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Summary: On an outing for Dudley's 8th birthday party, Harry meets a strange man named Sirius. Sirius claims to have known Harry, and whisks the small boy away for the adventure of his life. Soon Harry will discover his true identity, and feel like he's loved. R&R

It was quiet. It wasn't quiet often in the Dursley household. This was the one hour or so in young Harry Potter's day when he could think.

As soft snores from upstairs wafted into his staircase cupboard, Harry wondered why. Why had he been stuffed in a cupboard? As a bedroom? That didn't seem right.

Harry took a deep breathe, and stared up at his chess set upon a shelf above. The chess set had been quite special to Harry, given the fact that it was one of the only things he owned. On his cousin, Dudley's sixth birthday he had received the chess set, and didn't find that it had suited him. Dudley threw a fit when he received the chess set, and it was given to Harry in vain. But Harry was grateful. The small boy sat up, rubbing his eyes. He reached for his glasses which had been perched atop of his chess board. He slipped the glasses on his face.

Harry was enthusiastic about the glasses, for he's been with horrible sight for the past three years, until his Aunt Petunia took a few minutes or so to look through their old things for a pair of glasses. She figured that since Harry had been tripping, bumping, and knocking things over all around the house, that it was time for glasses. The glasses did have some history behind them, though. They had belonged to Harry's great grandmother. Petunia said she believed they were reading glasses.

Harry sighed, for he could now hear footsteps above. The Dursley's were awake. That meant Harry would be obligated to get out of bed, make breakfast, fetch the mail, take the trash out, and Harry was sure there would be more. It was Dudley's 8th birthday today, and it was to be Harry's soon, as well. Harry was sure Aunt Petunia wouldn't want any pudgy finger of Dudley's to lift on his "special day."

Harry figured it would do him good to just get up now before Aunt Petunia, or Uncle Vernon would yell, and yell to wake him. Harry dressed, and all so timidly, opened the door to his cupboard of a room. His foot stepped onto the plush carpet, then another. He trotted down the hall, and into the kitchen. The snoring from upstairs stopped, and it was only with in a matter of time until Petunia, and Vernon would come downstairs, and go about being grumpy, and rude. This was the life.

In the refrigerator lay a twelve pack of eggs. Harry grabbed six of the twelve, and set them on the counter. Now sausage. Then toast. Harry cooked the eggs and the sausage, when Uncle Vernon, dressed in a sweater, and trousers, came downstairs.

"Smart boy." Vernon mumbled hastily, when he spotted breakfast. Harry nodded. A steady tap tap was heard above. Petunia was coming down. The skinny horse-faced women flowed into the kitchen. She wore a floral dress. It was quite too short for someone of her age. Obviously she didn't care.

"Good morning, Vernon, dear." She said as she took a seat down to eat. Uncle Vernon merely responded to Petunia's greeting with a grunt. She frowned in disappointment. It had been a new dress. She wanted him to notice. Harry had been awkwardly standing there, hoping Petunia would suggest he sat down to eat. "Well?" Petunia sneered, "What are you waiting for?" She asked,

"I, erm... I was just... Erm... If I could...."

"Spit it out, boy!" Vernon shouted,

"I'll just go..." Harry bowed his head in shame, as he trotted off as fast as possible.

Harry had spent thirty minutes or so in his bedroom (staircase cupboard.) He had his chess board lain out on his bed. He examined each piece with great care as if they were valuable jewels. Harry didn't actually know how to play chess. It was much too complicated for a boy of his age. At least that had been what Vernon said, when Harry asked him to teach him.

Harry would sometimes make up his own rules of the game. He would give each piece a new name, and would play the game like an adventure.

Harry sighed. He was waiting for his Aunt, or Uncle to call him out so they could leave. Since it was Dudley's birthday, the Dursely's had planned to go to the new Museum just a few blocks down from their quiet suburb.

The only reason Dudley was truly interested in going, was there was a new exhibit called "Modern Warfare." It was said to be full of wax sculptures of men dressed in camouflage with, guns, tanks, and several other things that Harry wasn't interested in. Harry had already decided he would slip away somehow into the Civil War exhibit. That took his fancy.

"Harry! Come out of there, boy! We're meant to leave now!" Vernon yelled, Harry sighed, and grabbed his dirty old parka, which originally belonged to Dudley. It was full of holes, and was stretched out near the tummy area. Dudley had stretched it out.

Harry slipped into the jacket, and when he arrived to the main entryway of the house, Petunia had been forcing Dudley into a black blazer. The blazer was at least two sizes too small, and Dudley had already managed to rip two buttons off.

"My! Our little Duddykins is getting so big!" Petunia said, She didn't seem exactly happy about this, but she hid any kind of disappointment pretty well.

Vernon stood behind Petunia. He had put his golfer's had on, though he wasn't a fan of golf, and wore a suit coat. His arms were folded tightly, and he tapped his foot impatiently. He was obviously ready to go, and seemed to be growing frustrated.

"Come on, Petunia! Let's just leave. The blazer doesn't fit." Vernon said,

"Oh, alright." said Petunia, disappointed.

Dudley had insisted upon wearing one of his father's suit coats, and since it was his birthday Vernon couldn't say no. The four of them had set off in their car to the museum, though they could have walked without ease. It only took a few minutes or so until they arrived.

They pulled into the parking lot, and Dudley was so excited that he had burst into song. The car came to a stop, and the Durselys left their car.

"Look, Mummy!" Dudley shouted, "Look, there's a soldier!" Dudley pointed to a cardboard cut out of a soldier in front of the museum, holding a sign that read, Come See Our New Exhibit! Harry shook his head in disapproval.

"Yes, that's nice, Duddykins." Petunia answered. Harry began to wonder why they had parked so far away from the entrance of the Museum as they entered the building. It was quite empty. Harry wasn't surprised, though. It was only seven-thirty A.M., and who goes to a museum at seven-thirty A.M.?

Vernon, and Petunia sat Harry, and Dudley down in the waiting area, as they went to the lady at the front desk to pay. Dudley, of course, took the larger of the two chairs in the waiting area, (He needed it more, anyway.) Harry really couldn't care less, though. Dudley held a fist out toward Harry, slugging him in the arm.

"What was that for?" Harry asked, rubbing his arm.

"For being born!" Dudley laughed, and laughed at his childish joke, until he realized it wasn't that funny.

Petunia, and Vernon came rushing towards the two boys with four pamphlets in hand.

"Okay, boys!" Petunia said, she handed one pamphlet to Harry, and one to Dudley.

"What are these?" Said Dudley,

"Maps." Answered Petunia,

"What do we need maps for?"

"Your father and I have some business to go about just up the street, so you and Harry can wander around alone for awhile." She paused, "As long as you don't cause trouble."

"You mean I have to stay with Harry?"

"Yes!" Petunia Exclaimed, "And if he leaves one scratch on you, just tell the nice lady over there, and she'll take care of it."

"Fine." Dudley mumbled,

"Okay, we need to go now, Dudley. Your mom and I won't be gone long!" Vernon said, "And, Harry If I hear anything about funny business you get double chores for a month!" And with that Petunia, and Vernon were off.

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