A knock on the door interrupted Hattori Shizuoka as she started to prepare that night's dinner. She sighed and set down the knife she was chopping the vegetables up with. "Coming!"

She had just stepped into the hallway when the door opened. "Heiji?" She called.

Instead of an answer, a soaking wet large brown and black dog ran by, followed by a wet calico cat she could have sworn she'd seen before. They pounded down the hall, pausing to dash into the furo.

There was a muffled grunt, followed by twin splashes from the direction of the large tub. Shizuoka blinked, taken back. What odd behaviour for animals...

A loud cry interrupted her thoughts. "HENTAI!"

It sounded like Kazuha-chan. This was abruptly followed by a voice she -knew- was her son's. "It's not like I looked on purpose!"

Splashes came from the tub, covering whatever reply Kazuha might have had. Shizuoka blinked again as her son and Kazuha-chan charged out of the bathroom, running in the direction of Heiji's bedroom, both with towels tightly wrapped around them.

She paused; listening as drawers being opened and slammed shut echoed from the bedroom, followed by the sounds of two people quickly getting dressed.

Kazuha ran back by dressed in some of Heiji's clothes, pushing a towel along the floor with her hands to wipe up the water left by the animals. "I swear Hattori, sometimes you are just the biggest slob!" She grumbled.

"Hey! Part of that mess is yours too!" Her son protested, carrying a pair of umbrellas.

"Yeah, but you're bigger!"

"It's not my fault." He growled. "Dang weather, always changing all the time..."

"We know where we stashed our books this time?" Kazuha asked as she ran back by, her heels kicking up into the air as she continued to mop the floor. She disappeared into the bathroom.

Heiji shot her a sour look. "Yeah. You ready?"

"Ha! I was waiting for you!" She shot back, shaking her hands off. He handed her an umbrella and they walked out of the house, neither of them having noticed her.

Shizuoka blinked, then shook her head and walked back into the kitchen.

She looked on at Heiji and Kazuha's relationship with pride, but there were just some aspects of it she was sure she was not quite ready for...