Save Me Just In Time

I'm just a step away
I'm just a breath away
Losing my faith today
Falling off the edge today

I am just a man
Not Superhero man
I'm not Superhero man
Someone save me from the haze

This is it, I give up. I'm tired and just want it to be over with. I make my way up the stairs, my hands clenched in tight fists. I can feel my accelerated through my glove, my nails digging into my palm.

I had been through enough, seeing everything, living through everything. I was tired of seeing everybody I care about getting hurt because of my mistakes. I reach my hand up through my short blonde hair, reaching the top of the stairs, the door looming before me. I had already made my preperations, calling England and leaving a message on his Caller ID. Along with Canada, Australia, and the rest of my family and Japan, telling them it wasn't their fault and that this was what I wanted. I even called and apologized to Russia for being so stubborn.

I needed this. I take my right hand, placing it on the door and open it up, the wind almost taking me by surprise. I didn't know it was going to be this strong up here.

"Well, it is 30 floors."

Its just another war
Just another family torn
Falling from my faith today
Just a step from the edge
Just another day in the world we live in

I sigh, walking out onto the roof.

I was at war, a war most of my country didn't want in the first place. We were only to search for Weapons of Mass Destruction and then pull out. He kept us there, for nine years, and now I had a new boss, who was changing everything and anything.

My economy was shot. My blood pressure was so low, I probably wasn't going to survive much longer anyway. The depression was effecting everybody, and I was the cause of it. It was my fault, everything is always my fault. I'm the nation who everybody hates because of what my bosses do, they never get to know the real me.

The America they saw at the meetings was a facade I put on during the meetings, only Canada knew the real me. I made him promise he wouldn't tell England.

I near the ledge, the horns of the cars echoing below me, the night sky illuminated by the artifical lights of New York, giving it an unatural look to it. I remember when I use to be able to see all the stars, back when it was just the native Americans in my land. I don't even remember my origninal name.

I wasn't always America. No, that's just what Amerigo Vespucci signed on the map he drew of my lands. My name wasn't even mine, I was a wreck.

I look down, it was so much simpiler under the rule of the Native Americans. No World Wars, no economy, nothing. I see the city below me, the cars streaming by in their never ending drive. The sidewalk is slightly empty, being at least four in the morining. Hardly anybody would be out t this time, the city that never sleeps had to sleep sometime, and this was the time it was at it slowest. I saw a few figures dashing into the building, seeming to be in a hurry, but ignored it.

I edge closer, here I go.

A guts of wind blows, making me fall backwards, my back hitting the top of the roof. I yell in pain, sitting up and rubbing the back of my head. Just what I needed, humiliation. At least no one saw me. That's just what I need, for everybody to know I was pushed back by the wind while trying to kill myself.

Maybe I shouldn't do this. No, I have to do this, I've already made my preperations and called everybody I loved and hated. I stand up, I won't hurt no more, in just a minute.

No wind will stop me.

Who's going to fight for what's right
Who's going to help us survive
We are in the fight of our lives
And we're not ready to die
Who's going to fight for the weak
Who's going to make them believe

I step back on the ledge, my toes hanging off the edge. I brace myself against the wind, looking down.

I've got a hero living in me

It sure was high, would this even kill me being a nation?

I've got to fight for what's right

I nod, this would, this would kill anything. I close my eyes, letting myself breath in one last breath.

Today I'm speaking my mind


This is it.

If it kills me tonight


I start to lean forward.

I will be ready to die


I feel my body move forward.

A hero's not afraid to give his life


My feet slip.

A hero's going to save me just in time


Please, a moment of silence for the fallen hero..........

(Mixalis and Keiko bow heads, Keiko wrining her tail in comfort)

Ok, back to authors notes. I was in my room, it was 4 in the night and I had to write this. I had been listening to Skillet (Awesome Band by the way) Very cool christian band that I listen to, aside for Pillar, but I'm reserving Pillar for my first love, Kingdom Hearts. XD Anyway, I had to, America has been going through depression and everything seems to be because of us, so , I made America seem morehow I felt he would. I mean, if you were causing a world wide depression, begging money off of China, and causing problems in the middle east and losing money in Greece, and in a war that started out as a search for Weapons of Mass Destruction and then turns out there are none, wouldn't you feel like this? Plus there has been a lot of suicides in America as well, I don't know if its been more than in recent years but it seems the news is broadcasting more and more. So it fits. And I found out wht America's real name is. I researched it. The Native Americns called their land Anowarkowa or Turtle Island. Cool huh? I'm teaching even in a one shot. Well, this might be a one shot, I'm debating on weather to continue or not.

Keiko: WE LOVE YOU AMERICA, WHY, WHY DID YOU DO IT? (Sobs into Mixalis's shoulder)

Mixali: WHy...(A tear falls to the ground, Mixalis's head bowed)

Keiko: Mixalis, are you crying?

Mixalis: No (Rubs eyes) I got something my eye.

Keiko: Hugu?

Mixalis: (GLOMP) Why Alfred, he was so Awesome, why did you do it? WAHHHHHHH! (Sobs)

(Rare Moemnt, Keiko dies from shock)

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