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I tried my hardest to avoid OOCness, but since there wasn't a single bloody meaningful moment between Apollo and Artemis in the series, I wasn't sure how they'd act in a situation such as this. I basically based it off of their personalities, so hopefully it isn't too awful. Meh.

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The moon was glowing vibrantly in the pre-morning sky, surrounded by sparkling bright stars. Artemis smiled up at her work, brushing her auburn hair out of her face. She glanced behind her to where her huntresses were resting quietly, not even tossing or turning on their makeshift beds. She sighed, propping herself up against a tree. Who would have ever thought that a goddess could be deprived of sleep? Certainly not Artemis, and it seemed fair to say that Athena couldn't have guessed. But Artemis was wide awake, unable to take part in the peace that her hunters were rejoicing in.

Artemis fingered her headband, trying to find something, anything, that could take her mind off of her tiredness. So far, nothing had been working...not that she was surprised.

There was a rustle somewhere behind her. Anyone else would have flinched, or at least wondered if there was danger. But somehow, Artemis knew who was approaching her. In a cloud of moon dust she changed from a twelve-year old girl to a seventeen-year-old one (she refused to give her visitor the pleasure of calling her 'little sister'), and turned to face her visitor.

"Brother," she murmured softly. Apollo smiled, his bright smile illuminating the dark almost better than the moon could. He removed his Ray-Bans.

"Hey, sis," he greeted her. He approached her and looked up in the same direction that she had been-at the sky, the star-speckled sky. "Why are you still up?" She shook her head.

"I don't know," she admitted. "I'm tired enough, but for some reason sleep won't come to me. Something's keeping me up." She paused. "Is that why you came? Because I was restless?" He nodded. "How'd you know?" He grinned.

"You think I don't know when my baby sister's troubled?" he asked. Artemis crossed her arms.

"I am most definitely not your-"

"My baby sister; I know," he interrupted her. He chuckled. "But you're like a baby sister. I mean, not only are you most always in your preteen form, but..." Artemis eyed him tauntingly.

"But?" she urged jokingly. Apollo winked.

"But there's that protectiveness there," he said, serious for once in his godly existence.

"Protectiveness," she repeated. "What do you mean?" Apollo fumbled with his sunglasses, searching for the right words.

"As in, a big brother will always be there for his little sister-regardless." Artemis smiled.

"Well, I don't think I've heard that in a couple centuries," she replied. Apollo nudged her with his arm, and she nudged back. After they shared a laugh, there was a moment of sweet silence.

Apollo opened his arms, inviting Artemis in. She hugged him back, and he sighed.

"Too bad you're all into this maidenhood business," he said. "You could really have found love out there." Artemis rolled her eyes. Love, schmove. It was overwhelmingly annoying (Aphrodite badgered her with it often enough; she didn't need her brother joining in on the fun), but she played along, trying not to mar the moment.

"Do you suppose so?" she inquired. Apollo released her from the hug, but kept his arm around her.

"If you really wanted it," he answered. He thought for a moment, then shook his head. "No, no. No ungrateful imbecile could ever be worthy of my sister." Artemis could've sworn she felt a crimson blush spread on her face. Now she needed something to distract her, not from her lack of sleep, but from the flattery Apollo was using on her. She snapped her head quickly to the right and noted something resentfully.

"The sun's coming out," Artemis said accusingly. "That's not fair, Apollo-you know we had an agreement!" She pulled away and glared at him.

"So what?" he argued. "It was about time I brightened things up. Good morning, by the way."

"It's only six! Do you not understand the whole 'daylight saving time' thing?" she said pointedly. "I have half an hour or more left."

"I wanted to start the day early, so you could get closer to your beautiful hunters!"

"We're obviously close enough without your help," Artemis muttered. "And you aren't to flirt with them."

"Oh, come on, sis!" he complained. "You never let them have any fun." Artemis ignored that comment.

"I swear! You are so thick sometimes!"

"Thick," Apollo echoed. "That's so true, isn't it? As much as we may bicker, I do love how you have just the right words to describe me."

"I'm glad you're satisfied with your label," she provoked. "Now leave!"

"But if I leave now, you can't hear my poem..."

"Oh no, Apollo!" Artemis growled. "I don't want to hear your lousy excuse for a haiku."

"Not a haiku," he corrected. "A senryu." He cleared his throat.

"Don't even!" she threatened.

Thalia groaned as she stretched, rising unwillingly from her slumber. She tossed one of her shoes at Apollo, dodging Artemis out of respect for the goddess. Anything to shut them up. Apollo caught the sandal with ease and sighed.

"I'll get you for that someday," he promised.

Well, it was nice while it lasted.

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