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Umm...Just to let you know, Mokuba knows absolutely nothing in this drabble about Seto and Katsuya's actual relationship.

BTW I know this sucks, but I felt a physical need to post something.

Missing You: K

It had been a month since Katsuya had gone to America to visit his sister and things were quiet besides Seto's grumbling that had turned for the worse half way through the trip. Still in Domino and bored out of his scull he decided a little well place money would supply amusement as well as a few other things.

So one night two days before Katsuya's return he paid whoever willing in his company to put cheap, printer paper posters up and keep their mouths shut about it. He wasn't going to put any information of who put it up except a well place key word.

Missing Mutt

there was a picture of Katsuya beneath the "Missing Mutt" text

Reward If Found


Seto smiled at the pounding on his door. Getting up and being passed by Mokuba, who had been expecting friends, to get to the door he heard his brother's delighted scream, "JOU!" He quickened his steps to the door.

"What are you doing here?" Mokuba asked excitedly.

Katsuya smiled as he spotted Seto and held up a poster with his picture on it. He looked at Seto as the CEO continued to approach. "I've come t' turn myself in and get a reward."

Mokuba laughed at the poster before he opened his mouth to innocently explain that it was a joke because Seto was bored with not having anyone to fight with when Seto reached them and grabbed Katsuya chin.

"I've got a good reward for you."

Mokuba shut his mouth, shocked.

"Oh really, what is it?"

Seto smirked and leaned in a little, "Let me show you."

And he gave the blonde a well placed kiss on the lips.