Note: Nanniichuan is 'Spring of Drowned Boy'. Technically, it probably wouldn't effect Conan, but that wouldn't make much of a story, ne? ^_^

Lost in Nerima
By Icka! M. Chif

Edogawa Conan, a.k.a. Kudo Shin'ichi, was lost.

Well, technically that wasn't true. He wasn't exactly lost. He knew exactly where he was and how to get back home. He just chose to ignore that for the moment.

Every so often it was just nice to get away from everyone and just... wander. Right now he was making his way thru the winding streets of Nerima, enjoying the peaceful sounds of the quiet city.

Birds chirping in the trees, a kind old grandmother watering the front sidewalk, the sound of a fight heading towards him.

A fight heading towards him?!

Conan looked up to see what was either an impressive impromptu mid-air ballet or the start of one heck of a battle. A pigtailed boy was bouncing from rooftop to tree to wall to what ever he could leap off of. Following him in much the same style was a purple haired girl dressed in Chinese clothes and waving a bucket. Behind her was a long haired man in too large robes and glasses.

"Airen kiss Shampoo!" The purple haired girl shouted, waving the bucket.

"I ain't kissin' nobody!" The boy shouted, bouncing away.

"Shampooooooooooooo!" The second boy called, tripping on a roof tile. He fell, various ropes, chains, yo-yos and other strange objects flying out of his sleeves.

One of the chains hit the bucket the girl was carrying. Said bucket followed the laws of physics that the people seemed to be casually ignoring.



He blinked, wiping the water out of his eyes to find himself looking at the world from a much taller prospective. He was back to his true size!!! He was-

Feeling a rather cold draft. Glancing down, he realised that the sudden growth spurt had caused his Conan-sized clothes to fall apart like much used tissue. About the only thing that hadn't been completely shredded was his bow tie and the shoes, which had simply fallen off.

"Shampoo! I love you!" Shin'ichi suddenly found him self being enthusiastically hugged by the second boy.


"Stupid Mousse!" The purple haired girl snapped. "You spilled water for Airen! Airen got away!"

"Shampoo?" The robed boy pulled down his glasses and peered at him. "You're not Shampoo." He protested.


"Stupid Mousse spilled instant Nanniichuan on to little kid!" Shampoo informed him arrogantly. "Little kid grow out of clothes."

"Oh. Here."

Before Shin'ichi could blink again, he found himself suddenly dressed in a Chinese tunic and pants. Stupid Mousse and Shampoo bounced away, shouting at each other in Chinese.

Shin'ichi looked down, trying to process what had just happened.

Fact #1: He'd just been splashed with water.
Fact #1a: By 2 crazy bouncing Chinese martial artists.
Fact #2: He was Shin'ichi again.
Fact #3: Aw, screw fact #3. He was Shin'ichi again!

And for the moment, that was all that mattered.

He knelt down and picked up what remained of his clothing and quickly trotted off towards the nearest subway station.

He had promises to keep to Ran, as well as a half finished dinner to complete.

And if he was lucky, no one would die this time.


He'd been Shin'ichi again for an hour now and nothing bad had happend. He hadn't turned back into Conan and there was no sign of the Men in Black. It was enough to almost make him want to sing.

He settled for grinning at everyone. Close enough.

The steps up to the Mouri household had never looked so inviting before. He practically danced his way up them, eager to see Ran as himself again. Even if it meant having to cover the fact that he was Conan.

He knocked on the door and waited, grinning happily.

"Just a moment!" Ran called. He could hear her footsteps coming to the door. The door opened and-


"Oh, no! Dad's coffee! I'm so sorry, Conan-kun!" Ran looked down at him apologetically.

Shin'ichi, once again soaking wet and in the body of Conan, sighed and picked up the extremely large clothing so he could walk inside. "It's okay, Ran-neechan." He said politely.

She peered at him, concern clearly written on her face. "What happened to you?" She asked, leaning down to pick up one of the too long sleeves of the Chinese garb.

He sighed again, deciding the first order of business was a shower, even if he had had enough of getting wet today.

"You wouldn't believe me if I told you..."


Voices also thought it might be amusing if Kudo got splashed with Nyanniichuan (Spring of Drowned Girl) too. That way he could finally a grown up again, only... female. *snickers*
Yes, we've decided we -like- picking on Conan. It's fun!

"I am the undefeated mystery solver of this school, the rising new star of the high school's soccer team. The sound of my voice strikes fear into the hearts of my enemies. My peers call me the Teen Age Detective of Teitan High: Shin'ichi Kudo, age 17."