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I Love You

The first time Anzu told Katsuya "I love you" the entire school freaked out. And especially Bakura and Marik, who had somehow taken Katsuya under their wings to coddle like a little sister (though they denied the sister part and said brother, but the others-Katsuya included, sometimes- knew better), freaked out and wanted to know when and where this all took place.

Especially, with the way Katsuya made like a tomato and turned red.

Seto, who had been (secretly) dating the blonde (and still was), did not kindly to this either. Especially since he, himself, had not grown the balls to tell the puppy he loved him.

At least until Anzu explained her self once Katsuya had excused himself to the nurses office (which was actually more normal for him to go to than the bathroom, much to Seto displeasure).

"I don't love him love him. I love him like a friend. Its just so cute the way he turns red and runs away!"

Which was absolutely true. Especially in Seto opinion. However, it was also uncute, in this dysfunctional kind of way. Something about it-despite the way it made him horny- twisted Seto's stomach. Why would Katsuya react so violently to someone telling him they cared?

Three weeks later, it still bothered Seto, but now Anzu wasn't the only one doing it. Bakura and Marik had taken up on it to, not nearly as much as Anzu, but when they could catch Katsuya especially off guard (because he reacted the most violently then), they would strike.

Like now.

Katsuya sat at his desk doing his Math homework so he could go to work at peace tonight, ignoring the chills down his spine from Seto's lustful stare at his back. He was almost too afraid to stand up because he was a hundred percent sure Seto would start staring at his ass and undressing him with those dead gorgeous cobalt, newborn-baby blues. Just looking into those eyes made Katsuya melt!

And the way they stared at him last night as Seto held him close-! Katsuya squeezed his eyes shut and shook his head. He had to calm down! Someone might hear his heart!

Bakura sat down in front of him, turning the loose chair from the desk around so he could face Katsuya.

Katsuya smiled, enjoying Bakura's company. He wished he could sit with Seto though, but they haven't told anyone about their relationship. Not even Mokuba knew. Seto and him had decided in the beginning that they would make sure things were absolutely serious before they put the downfall on anyone. And if the paparazzi got wind, they couldn't go to anyone important to them for information.

"Hey, Retriever," Bakura said, setting his on his palm, his elbow resting parallel to it on the desk. Katsuya sighed. He may not like the names, but he knew they were in endearment and really couldn't fight them.


Bakura stared at him seriously for a moment, and Katsuya was almost afraid Bakura had found out about him and Seto. Bakura found out a lot of things, he was very attentive. He found out that Katsuya was being abused, and no one else had noticed! No one else still had! Not even Seto, whom he slept with multiple times! They all just thought he really got into all those fights. He did get into fights, but not that many!

"I love you."

Katsuya sat for a moment, feeling the same interrupted electricity from Seto's eyes he always felt when any of his friends told him, before he mimicked the coloring of a red fire engine and started to splutter.

What was wrong with these people!

"I-Ba-I-! Bakura!" He squealed indignantly, standing. "Wha-! I-I-! Just, Bakura!"

Bakura smirked, and looked away a second then back before leaning forward and motioning Katsuya to lean down. Quietly he whispered, "Ya might wanna sit, your secret boyfriend ya have yet to tell us about is staring very predatory at your fine ass."

Katsuya squeaked again and plopped down faster than a greedy lottery winner collecting his money. "How long have you known? And do the others? We haven't even told Mokuba!"

Bakura humphed at looked lamely at Katsuya's half finished paper. "Marik knows. An' for a while. Don't know how long you two have been going at it like rabbits...well, yeah. I do, but I don't know how long this thing," Katsuya actually flinched when Bakura said 'thing' with such brotherly disdain, "has been goin' on."

Katsuya mumble 'my birthday' under his breath only loud enough for Bakura to barely hear. Bakura froze and looked at Katsuya before standing.

"Eight months!" He exploded, "Really? Eight fucking, goddamn months, and you're still scared! What the fuck is wrong with you?"


"And you know what?" Bakura explained, cutting him off. Katsuya shook his head and shrunk back, "I LOVE YOU!"

And then Bakura left the classroom. To find Marik to tell him, Katsuya assumed.

It still didn't stop the embarrassed, confused, happy feeling he felt. A feeling that like to make itself know by coloring Katsuya's face and making him sputter indigently again and frazzle his brainly functions.