"Fallen Deeper"

Featured Characters: Lois and Clark (DUH), Hawkman, Martin Manhunter, Chloe, and Emil Hamilton.

NOTES: SPOILERS! If you have not seen the season finale…DO NOT READ!

TIMELINE: Set right after the season finale: "Salvation"

DISCLAIMER: I DON'T own ANYTHING. Not the characters, not the story. Nothing. I wish I did, cuz then I'd be a MILLIONAIRE! :D

SIDENOTES: This is just my version what I HOPE happens right after "Salvation." I don't think I'm 100% right, but it's just wishful thinking. :D

This is either going to be like 3 or 4 chapters. Very small though. Most are done.


CHAPTER 1: "Falling..."

In the distance, Clark could see the bright light beaming down on Zod. Within a few seconds, no one was left on that rooftop. No alien left that gave a threat to humanity. The slightest smile spread across Clark; triumph. They had succeeded. And it didn't have to cost anyone's life.

His smile quickly faded, however; the pain came soaring back to his awareness. He turned his attention to his stomach, the dagger still inside there. Blood spilling out. He looked down to the ground; he was still falling and from the looks of it, he would be falling for a couple of seconds more. He was still high up.

For the first time in the longest time, fear overtook him. He wasn't ready to leave. Didn't want to die. Part of it was because he knew Earth still needed him, but it wasn't the main reason. That true reason was a tall, brunette woman with sparkling brown, green eyes. A woman he wished to stay with forever.

He began to analyze what he should do next. He had two choices: save himself and take out the dagger, curing his wounds immediately because he would have his powers back; but that would mean being taken away from Earth--from her. Or he could allow himself to fall and pray for a miracle--that he would survive the fall and see her one final time….

As he debated his choices, his eyelids grew heavy. He looked down to the ground again. He was only about fifty feet from hitting the concrete. Time was almost over. He had less than a handful of seconds. He turned to the dagger and decided to leave it there. He would take a chance. One final one….


NOTE: I know it's short, but the rest is more to come in the next several days. The next three SMALL chapters are done; I'll be posting up the 2nd chapter tomorrow. BUT! Lemme know what you think... :D