, as shino narrowly just sat there in a deeply upsetting posture.

The next pair of names appeared on the board were shikamaru and the sound girl Kin, (Same as the storyline.) Naruto awoke from his Aki-salento, and saw his name was on their again. He looked at his opponent and heard Kiba curse. "Naruto Kilvin versus Kiba Inuzuka, please proceed to the sparring area." Naruto just looked at Kiba and Kiba gulped loudly. Hinata just turned pale as shino tried to get out of the way of the next greatest battle. Naruto and Kiba walked dead even as they stood across from the field.

"Ready begin?" Naruto looked at Kiba and drew a kunai from his pouch; Kiba nodded and threw a soldier pill to his ninja hound akamaru. Naruto watched as he turned red and two Kiba's appeared. Naruto took dull note that Kiba has used his clan's special technique, man beast clone. Naruto just drew a handful of shuriken and watched as Kiba leapt forward.

"Gatsuuga!" Naruto watched as Kiba and akamaru launched at him in two spinning cyclones of pain. Naruto just frowned, and shot an arm out. "Aki-Renmasida." Everyone exclaimed as they saw Naruto bat away both of the cyclones with a deflection from his forearm. Akamaru flew off to the side, crashing into the ground and turning back into his dog form, unconscious on the ground from the knockback, Kiba flying away and rushing to akamaru's side.

"Akamaru boy are you alright?" Naruto watched as he walked over and looked down at the unconscious dog. "He should be fine Kiba, but at the same time you should get him to safety. That is if you wish to continue." Kiba looked at the blonde and nodded, "Proctor I forfeit." Kurenai looked at Kiba in shock, but Gekko nodded.

"Winner Naruto Kilvin," Naruto picked up akamaru, as he ran his mystic palm over the dog, he turned to Kiba. "Your dog is asleep now, and I think we should just take a relief from the fighting." Kiba nodded as he looked around, Naruto passing the dog into his arms. Kiba sighed as they both left upward for the next match.

Naruto walked over to the balcony and smiled to team 8. He then collapsed in exhaustion; he had been up for over 5 days straight. Team 8 just looked at him as he lay there, he would have no idea the danger his hime would be in in the next match. (Rest of the matches will be the same as in the manga.)

Two days later at Naruto's loft…

Naruto opened his eyes, looking up at the rising sun's light spraying across the bright wood of his ceiling. He sat up and held his head, he was throbbing all over, and he needed to be sure not to force his body to stay at that level of alertness for 120 hrs, straight anymore. He sighed as his alarm clock blared to life. He cast a side long glare, then punched it, sending the poor upsetting visage of the alarm clock flying through window and off into the rising sun. He swung his feet out of bed, and looked to the screen that separated his bedroom from the rest of the loft, and there stood zabuza.

"What did that poor alarm clock do to you?" Naruto glared at the man as he shook his head, reaching for the bottle of water beside his bedside table, only for the water to turn into a tiny water dragon and splash him in the face. He turned to the smirking ex-mist jonin and reached beneath his pillow. The jonin leapt away as Naruto unfurled a demon wind shuriken, and launched it at the ninja. 'Was the big ass shuriken really necessary?' He jumped again as Naruto, appeared with a stack of plates, making zabuza tilt his head to the side. He went pale as the blonde began to throw them at zabuza like lethal shuriken.

Zabuza ducked, he dodged he weaved, hell he even had to bat a few away. He had no idea the blonde had so much tableware, and where the hell had he been keeping them. He jumped out of the way as a larger serving platter, and the gennin closed the gap and punched the giant man out of his living area window, off into the horizon as well.

"Stay the fuck out of my house sensei, or next time I will throw heavier shit then dishes." He saw the mist ninja take off through the rooftops as he shook his head; he seemed to have his strength back but he had to practice his jutsus, he needed to be better with them, he was still so uncomfortable that he relied on his hand to hand, and his weapon skills, only relying on ninjutsu when he thought he needed to. He needed to go practice, he was in the third exam, he had won both his fights, he looked to the stand in the corner, noticing that the sheathed dagger sat there, his axe still being repaired by Madresi. He nodded as he went to change out of his sleep clothes, his mind going over what he needed to do to prepare for his match in a month's time. He shook his head, "Well ninjutsu, taijutsu, kenjutsu, and practice with my ninja tool's aim. If I don't get any better, Tenten will kill me, as will Lee if I neglect taijutsu, and zabuza will beat me into a watery grave if he neglected Kubiri Houcho or his water style ninjutsu, but I have a month. So no hurry, I guess after five days killing and butchering I sure as rain am not going to dive headfirst into training. Now what to do to relax today." Naruto said as he put on a pair of white canvas shorts, and a black short sleeve, with three buttons on the collar. He sighed as he walked over to his closet, thinking back to something he had when he was younger; he opened his closet and pushed away a large stack of random shit; papers, answers, broken weapons, and different samples of everything in general. He pushed them aside, and found what he was looking for, a dark look creeping over his face. "Oh happy day, Hahahahahahaha." He said as he cackled darkly.

Outside on the roof Haku shared a look with zabuza, they both felt uneasy as his evil laugh carried out through the building, they had no idea what was going on, and they did not like it. They both watched as the blonde left his loft with an burlap sack, bulged to the brim with something. They both looked and watched as the blonde headed towards training ground, they snuck off after him, neither noticing that the ground was being indented by the weight of the bag.

Training ground 17…

Naruto stood in the middle of training ground 17, the bag standing next to him as he looked around. No people around, good that meant no casualties. He smirked as he undid the drawstring and kicked the bag over, moving its contents in a straight line over the ground; he finished and brought his hands together, making a small army of clones.

They looked around, then noticed what their master had set up and one screamed shrilly, then booked it for the trees, only to be dispersed as a ball went through its head, indenting itself into the tree. They all turned back to the blonde.

"Boys it is time again, our favorite game, Welcome to elemental clone dodge ball." Several of the clones looked to each other and then reached for their backs where their hip pouches sat normally, realizing that they had no weapons. They looked at each other, until a pair reacted with incredible speed, one clone grabbed another. They both slammed one another with their foreheads and dispersed. Naruto looked at the others, and hefted another ball from its indention in the ground.

"Well that was upsetting, three got away. I think I feel hurt; my clones don't want to play with me." He sniffed and wiped away a tear, putting on a show for his small group of observers. One of the clones pointed at him, "What are the rules this time, are you going to blindfold us to train our senses for dodging again?" Naruto smirked.

"No you are all free to do whatever you believe to avoid me, however many of you are left at two o'clock, I will make that number times three to try and tag me before the end of the day. You can catch any of my balls that I throw, and I will make two more clones to add to your numbers, however after two if I catch one of the balls you all throw, I get too throw one of my demon wind shuriken at you. Sound like fun?" His observers saw this and were shocked; this was a hell of a way to play on his day off.

Zabuza and Haku watched from the trees, "Well, well, it looks like the kid has some very interesting training methods, even harder than what I used to train you, eh Haku?" Haku nodded as she saw the blonde throw the ball in the air, and catches it in his outstretched palm, they both noticed the flexing in his arm as he caught it. "Zabuza-sama it weighs more than he makes it look." The mist jonin nodded as he watched the blonde turn to count all his clones.

Kakashi stood behind a tree, leaning against it. He was wondering if the blonde would track him down for training, but it seemed he had absolutely no interest in asking the scarecrow. Kakashi did not know how to feel about this, well he could always allow zabuza take over his training for the exam. He nodded as he turned to the ninjas in the tree to his right.

"Zabuza," The mist ninja turned to the copy ninja with an evil look, causing the copy ninja to sweat drop. "What do you want you damn dirty monkey can't you see I am watching my apprentice?" Kakashi nodded, and then waved his hand out irking the giant water user further, his other apprentice just focused on the blonde, or well the parts of the blonde covered in shorts, but no one needed to know that.

"I need you to train your other apprentice for the chunnin exam finals, so how about, we could even make a little wager?" This drew the swordsman's attention, as he hopped down and Kakashi made animated hand gestures to him, Haku just looked at the pair and frowned, "I am surrounded by man-children." The kunoichi said as she looked to the blonde's last spectator.

It was the Hyuuga girl, she seemed to be somewhat healed from her injuries, from that match with her cousin. Haku had been appointed as the girl's chief medic in the hospital, and had taken care of her the best she could, and had hit it off with the shy kunoichi. They had talked of their friend Naruto, but only to find that she had a massive crush on the blonde, one that blew Haku's out of the water, not that the ice user was going to give up to her, and had made a challenge. See who Naruto noticed in a romantic sense first, without being overly exuberant, or overbearing. The girl had been furious in her agreement, and Haku could find the girl around him more than half the time. It was fun for her, it gave her something to do in her time off.

Hinata watched as Naruto drew out their plan for the clones, dispersing several who tried to escape. She had never seen him wear anything that did not cover his neck, but his arms were practically coils of steel. His shoulders and upper body were looking like they were built along the same lines as the nutjob who always attacked her Naruto-kun with the giant sword. She shivered as Naruto lashed his arms out and flexed them, causing them to pop and stretch. She turned red, and fainted as she imagined those arms wrapping around her and … well far too much for the little girl to bring to mind. She just lay in the shade, unconscious and blushing, unaware the area was about to be demolished like a war zone.

"Alright everyone, these are not the same rubber ones we used to use, they are general ninja medicine balls, their weight increases by the amount of chakra the person holding them has, and it is to strengthen my arms." The clones nodded as Naruto picked up three balls; he cradled two in the crook of one arm, and tossed the other one in his hand, making the clones scatter.

One clone tried to duck into the bushes, but was taken out by a ball to the head. One stopped and laughed at the dispersed clone, only for another to whiz in like a heat sinking missile and nails the clone in the groin, causing him to cry out in a wail of pain as it dispersed. Two held their own groins as they saw the clone go, only for the real Naruto to launch a pair of medicine balls, and crush both the clones' larynx, and they were gone in a poof as well.

Two Naruto clones lay in the clearing, one on his knees, holding the exhausted clone that lay on the ground, his head tilted to the side. The exhausted one looked to his double and spoke, "Come closer my friend," The other clone came closer as he leaned his ear to his double. "I am not going to make it, you must survive, and you must carry on for all of us." The other clone just looked at him and nodded tearfully, suddenly a ball came forward and dispersed the exhausted clone, as the other faced the sky and called out. "Noooo" Haku and Zabuza laughed at the clone's melodramatic response, only for Naruto to come from the trees and punch the clone in the back of the head with a medicine ball. He shook his head, and leapt back as three tried to sneak past him in a blur of speed.

Naruto looked at the clones still in the field and sighed, "Alright change of plans, you all can attack me as well." The clones cheered as they dog piled up on the blonde, only for Naruto to take them out with a barrage of balls taking them out. Naruto smiled as he took another out with a ball to the ear. He laughed as he heard something that pissed him off.

"Earth Style: Doryuudan." Naruto cursed as a dragon head made of mud came flying at him, he wound his arm back, and stomped his front leg forward, his entire weight launching the ball forward with the force of a cannon ball, destroying the mud dragon and the clone who cast it. The clones looked at the blonde in fear, as he picked up five more little spheres of red death. They took to tree jumping, as one made the hand seals and cast the Hidden mist jutsu. Naruto smiled and paused.

"There are 8 points of painful dispersion: The groin, the larynx, the ears, the nose, the kidneys, and the back of the head. Which one wants to be owned by red rubber death first?" The clones stopped as one turned to his comrades.

"What do we do, we can't keep up with the dodging if we can't see him… Gawk!" The clone dispersed as he saw a red ball slam into his nose. The others looked at him in fear, ignorant of the giggling from the trees.

Haku was giggling, Zabuza glared in the mist for the blonde. He had taught the blonde the eight kill moves as part of his swordsman initiation, not to be used as a joke on his clones. The jonin glared as he continued to look for the blonde as Haku laughed. "E-Ei-Eight p-po-poi-points o-of p-pai-painful-l d-dis-dispersion, he he he zabuza-sama he is so funny, dispersion He He!" Zabuza glared at her as he looked for the blonde.

"Blondie when I find you, you are going to pay for that insult!" Haku ducked at that moment as a red ball slammed into zabuza's gut. He dropped to his knees; "M-mom-mommy" Haku burst into giggles again, as she swept her hand out, and caught one red ball from hitting zabuza in the face. He cursed as he took the ball from Haku, and tossed it in the air.

Haku figured out what was happening and got out of range; Zabuza ripped his sword from his back and swung the flat at the little medicine ball, sending it barreling into the group of clones in a twirling vortex of fury and force, taking out a medium sized huddle of his clones and dispersing his mist. Zabuza roared in victory, only for a ball to scream forward out of the mist and slam into the grown man's groin, causing him to howl and fall from his perch in the tree.

The man falling from the tree shocked the Naruto clones from running around in hectic circles, and complex aerial dodging maneuvers. They looked around in confusion, and this was their doom, when they stopped moving, red death came from above, in the form of melon sized medicine balls, taking out all of the clones.

Five minutes before two o'clock…

Naruto walked out of the mist with one ball, his last shadow clone hiding behind the tree in front of him, shaking so bad that he was rattling the tree. Naruto turned the corner only to frown in embarrassment.

The clone had not been shaking the tree, he had been shaking the ground next to it so bad that it shook the tree in his fear; Naruto raised his hand to hold the brow of his nose in his hand. He sighed as he threw the last ball in the air then jumped into a spinning back kick and sent the ball into the clone's face dispersing him in an extremely painful manner.

'It's two now, and all the clones are out, should have made more. Gave me an excellent full practice of the hidden mist and my earth style jutsu and it answers my question if a 95 lb. medicine ball can go through a foot and a half of mud wall. All taken into account, this was a very well placed way to blow off steam and train, though I thought I heard someone say they were going to get me, and then a call of mommy, odd. Oh well time for lunch.'

Naruto left the training ground as he headed for the village, the mist dissipated to see a laughing Haku holding her side from where her laughing had given her stitches, and an irate zabuza swinging his weapon around, having had to dodge and block so many balls in the last three hours, that he had started to see them coming from everywhere and nowhere. He yelled as he felled a tree in his hallucination. Haku could do nothing as she just watched her master bounce around like a psychotic lunatic, felling trees left and right.

Naruto looked at the pair, the laughing Haku, and the hallucinating Zabuza. What the hell was going on here? He shook his head; he walked away from the training ground, perhaps since he was going to hold off on his training, he could go complete some missions. He could use the extra money; he definitely needed to bring some in. He nodded as he left his weird friends, he would never understand those two. He walked away, wondering if the Hokage would allow that, if he wrote it off as training.

Chapter end, how do you like that, elemental clone dodge ball? All hail the nightmare of medicine ball death Bwahahahaha… See you all later.