This is probably the shortest thing I have ever posted... But I wanted to know what you guys thought about this before I went much further.

My take on what should have happened for the finale. (sort of)

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SLIGHT SPOILER FOR FINALE! Just the poker game part though.

Richard Castle sat at his desk with a large cup of coffee in his hand. All night he had tossed and turned, unable to get to sleep until finally, he gave up and went into his office around four in the morning. He knew it was because of the talk he had had with his writer pals over poker earlier that night.

Was he really ready to walk away from Detective Beckett? He certainly had enough information to write plenty more books but, could they be right? Was shadowing Beckett really doing more harm than good? When they first brought it up, he thought there was no way he could do that but, then he started thinking about it. Thinking that maybe things would be better this way. If they were right, and Beckett was why he couldn't write then he could get on with the Nikki Heat books and Beckett would be happy with him gone so she could be with Demming all she wanted. Professionally, it seemed as if leaving Beckett, and of course the other guys in the precinct, would be for the best. Personally, was a whole other story though.

His thoughts went on and on throughout the night, trying to decide what would be best choice. Now it was nearing eight o'clock and he had finally come to a decision. It wasn't a decision he completely liked but he believed it was for the best.

They couldn't go on like this; the next case they worked would be his last.

It was only a few minutes later when Alexis came down stairs, on her way to school. He saw her off with a smile and then went back to his office, intending to get some work done on his book. He had put it off long enough.

A few minutes later, he found himself staring a blank page, wondering how he was going to break the news to them. As fate would have it, his phone rang at that moment.

He picked up the phone and answered it without bothering to look at the caller ID because everyone else knew not to bother him early in the morning.

"You guys make it really hard to get any writing done, you know?"

He was expecting a clever retort from the female detective on the other end of the line but instead, it was a male voice that responded.

"Dude, this is not the time to be worried about writing. Beckett is missing."

Okay, since the day the episode aired with Demming in it, I have thought about doing this story but eventually decided not to but then decided to again. So I am really not sure about this one... It would be the first serious/dramatic Castle fic I have written.

So I really need to know if you think this would be a good story or not. If you guys seem to like it then I'll post the next chapter tomorrow before the finale.