Okay, I was bored, so I started this random fiction. Actually, my best friend gave me this idea, so this is dedicated to her! Hope you enjoy it!


Conversation between Connor and Lorcan

Chapter # 1 : Understanding the language

Come here, Tempest, looks like you need a little remontant.

I don't speak French, Furey.

That what language do you speak then?

I wish you'd go curl up in a hole and die.

I see you're very fluent.

I have no time for this. Get out of my room this instant.

Oh, Tempest, when's the last time you've had intelligent conversation, hmm? Vampirate to half-thingy. It's dark out; the little ones are safely cuddled in their blankets. The moon's shining. The fire's warm…

Evil Sidorio is out hunting young Vampirates for supper…

Tempest. Sit down, have a drink. You look dreadful.

I can't help it. You stole my conditioner.

See? You've already brightened up a bit. Please, sit. Here, tell me what you think of this.

It's dreadfully non-alcoholic.

You would think a good-looking chap like yourself would pay attention to his health.

I thought you meant intelligent conversation, Furey.

Right you are. I hear the theory on self-preservation in Polynesian marsh bats being able to use Mosh Zu's whacky potions to change their newborns into an unknown species of a different planet is being proven in the field…

Do you have anything else to drink?

Why don't you be patient for a moment, my sweet, while I call room service?

I dislike those little elves you keep locked up in your room.

I think they're cute.

You must have had a very horrifying childhood.


That's it for now! Do tell me what you think of it and your suggestions, ideas and everything is always welcome!:)