I rolled my eyes at the stares as I rolled into the Forks high parking lot in my ancient Chevy truck, a 'Gift' from my father, psh! More like a curse, I'd rather walk to school then drive in this piece of shit, but I didn't want to hurt his feelings now did I? No, because if I did he might just think twice about letting me live with him. I slowly got out of my truck and walked up to the office.

"Hello, may I help you?" a women at the front desk asked,
"I'm the new student, Isabella Swan" I said offering a wolfish smile.
"Yes, here you go, this is a map and please get your teachers to sign this slip, and this is your time table" she said handing me a small stack of papers. I nodded and left and started to walk to my first class – English- "Hi, I'm Mike" This blonde golden boy looking guy greeted walking up to me, I sighed and said "Hi, listen. I don't want to be here, and I'm not looking for friends. So why don't you just run along now" I said icily.

I didn't wait for a response and started to walk away "Bitch" I heard him mutter. I rolled my eyes and walked to class. I found the room and walked in, I gave my slip to the teacher "Would you like to Introduce yourself to the class?"
"No, I'm alright" I said and took an empty seat.
"Please introduce yourself to the class" he said

"No" I chuckled lightly as he glowered and started to write on the board.

The rest of the morning went about in the same manner; all my teachers officially hate me now. But do I care? Pshh, no. I walked into the lunch room and got a small salad and a soda, I roughly dropped my tray onto an empty table sat down and put my boot clad feet on the table. I glanced around the room and saw a table of five teenagers staring at me. I sent them a wolfish spine chilling smile and turned my attention to my salad.


The girl sent us a disturbing smile and started to eat her salad. "We should invite her over" Alice suggested. "She must be lonely sitting there by herself." She continued.
"I don't know," Jasper commented "She's letting off some serious anger, and annoyance, but mainly anger"
"Go over and invite her over Jaz!" Alice grinned and poked his arm; he rolled his eyes and got up.


I looked up to see a blonde, guy walking over; he looked like he was in pain. He was one of the five teenagers.
"Hi" he said,
"That smile wasn't an invitation to come introduce yourself" I said sarcastically,
"Well I thought you'd like to come sit with my family and I" He said ignoring my comment,
"And why would I want to do that?" I asked,
"Well wouldn't your father want you to make friends?" he asked,

"True that" I murmured, "Sure" I sighed stood up and picked up my tray,
"Cool" he said and started to walk over I followed and sat in a empty seat.
"Hi!" a little pixie girl said,

"Hey Pixie" I murmured nodding in greeting.
"My name is Alice" she said a bit miffed,

"I'll stick to Pixie" I smirked,
"This is Edward, Rosalie, Emmett and I'm Jasper" The blonde guy said,
"Nice to meet you" I lied.

"So where did you live before here?" The pixie asked, I was going to say phoenix, in truth I did live there for half a week, but I decided to say where I have been living for the past 2 and a half years,
"State prison" I said taking a sip of my soda.

The girls laughed lightly while the guys chuckled, when they saw that I wasn't laughing the red head –Edward- asked, "You're serious?" he asked.
Now I laughed, "You know it," I smiled mockingly.
"What did you get in for?" the big burly one asked,

"Murder" I stated simply,
He raised an eye brow "Murder?"
"You scared yet?" I chuckled darkly.
"Nope" He smirked,

"You killed someone?" The blonde supermodel asked
"It was in self defence," I defended myself "Except the first one, but that was still an accident" I added and took a big bite of lettuce.
"How did you do it?" The big one asked, he seemed truly interested,
"The second one? I stabbed him." I said, "You seemed to be taking this pretty well," I commented,

"You must of had your reasons," The Edward guy said,
I rolled my eyes, "Whatever makes you feel better Eddie" I said,
"We still don't know your name" Pixie stated,

"Yes, and it shall remain a mystery for another day, little pixie" I said leaving my half eaten salad and empty soda bottle of the table as I stood as the bell rang and started to walk to my next class.

I walked into the lab and handed the stupid slip to the teacher and sat at an empty lab desk, soon the red head walked in and sat next to me, we sat in silence while the teacher talked, then when we started to do the lab he asked, "Why did you do it?" He asked
"Self defence" I said as I wrote down answers
"Then why did you get locked up, and what about the first one?" he asked
"That was an accident." I said darkly "I didn't mean for him to die" I glared at my work. "He just wasn't strong enough" I muttered under my breath.

He stopped asking questions then – good for him- and we finished the work in silence. Soon it was time for gym, which being the new student I got to sit out for that. Soon I was on the slow drive home, I walked into the small one story house – that was like a mansion compared to the small isolation cell I had been living in for the past two and a half years- slamming the door on the way, I stalked past my father and up the stairs into my room.

I slammed that door too and dumped my stuff on the floor. Time for some decorating I though as I dug through my bag for the can of spray paint in my bag, I shook the can and started to spray on the wall and covered my mouth with my hand, I sprayed random sayings and symbols over my wall and then stood back to look at my handy work.

I smiled a wolfish smile at nothing. And wiped my hands on the curtains I dumped my homework in my waste basket and fired up my out of date laptop. I checked my email and as I was shutting it down my parole officer called, "you have reached the owner of this phone, speak now or be hung up on" I answered dryly,
"Bella, It's me" Nick said, "Just checking in"
"Yeah I'm fine Nick, school is boring and the kids are annoying but I'm not about to kill anyone anytime soon so you can go back to your everyday life now" I answered sarcastically.
"Kay Bella, I'll call tomorrow. It is my job after all" He muttered and hung up.

I threw my phone down onto the desk and pushed back; I fell back onto my bed and soon fell asleep. An early night after my first day of school.