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Everything was black.

Not that those horrible dreams were colorful. But I rarely dream after all. I had always seen futures, never my own dreams. But somewhere in my head, I saw a glimpse of my own good dream, a rare yet pleasant one.

But this was hardly a dream. I couldn't see a thing. Was there a dream like this before, just black, dark?

I felt like someone was touching my hand, saying something to me. I couldn't focus on it.

"Athrun…? Are you all right? What do you see?"

My eyes were opened?

I tried to blink.

And blink.

I rubbed my eyes, and tried to open them again.

Still black.

And then I felt it, the stinging pain on my forehead and something on my left arm, like it was bundled.

Slowly, I raised my head, and my palm met the gauze.

"Careful there. It's still bleeding." A voice told me; it sound deep and old. Doctor, I thought.

Well, I sighed. At least I'm still alive. That's all I could hope, I suppose, after fighting the fate.

I rested my head to the pillow and closed my eyes, though there was no difference coming from this action now. The doctor was talking about 'head trauma', 'blindness', and 'incurable'. Like I said, err…thought, at least I'm still alive. I could feel the warmth on my right arm. It was the former person. I didn't realize that the doctor had left.

"I'm so sorry… Really… It was my fault…" the person sobbed, a woman. Soft hairs were meeting my lower arm, and then skin warmth. Her forehead; she was sobbing to my arm.


"It's all right," I said. "Are you?"

"I am." Tears were starting to wet my skin. "But you're not." She cried now.

"I think it's better than die." A small smile formed on my lips.

"I took your sight forever."

"It's better than losing you," I assured her. "Now, please stop. It's unbearable to… see you in tears, if you know what I mean."

But nothing I had said was making her tears stop flowing. "It's this or the other, Cagalli. And I really don't like the other, so this is the best. Now please."

Her tears stop eventually.

I hope those horrible dreams will stop from now on by this.