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Chapter 1: Daisuke Awakens

"He's not coming back..." Kakashi regarded his pink-haired student with a lazy eye.

Sakura avoided his gaze, "I know."

As if she needed that constant reminder.

"Naruto's team should return within a year."

Sakura nodded and moved past her former sensei.

"I have to go to the hospital, Tsunade has summoned me."

Kakashi watched Sakura disappear into the hospital and released a small sigh.

Upon returning to her apartment, Sakura flopped onto her silken sheets with relish. God, she was tired. Snuggling into her big pillow, she was asleep in seconds. Those moments of sleep were lost when a resounding bang sounded at the door. Groaning, she turned over, hopefully whomever was at the door would go away. All she had to do was ignore.

Sadly, the cards were not in her favor, for the knocks came with even a faster tempo. Letting out a frustrated growl, she ripped the sheets off and stalked towards the door.

"Who the hell-"

"Language forehead!" Ino happily glided past the aggravated sleep deprived Sakura to the kitchen.

"You are going to go out with me today." Ino opened the fridge, removing an energy drink and popping it open with ease.

Sakura rubbed her forehead, trying to ease the tension between her brows before looking at her best friend. Closing the door, she followed Ino into the kitchen and accepted a can that was all but tossed to her.

"Can we do this another day? I just got off of work." Sakura mumbled while taking a swig.

"Nope! A new shop opened up today and I want you to come with me." Ino's blue pools danced with merriment which almost scared Sakura.

"What time is it?"

"10:00 AM. I'll give you till 10:30 to get ready." Ino exited the kitchen to the living room and flopped onto the comfy couch, starting to rifle through the various scrolls on the coffee table.

Grumbling and dragging her feet for a dramatic effect, Sakura entered her bedroom. Casting a sad longing look at the bed, she changed clothes and brushed her hair. After he left, she grew it out to cascade down down her back in silky waterfall. Applying some lip gloss she met her best friend back in the living room.

"Right on time, let's go." Before Sakura could protest, she was drug out of her apartment by and overexcited Ino.

"This... is what you wanted me to see? They are mannikins." Sakura replied, trying to stifle a yawn. She could feel the bags under her eyes pull downward.

"Ah, they are not mannikins, they are perso-cons." Ino walked into the shop, leaving her friend to stare at the display cases outside.

Perso-cons? Just what were they?

Following her friend in, she was greeted by a salesman.

"Please let me know if you see anything you like."

"What are perso-cons?" Sakura asked.

"They are computers that look like people. They can be made to do various things; cleaning, cooking, companionship. We can modify them at all levels, even make them look exactly like a real life person."

In the dark part of Sakura's mind, she was tempted.

"Anyone?" Sakura swallowed the lump forming in her throat.

"Of course in depth customization will cost extra," The salesman grinned as he watched the myriad of emotions play over the pretty girl's face.

"Can they have intercourse with their owners?" Ino appeared behind her, lopping a friendly arm across Sakura's shoulders.

Sakura blushed, "Ino.." she hissed.

Ino flashed a smile, "What? I'm just curious."

"Yes they can have sex with their owner." The salesman replied.

After a long pause in conversation Sakura asked,

"Can they love?"

Motioning her over to the back rack, the salesman answered, "The version 1 does not have the capability, but the version 2 or as we like to call them 'chobits' can. Of course version 2 is still in the works, but we are ready to send the first prototypes out."

"I would like to purchase one," Sakura gazed at the price-tag and almost choked.

"Ma, ma, they are expensive," The salesman gazed appreciatively at the merchandise, "but very well worth the money."

Sakura had saved up more than enough cash doing missions and working at the hospital. Besides, she was tired of being alone.

He wasn't coming back anyway, right?

"Please fill out this form and any extra information you would like added to your perso-con," Sakura took the clip board from him, gazing at the paperwork.

"May I submit a picture with the form?"

"Yes," He moved away to help Ino who was inquiring about the smaller doll-sized versions.

After filling out the personal information, she paused on the attributes.

Sakura wrote down:



-Will save me in a tight spot

-Little perverted (she giggled at that)

-Will scold me when I need it

-Gets a bit jealous

-Strong fighter

-Loves to cook (since she was horrible at cooking)

Fishing out a picture (that she always carried with her), she attached it to the form and went to the cashier.

"Thank you for purchasing a perso-con. We will deliver it next week around noon."

Sakura nodded and headed for the store exit.

"Isn't he cute?" Ino gushed while presenting a doll-size perso-con in her hands.

"I just purchased him and can take him home today." Ino rubbed her cheek with it's own.

"So what did you buy?" Ino asked as they started back down the busy street.

"Nothing," Sakura tried lying.

"Come on forehead, I saw you hand the paper in and paid at the checkout," Ino huffed, not liking her friend lying.

Sakura's eyebrow ticked, annoyed.

"I'll show you when it arrives."

They stopped by the Yamanaka flower shop.

Sakura said her goodbyes and the two parted ways.

One week later....

Right on time, they arrived and dropped off a very large box.

Sakura's palms started to sweat slightly. This is it...

Just as her fingers lipped the box's edge, a knock sounded at the door.

"Ugh, not again." Sakura sighed and went to answer the call.

"So forehead, did you get the thing you ordered?" Ino tried staring around Sakura's neck and shoulder.

"I haven't even opened it yet."

Ino squealed, Sakura chuckled and let her in.

Taking in a deep breath, Sakura again took the box's lip and ripped open the container which separated her and her preso-con.

There was a short pause before,

"OMG! Sakura! That could be Sasuke's double!" Ino shrieked in amazement.

"Quiet down pig!" Sakura hissed, she didn't want her neighbors hearing about this.

Ino came closer to inspect, Sakura implored her,

"Please Ino, don't tell anyone," Her sad green eyes lingered on her best friend's hovering form.

Ino tore her blue orbs away from the body that laid within the box and looked at her childhood friend.

"Of course," Even though Ino was the biggest motor mouth in all of Konoha, she would keep her friend's secret.

Sakura took out the owner's manual as Ino went to go make some tea. After scanning the manual, she found the switch behind his left ear lobe. Sakura sat back and stared at the perso-con, should she really go through with this? Maybe she should return it....

"Well.. what are you waiting for Sakura?" Ino had returned and stood behind her.

With a shaky breath, Sakura reached the earlobe and pressed the switch. When the perso-con opened it's eyes for the first time, Sakura's breath stilled.

Sitting up, he gazed blankly at her, and in a monotone voice started to speak,

"This is a product of the PCN corporation, thank you for purchasing this perso-con. Please refer to the manual for all your instructing needs."

Sakura gaped, the perso-con was the exact replica of Sasuke, except she knew deep down it was just an advanced artificial life form.

"If you are Sakura Haruno, please say so now."

"I am Sakura Haruno."

She could hear faint whirring.

The perso-con closed it's eyes, Sakura's heart jolted.

Upon opening them, it's eyes took on a warm glow as if he was real.

"What is my name?"

After careful and quick consideration, Sakura replied,


End Chapter