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EPILOGUE: "Neverending Fall"

Lois felt Clark's hand reach her neck, pulling her closer. She felt his tongue slip in between her lips, making their kiss deeper. She heard a moan escaping from her throat. God, he could drive her wild. In the six years she had known Clark Kent, she had never thought him to be this passionate. She had always thought him to be very shy and timid when it came to affection; whereas she had always been pretty aggressive. But since they had started dating, it seemed as if their roles had switched.

Every time they would get any sort of alone time, Clark couldn't seem to keep his hands off of her for longer than a couple of seconds. Whether it was in the elevator, the copy room, the Kent farm, or in her apartment. It felt almost magnetic. They got pulled together. She resisted as much as she could in the beginning due to her fear that she might scare him off by her aggressiveness, but now that she knew he wanted her as much as she wanted him, she didn't resist much anymore. But still, he was always the one to pursue making out first.

Just two seconds into their kiss, he had taken off her jacket and thrown it somewhere in the room.

She felt his free hand reach under her shirt, touching her bare skin. Goosebumps prickled every inch his fingers stroked.

Her own hands made their way down his broad shoulders, rubbing him.

He groaned and pushed her lower onto the bed, rolling them so that he was now completely on top of her. He tilted his head to the side, tasting her a different way. Both of his hands were now underneath her shirt and rubbing all of her lower back.

Her fingers took a hold of his shirt and felt his buttons. She couldn't take it anymore. She needed to feel his heat.

Lois began to loosen his shirt as quickly as her fingers could. He willingly let her take off his shirt and even shook it off once the last button was loose.

His own hands went back to her skin and traveled north. Through her bra, his hands cupped her.

She let out a gasp. Yes, he drove her to her brink. She took a hold of his white tee and tugged it impatiently. She tore it off of him and threw it across the room. Once his skin was free for her to touch, her hands went to his chiseled back.

Clark drew his lips away from her own. She let out a whine, but it quickly turned into a moan of pleasure when he began to kiss her neck. His tongue sent small bits of bliss through her. His fingers were now on her belt.

Her nails dug into his back. He might be made of steel, but his skin was just like velvet. It felt so soft underneath her.

She felt him come back to her lips and she grew more aggressive. She took his bottom lip between her teeth and sucked on it.

He let out a growl and dug his fingers into her waist, making her gasp out of pleasure.

She brought herself up from her laying position and took her hands onto his shoulders, doing her best to push him off her.

Like the gentleman that he was, he allowed her to push him back. She knew he was only being courteous. There was no way in hell that she was able to make this powerful alien move more than a centimeter with her strength. But she was grateful that her boyfriend was allowing her to make of him as she wished.

Once he was off of her, she opened her eyes and looked up at him, the heat between them grew heavier.

He looked down on her, his eyes lit with fire and passion. He reached over to kiss her again, but she turned from him.

He frowned at her. "What?" He looked astonished and confused. She had to admit it was a cute look because his lips were covered in he red lipstick.

She chuckled, bit her lip seductively and got to her knees.

He gave her a small smile and waited for her next move. She knew he knew she was up to something.

And how right he was. She placed both of her hands onto his naked chest and pushed. He allowed himself to fall flat on the bed.

His eyes curiously looked up at her, the most goofiest smile on his smile.

Lois continued to bite her lip and put a leg on either side of him, straddling him. "Tonight, you're under my control, Smallville."

He did his best to control his smile. "Yes, ma'am," with a low and serious voice.

The tone added to the fuel in her core. She lowered herself more until both of their middles met. They each let out a moan of pleasure. She reached down and began to place kisses across his chest. She did so softly and lovingly. He was incredibly beautiful and she just couldn't get enough of him.

She lightly traced her lips on his chiseled body and felt him drop his head to the mattress as he continued to groan. She smiled at this, loving that she could drive him crazy as much as he could her. She continued going south and came across his torso. She opened her eyes to bathe herself with the sight, but as soon as they were open a quick flash came to her.

Blood was spilling out. The knife that was thrust in him was causing him great pain. His body shook uncontrollably. She placed a hand on his shoulder as her eyes traveled to meet his. "Clark." She didn't know what to do. Didn't know how she could help him so he wouldn't be feeling this sort of pain.

The way his body was shaking didn't seem to travel to his face, for he was smiling at her. It looked as if something was distracting his face from feeling what the rest of his body was. "I thought I'd never see you again." She felt him run his hand against hers. Sudden warmth filled her palm and began to transcend through the rest of her body.

She reached over to touch his beautiful face. "We need to get you to a doctor."

He slightly shook his head with what must have been with small strength. "They-can't-help-me."

She heard voices behind her, but couldn't hear a thing they were saying. Her complete focus was on Clark and how certain he looked when he said that doctors wouldn't not be able to help him. What did he mean by that? And why was he bleeding? If he was in fact The Blur, why did he now appear to be like a regular human being? The Blur fought fires, caught trains, shield people from bullets…so, why was it that a pesky little knife could do this to him?

She noticed that his body was shaking more than ever. She had had enough of this. "Clark, we need to get you help. Come on." She began to get to her feet and tried to pull him with her.

Clark tugged her hand. "Lois, no one can." He looked deep into her eyes and she saw truth there.

She refused to believe it to be so. Refused to give up on Clark. "I can't just leave you like this!"

Her hand felt warm again. "Lois…" Clark's face began to look in pain now.

She couldn't let this happen. She pulled harder than ever.

"Lois." His voice sounded strained, but she tried to ignore it. "Lois, look at me."

She didn't want to. She knew if she did, he would find some way to stop her from fighting. And she couldn't do that. She couldn't give up. Not when it came to him.

Clark's hand tugged at her and she let out a sigh, forcing herself to meet him in the eyes. Once she did, she regretted it.

He looked as if he was about to pass out. He was blinking rapidly. "Just stay with me," he barely breathed out.

Her knees gave. Suddenly, she felt as equally weak. "Don't leave me, Clark. I can't survive that." She hadn't noticed that she had embraced herself to him, her body pleading as much as her voice and soul.

He stroked her face, soothing her. She wanted to curse at him. Why was it that she was being the one being comforted when he was in so much physical pain?

For several moments, they touched each other, clung to one another. She didn't want to let go. She wasn't aware of anything else other than the man in front of her. She only noticed when Clark tried to pull out the dagger from his torso.

She reached over and stopped him, terrified that by his pulling it out as so would only cause him greater pain. "Clark!"

Clark gave her a look that she knew all too well. One that said to trust him. It took a while of looking into his eyes for her to give in. She took deep breaths, knowing that she Clark was certain in what he was about to do. She prayed for the best and relaxed a little.

He gave her a small smile and quickly removed the dagger.

A scream of agony emerged from his mouth. His body shook once more.

She dived in for him, hugging him. "Clark!"

The blood spilled out of the cut so quickly. She pressed her hands on it, giving it pressure so it might stop the bleeding for a little. He moaned louder and her heart broke a little more with the horrible sounds. It was as if she herself could not breathe.


Clark's voice brought her back. She blinked rapidly and tried to force her thoughts away from the memory. From the image of seeing him in horrid pain. But she couldn't. The blood would not leave her sight.

She felt his warm hands on her cheeks. "Lois." His voice sounded concerned.

She swallowed and tried to hide her face from him. She didn't want Clark to worry for her. She was being ridiculous, she knew it. He had explained everything to her already. Who he was, where he came from, all of his powers, and how only kryptonite could ever really harm him. She knew that it wasn't often when he faced a deadly situation-when he came close to dying. She had just been unfortunate to witness it. She knew he had hated the fact that she had seen him in that stage and up until now she had hid her feelings about it. She wanted to let him know that she could handle this. She was strong enough to be with him and suck up the dangers that surrounded his life.

But touching that same spot where not too long ago had been the cause of all his agony and had almost killed him, she couldn't hold back anymore. She was back to that dark and gloomy moment.

He pressed her cheek, wanting her to meet his eyes.

She let out a sigh. She couldn't continue to avoid him. She slowly opened her eyes and met his baby blues. With all of her strength, she faced him.

He frowned, clearly more than worried. "What's wrong?" he asked softly as he rubbed her cheek.

She shook her head. "Nothing. Forget it, Smallville."

He gave her one of his disapproving looks. "Lois," he said sternly.

She rolled her eyes. "Nothing's wrong."

He leaned closer in to her. "Then why the tears?" He touched her eyes lightly.

She frowned. She reached to her eyes and noticed that he was right. She had been crying. Great. Now there was no way she was going to be getting out of this.

Clark placed his fingers on her chin and made her face him again. "You're not getting out of this, Lane."

It was as if she was reading her mind! Damn him.

He continued to look at her. "What were you thinking?"

She sighed. Fine. She gave. "I was…thinking back to…that night." She ducked her head down as the memory came to her again. When she opened her eyes she noticed that her sight landed on his torso. Her fingers reached over and touched the spot that had held the knife.

Clark placed his hand over hers and with his other, he lifted her chin. "Everything is fine now. I told you, those kind of situations don't happen very often. As soon as the kryptonite is away from me, nothing can harm me."

She nodded. "I know. I know. It's just-" She forced her thought back.

"What?" He urged.

She didn't want to say the words out loud, but at the same time she wanted to say them. In the last few months, she wanted nothing more than to have Clark know everything that was crossing her mind. She wanted him to know everything of her. Even the bad thinking.

He was patient with her and did not pressure her to speak. This only made her love him even more.

She swallowed. "I've never felt so…vulnerable and useless as I did that night, Clark." She kept her eyes glued on him and he said nothing, just allowed her to speak. To let it all out. "I wanted to do something, but I didn't know what. What if it happens again? What if someone finds out that kryptonite is your one and only weakness and you don't get so lucky?"

She shook her head and ducked down. She was rambling, she knew. She was being a complete pessimist, but she couldn't help it.


She nodded. "I know, I know. I'm over-exaggerating." She saw water hitting her palms. Oh, God! She was still crying? What was the matter with her? She blinked away the tears and tried to dry her face; refusing to let Clark view her this way.

She heard him give a small chuckle. "You kind of are."

This got her a bit irritated. She couldn't deal with his teasing right now. She snapped her head to his direction, meeting his eyes. "Can you blame me?"

He gave her a small smile and slightly shook his head. "No. I know it's difficult for you and I'm sorry that I'm making you worry. I wish I could just be a normal boyfriend for you." There's a hint of regret in his tone and eyes.

Lois frowned at this. She looked intently at him. She saw the wish he had that troubles did not circle his every day life. This made her want to shoot herself. Did she always have to speak without thinking first? Ugh!

She shook her head at him. "Clark, I was thinking out loud. Don't listen to me. I wouldn't want you any other way." She placed a palm on his forehead, soothing out that worried frown. "You know I love my Dorky Farm Boy as much as I love my Superhero."

That made him crack a smile.

She scooted closer to him, wrapping her arms around his neck. "Yes, I worry. But I know that this is your life. You being The Blur is a part of who you are and I can see how important it is to you. Although it has it's dangers, you love it. When you tell me about a save," she smiled at the remembrance, "you should see the way your face lights up. You're so proud of it and it ignites your confidence even more." She looked deeply into his baby blues. "I don't want you any other way than how you are."

He stared at her for long seconds. He didn't smile nor say word. There was no facial expression.

She knew this kind of blank look. He was wondering. "What?" she asked softly.

"How did I find you?" he asked with a most serious tone.

She snickered. "You were naked, Smallville. Remember?"

He didn't laugh along with her. "I'm serious. Just when I think I've stopped falling, here I am again."

She frowned. "Falling? What are you talking about, Smallville?"

"You," he answered.

The frown did not leave her forehead. She wasn't understanding his alien ways.

He reached over and touched dug his fingers at the nape of her neck. "I never stop falling for you. I get to a landing, but then you say or do something that knocks me out and I fall depper."

She felt her cheeks grow a bit red, crawling to her neck. She ducked her head down. She loved and hated when Clark said these kind of things. It made her feel so...naked and fragile with him. It was difficult in the beginning for her to know if she liked it or not, feeling exposed. However, lately it she liked it more than hated it. That still did not stop her from being embarrassed by his romantic and truthful words-she doubted she would ever be used to them.

When she felt the courage to look at him again he gave her his most boyish smile.

A shiver went up and down her spine. "I love when you smile like that."

He teasingly narrowed his eyes at her. "Like what?" He gave another boyish grin.

She moaned and scooted closer. "Like that. It can make me melt and grow hot for you in less than a second." Her arms tightened around his neck.

He chuckled and rubbed his nose gently with hers. "Glad to know." He placed his palms on her lower back and began to make circles with his fingers. She loved how right her body felt against his. There was no awkwardness between them. Everything was just natural between them. Perfection.

He added pressure to his touch as his thumbs grazed against her stomach. His lips lightly touched her exposed neck.

She arched it further back, giving him easier access.

She heard a moan from him and she echoed it with one of hers.

She wasn't sure if it was him that had taken off her bra or if she had been the cause of it, but in a matter of seconds, she was completely topless with his hard chest against hers.

This was going to be one looooooong night. She would make sure of it.

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