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"Dammit! That's the fourth attack this week!"

"So how was work?" I asked Charlie sarcastically, not bothering to glance up from the book I was reading as he stormed inside the house. He threw his belt down onto the kitchen table as he made his way inside the house, quickly going to the fridge to look for the dinner I made him because I'm just such. a good. daughter.

"It's the Johnson's. Their sheep got attacked…again. It's the fourth time this week and it's driving me nuts! It just doesn't make any sense?" Charlie ranted, heating up the spaghetti I'd made and coming out into the living room to stand behind the couch I was on. I looked up at him and raised a brow.

"Dad, sheep get eaten by other animals? Other animals as in wolves and foxes and things, isn't that, ya know, 'problem solved'?" I concluded for him and he frowned down at me, shaking his head.

"We're not dumb, kiddo. If it were a normal animal, we would've caught it by now. That's the thing. The fences aren't broken into or anything. It's like something just swooped in their, grabbed it, and swooped out," Charlie scratched at his head, just as the microwave went off, "Spaghetti, again?"

"I'm not Chef Ramsey." I dead panned, flipping through a page in my book as looking up at him innocently as he rolled his eyes at me. He ruffled my hair despite my protests and ambled off into the kitchen.

"Clearly, the meatballs aren't even round." He called out from the kitchen and I huffed, setting down my book.

"I failed geometry, sue me." I laughed at my lame joke as he walked back into the living room, plate in hand and his mouth full. I watched as he walked into the direction of his room.

"Well, I'm turning in early tonight. Long day. Lock the doors and windows, Bells. Whatever it is out there, I don't want it getting in here." Charlie gestured towards the front door and I simply nodded my head.

"You got it, dude." I imitated that annoying little girl from Full House, closing my book and getting up to lock the door. Behind me I could hear Charlie's bedroom door close and I looked back towards the front door. As I was just about to lock it, a sharp snapping sound came from out front. My eyes widened briefly at the sound and I bit my lip as I decided what to do next. Go outside and look? Or lock the door and stay inside my safe house?

What would a smart person do?

I turned the door knob and opened the door slowly, quietly. Once I was outside, I shut the door behind me and turned to face my front yard. It was a pretty dark night and if not for the full moon above me, I'm pretty damn sure I wouldn't be able to see a thing. I opened my eyes wider as though that would somehow help me see better in the dark as I slowly made my way out front.

"Hello?" I asked and then immediately shook my head at how stupid that was. Like whatever it was out here was going to say hi back? I zipped up my hoodie just a bit higher, the chill of the night getting to me. Just as I was about to call it quits, something moved out of the corner of my eye. I jumped, my head swiveling in the direction of the movement, "Who's there?"

Another snapping sound.

Oh fuck! It's just like in those scary movies! Where the stupid main character girl hears something and goes to check it out then gets her eyes ripped out of her sockets by some deranged red neck man-child with mommy issues!

"Fuck this!" I damn near shouted, turning on my heel and bolting inside like a mad women. I slammed the door shut, locking it and sprinting upstairs to my room. I locked my bedroom door because safety first! Then teamwork! I placed my hands on my hips as I tried to catch my breath, panting and running a hand through my hair as I started to sweat. The abrupt temperature change from cold outside to hot inside always did that to me so I ambled over to my window and opened it, leaning against the windowsill.

"Oh shit…oh shit…" I muttered to myself, trying to calm myself down. Nothing was out there, it's fine, it's cool. If it's an animal, it can't get into my house anyway. Unless…it's not an animal! NO! Shut up, self, now I'm just being ridiculous. For good measure though I turned around slightly, my eyes gazing out of the window into the yard. Nothing. Just the tree by the window, the sky, the grass, nothing out of the-Holy shit!

Something just ran across my yard!

"…the fuck?" I exhaled, my heart pounding in my chest as I looked outside but couldn't find it. It was running at like…a 72 miles an hour! I shut my window, locking it before walking backwards to my bed; upon feeling the back of my legs hit the edge I let myself sit down.

Whatever that thing was…it was definitely not a wolf or fox or something.

"Did you guys here what happened to Mike's dog last night?"

"Yeah, dude! The thing got fucked up! Some wolf or some shit ate the crap outta that thing!" Eric exclaimed, using hand motions and everything. I sat there quietly at the lunch table, picking at the alleged food on my tray.

"Oh my god, I know, right? Isn't that just so sad? I love puppies!" Jessica chimed in, sounding intelligent as usual. I looked up over at the Cullen's lunch table noticing that for the first time in…well, ever they weren't simply staring into nothingness. The blonde, beyond beautiful one, Rosalie was biting her nails as though she were nervous about something. That's odd, usually she was so composed. Frightening yet very well composed. Than there was her boyfriend, the big one, Emmett. He also looked on edge, his eyes darting out the window every now and then as though he were expecting something to lunge in at him. Rosalie's brother, Jasper, was acting the same way. Then their was Emmett's younger brother, Edward who always pissed me off for some indescribable reason. He was just one of those people where you looked at them and you think 'I would love to punch you in the face.' Anyway, he was fidgeting just as Rosalie was.

"The Cullen's are acting…weird today…" I mumbled more so to myself then anyone else but of course Jessica had to say something.

"Today? Don't you mean everyday?"

"No, I mean like, more than usual…" I added, trying not to sound too interested by them which was a lie because I mean, who couldn't be interested by them? They were all strikingly beautiful with stunning golden eyes and pale skin. They were almost ethereal. It was intimidating. Jessica huffed at me and made some weird girly hand gesture.

"They've been that way since all these weird attacks have been going on. Haven't you noticed, Bella? Actually there's a rumor going around that the big one, Emmett, is the one behind all the attacks."

"What?" I asked, making a face at how stupid that already sounded.

"Yeah, man! Look at'em! He's huge! How else did he get that way! He probably goes around at night and eats a bunch of-"

"Sheep?" I cut Eric off before his stupidity was allowed to go on any further, "You think he goes around….eating sheep….to get stronger?"

"It's possible." Angela commented suddenly and everyone nodded their head. I shook my head in disbelief, scoffing at their words.

"What the fuck? No it's not!" I stated and they all looked at me as if I'd just said that Oprah wasn't black.

"Well then how do you explain all these attacks, Bella?"

"I'm going out for a walk, okay Dad?"

"What? This late at night?" Charlie sounded flabbergasted and I ran my hand through my hair and shrugging my shoulders as I made my way over to the front door.

"Yeah? It's no big deal, it's not that dark out yet." I pointed out and He frowned at me, clearly not convinced.

"Bells, it's almost 8 o'clock at night. Why the hell are you going for a walk right now?"

"It's nice out, I'm bored, there's nothing else to do?" I listed off and he shook his head at me.

"Fine, go. Be back in a half an hour."

"Ooo, Charles in charge-" I began to sing and Charlie tried to repress a smile at my antics.

"Bella, stop."

"-Of our days and our niiiiiiights!" I sang out dramatically, making my way outside just as he began to laugh. Worked every time. I honestly had no idea why I'd had such an urge to go for a walk tonight, I usually don't like doing this sort of thing as I'm terribly accident prone and am bound to trip and break a vital bone in my body but for some reason, I just had to get outside tonight. As I walked down the sidewalk, a yelping sound caught my attention. I immediately stopped and looked around.

Does no one in this town notice anything but me?

Another yelping sound shot out in the dark and I whipped my head in it's direction. It was coming from someone's back yard. My mind quickly remembered the story of what happened to Mike Newton's dog. My body moved of it's own accord as I trotted quickly into the person's yard, making my way around back. Just as I thought, a dog house sat in the corner of their backyard…just near the woods. It was now finally dark enough outside to where I really couldn't see anything.

"Doggie?" I called out, whistling once or twice, "Here boy, come'ere boy!"

Nothing happened. Why was I even doing this in the first place? It wasn't my fucking dog, why the fuck am I risking my life to save this stupid animal! Because I'm too nice and too curious and too dumb, apparently, for my own good. I looked around and when I felt that it was safe enough, I walked up to the dog house, reading the name painted across the top of the doorway.

"Patches?" I said aloud to myself. What a typical name for a dog. Maybe it wanted to run away and die. I would if my name were that stupid. As I inspected the dog house I noticed that there was a leash attached to it, but the end where the dog was supposed to be was torn. Like something just grabbed the dog and ran, not caring if it broke the leash or not. Just as my common sense was coming back to me and I was about to leave, something moved just beyond the dog house, in the woods.

"Patches? Is that you?" I asked, my heart pounding in my chest as I began to panic.

If Patches is a half-naked man with a butcher knife, then yeah, it's him.

"Patches…?" I repeated, taking a step backwards, preparing to flee for my fucking life. I gasped when a pair of glowing golden eyes appeared from the darkness of the woods, "Oh shit."

I'm going to die.

Serves me right I suppose. What kind of person does what I just did? Someone who doesn't value their life apparently. I held my breath as the eyes began to make their way towards me. As they grew closer, I could make out a black figure. It was short, shorter then me.

It was a wolf. Or a fox. Or a lion or tiger or bear or fuck! Why haven't I taken off running yet! Was my fight or flight response broken or something! Oh god, I'm defective!

"PLEASE DON'T KILL ME!" I shrieked out, shutting my eyes tight and blocking my upper half with arms, my only line of defense. I could feel the creature right in front of me, hear its breathing and something inside of me snapped. In a quick flash, I felt my leg kick out and connect with something hard sending it flying back.

"Ah!" The creature cried out…in a high-pitched, almost feminine sounding voice? That doesn't sound right? I opened my eyes and-

"Oh my god." I gasped out, lowering my arms instantly and staring wide eyed at the creature before me.

It was no creature at all.

It was…a girl; a very small, very very beautiful girl with piercing golden eyes that looked up at me helplessly as she sat crumpled up on the ground. From what I could make out in the dark, she had short, spiky black hair that framed her pixie-like face wonderfully. As my eyes looked her over, I noticed that she was wearing nothing but a tattered white over-sized t-shirt and very short white flannel shorts that were equally torn. What the fuck? Was she homeless? She looked so scared and frightened and I'd kicked her! Oh god!

"I'm so sorry!" I quickly apologized for my actions and took a step forward, my body being drawn to her yet as soon as I moved, she flinched, her body tensing up and a small sound escaping her throat. God, she looked terrified, she looked-there was blood.

There was blood dripping from her mouth.

Blood on her hands. Patches was gone. Oh my god, I just kicked then apologized to the person who'd eaten Patches. Who'd eaten all those animals! This girl was eating animals! What the fuck is this? The twilight zone! But she looked so harmless, so lost…once again my mouth went against my mind's wishes.

"What're you doing out here?"

Stupid question.

She was out here eating all the animals in town.

The small girl looked up at me with those big golden eyes and as she did, the clouds parted in the sky, revealing the moon which shone down brilliantly against her face, illuminating it. God, she was gorgeous. Her eyes though, it looked like she wanted to cry. She wiped away at her mouth and it reminded me of a small child.

"Are you the one who's been attacking all the animals?" I asked softly, and she whimpered, a small sob escaping her tiny body. She nodded and I barely caught the movement. My eyes widened and instead of running for the nearest mental asylum and signing her up for it, I continued on.

"Why?" I asked, honestly just confused and extremely curious. I know I should have left by now but something in me told me that she wouldn't hurt me. That she didn't want to hurt me or anything for that matter. She opened her mouth to say something and my eyes were drawn to her luscious full lips. Damn, she was…so good looking…no homo! I think. Right now, I'm not sure. Something about her was just so alluring. She quickly shut her mouth, biting her lower lip and that was when I noticed her teeth.

They were sharp. Like, ridiculously so. Almost…kind of like…

"I have to go…" The girl finally spoke and her voice was so melodic sounding, almost like wind-chimes. It was airy and light and it suited her so well. She stood up and for a moment, we both looked into each other's eyes. Her bright gold boring into my chocolate brown.

"Wait!" I called out and in the blink of an eye, she was gone. Vanished into the thin air. Almost as if she wasn't there to begin with.

Either I just hallucinated very vividly or what just happened, legitimately just happened.

"That was bananas…" I exhaled, biting my lip and running my hand through my hair. I shook my head to bring myself back to reality. It had to have been a half an hour by now, Charlie was expecting me home.


I could not tell him what happened. If I did…I don't know what could happen to that girl. Why I was worried about her, I couldn't tell you but she just seemed so…distraught. Like she didn't want to do what she was doing…it was like she had to. It was like she had to eat those animals. Which if that's the case…

What was she?

I pondered this as I made my home, my thoughts coming at a mile a minute. That girl, I'd never seen her around before but she looked so familiar. Something about her…I'd seen somewhere before…her eyes! She had the same exact eyes as the Cullen's. Coincidence? I had no idea but I knew one thing for sure…

I had to see her again.

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