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A Sinner's Confession

John's head was thrown back in pleasure, his lips parted slightly as he gasped for air. His whole body was on fire, his nerves set a blaze from the passion he felt with the other man. "Mike!" he cried, his fingers, once clinging to Mike's neck, now digging his short nails into the sensitive flesh of the backs of his shoulders. He drug them down, leaving long red angry marks on the tan skin. "More…" his eyes flew open, something inside sparking him and setting him ablaze all over again. "Michael!" His hands clenched into fists, the burning and pressure building in his belly break and his release splattering against his stomach and Mike's as it was sandwiched between them. His body relaxed back, his body going flaccid as the hard cock inside him kept moving at a slow, painfully slow pace that easily fulfilled their every need, no matter how wrong it may have been between them.

Mike placed his forehead against John's, capture those pouty lips with his and slipping his tongue deep into the moist cavern. "John, I'm about to," he whispered, slowing his already slow pace and repositioning his hands so he could brush back some of the hair that had fallen into the angelic face. "Can I?"

John shook his head. "He'll know," he whispered, looking up into the dark blue eyes of the other man. "I can't risk it."

Mike nodded, sighing heavily before reaching between him and his lover and pulling himself out before jacking himself to the end, his own seed squirting over John's sated member and his taut belly. "That makes me feel like you're my whore not my lover," Mike whispered, rolling off of John when he got the long legs from wrapped around his waist. "I miss doing it inside."

John rolled over only managing to soil the sheets, forgetting that he would have to change them in only a few hours. He threw an arm over Mike's chest, propping up on one elbow and smiling. "I'm sorry," he whispered, dragging his fingers over the sweaty skin. "It's your fault. You're the one that left me."

Mike groaned. "Are you really going to bring that up now?" he asked, throwing the covers off and pushing John away from him. He sat on the edge of the bed, putting his legs through his boxers and getting up to pull them up to his hips. "I'm not in the mood to hear about this right now."

John sat up, the sheets falling down around his bare hips. "Why not? You're the one that left me last year at the draft. All that time we spent together! All those nights together! You threw it all away like it was nothing and now I have to resort to sleeping around on the man that picked me up and started loving me right. Everything that we went through and you threw me away like a used napkin."

Mike sighed, turning back and pulling John into a hug. "And I'm sorry!" he whimpered, stroking the long hair gently. "Alright. I'm sorry for everything! I messed up. Now come back to me John. I'm tired of this. I'm tired of sneaking in and trying to convince you that I've changed and then get sent packing because HE'S going to be home."

John sighed, pushing Mike away. "That's what's you're going to have to deal with. He's never done anything to hurt me. Dammit Mike, he loves me and I love him," he retorted.

"Then why the fuck do you have me come over and fuck you and then leave. You could easily but a vibrator to do the same shit I've been doing for months. Is that all I am now? A fucking dildo that you put away until you need me again?" He was hurt. He refused to ever hear any of that out of John's mouth before, mostly because he had never said it so seriously before. "I love you John. I've never stopped. Dammit John I've always loved you!"

John suddenly felt hot wet tears slip down his cheeks. "That's why I keep doing this Mikey… I can't quit this. You were the first man I was with and dammit, you were the only person that loved me like you did. You were my first love Mike. Why do you think I keep this up? I love you! Okay? I love you!"

Mike sighed, looking down at the disheveled sheets, John's naked skin making his heart flutter in his chest. All their sneaking around, all their secret meetings, all the sex they had was wrong. He knew that. He couldn't think about if it was him that John was sleeping around on, thinking that he was at home sleeping while he was out working late training with a kid that didn't know shit about wrestling and had no business in the ring. "Shit John…." He murmured, reaching out and tucking some of John's hair behind his ear. "Just leave him. Come back to me then. Please."

John shook his head. "It's not that easy Mikey. It's not that easy anymore… he loves me Mike and I love him…. He met my parents. They love him, his mom and dad are great. They love me. We were thinking about getting engaged… He loves me that much Michael. He loves me enough to ask me to be with him forever," he explained, his voice trembling. "And I think I want to be with him the rest on my own life."

Mike's heart was shattered. He sat there, his body frozen, heart aching. "Is this why you asked me to come over? To have one last fuck and then tell me all this John?" he asked softly, his voice cracking. "That's what this was all about wasn't it? To tell me that you and him were going to pretty much get married?" He paused, his muscles tensing up and his fists clenching. "This is what all this was about?" He grabbed John by his shoulders and pushed him back onto the bed, smashing their lips together roughly, their teeth clashing as hi ground his lips into the Shaman of Sexy's.

John groaned. He knew Mike could be possessive and he knew that there was almost nothing better than rough sex with him. "Mike please," he whimpered, teeth sinking into his neck, leaving love bites and hickeys all over his neck and chest.

"You're mine Johnny. I'm tired of sharing you with him. He's not getting you." He bit down a little harder than he meant to and made John squeak before moaning loudly.

John's mouth hung open as he held onto Mike's neck. He felt Mike slam back into him, their bodies clashing together roughly, hurting John more than it was meant to. "Mike, please, you're hurting me!" he whimpered, the rough thrusting making him feel invaded but just as turned on as before. "Please Mike, jerk me."

Mike growled, rolling over and slamming up into John's body. "Do it yourself. You don't want me anymore anyway," he snapped, grasping the pale hips and shoving himself all the way into John's abused hole. "I said do it!"

John groaned, taking himself into his hand and jerking fast and hard to Mike's thrusts. "Mike!" he cried, his second orgasm hitting him hard and squirting all over Mike's chest and a lone pillow. He stayed in place, Mike holding him there by digging his nails deep into the thin flesh. "Mike!"

Mike groaned, closing his eyes to keep the tears off his face. He didn't want to lose John. Not like this. He groaned, one of John's hands making its way to his chest and tweaking a hard nipple. "Dammit John!" he cried, slamming up into John as hard and deep as he could before he exploded deep inside his lover. "I won't give you up John. Not to him, not to anyone."

John slumped over Mike, kissing those bruised swollen lips gently, the warmth inside making him smile. "Mike…"

"What the hell is this? John?"

"Maybe we should come back…"

The two voices were right at the door, making Mike and John pull apart, already sure that they had been seen connected before they covered themselves with the already messy blankets.

John looked up into the dark brown eyes, seeing the anger and hurt that radiated off of him. "Ron… please… it's not what you think," he whimpered, watching as Ron turned and left, leaving his best friend Matt Hardy to stand there and stare in shock at the sight. "Matt… please. I know this looks bad but it's not what it looks like."

Matt held up his hands, backing up and looking for his best friend. "Ron!" he called, running back towards the front of the house, after the other man.

John grabbed the sheets and ran after his true lover, hoping to find him before he got too far away. "Ronny wait!" he cried, catching him at the door. "Please listen to me. Please. Ron!" He looked up into the dark eyes, pleading for him to stay.

"Just so you can explain why you're in our bed, getting fucked by him?" he asked, screaming at John. "Wasn't I enough for you? I pretty much moved out here to be with you. John, what did I not do?"

John reached out, resting a hand on the ebony arm. "Ronny… I'm sorry. I was trying to break it off. I love you. I'm sorry," he whimpered, getting pushed away. He looked up at the other man before sighing. "I didn't mean for you to find out this way. I didn't want you to see me like this at all!"

Ron turned to John. "You're sorry?" he asked, his voice quiet. "You're sorry… Yeah, me too." He looked over at Matt, whose brown eyes were wide and completely shocked. "Fine. I'm going back to Charlotte." He opened the door, stumbling when John stopped him again. "Get off me!"

"Don't yell at him!" Mike growled, now fully clothed. "John doesn't need you anymore. He's never needed you. We've been fucking the entire time you've been dating. Now stay the hell away from him."

Ron was shocked. "John?" he questioned, looking down into the hurt eyes. "You've been sleeping with him this entire time?" He tried to look into the brown eyes, finding they were diverted. His lower lip quirked, this teeth sinking into his lower lip as he looked towards the ceiling to stop the impending tears. "This entire relationship has been a lie? Just a sick joke huh?"

"No. It wasn't meant to be like this Ron!" John cried, his tears fresh and falling hard. "It wasn't supposed to happen at all. Ron, let me explain!"

Ron shook his head. Turning away from John and scrunching up his face to fight off the tears. "Just forget it John. I'm done," he muttered, yanking his arm free from the other man before turning to Mike and tensing up again. "You…." He stomped over to Mike before punching him right in the cheek. "You asshole. I trusted you for this entire time, thinking that you and him were over and that we were friends. Fuck you Mike. Fuck you." He turned away, heading towards the door, only to get his arm taken by John. He turned, yanking his arm free. "And you… you stay away from me. I don't want to see your face ever again. I loved you. I gave you everything I had. Apparently that wasn't good enough for you. Stay the fuck away from me. We're through."

John watched Ron leave, Matt in tow behind him. "Ron!" he cried, falling to his knees as the door shut in front of him. "Ronny…." He sobbed, trying to figure out where he'd gone wrong, where he'd let everything get out of hand that led him to sitting there, naked on his floor sobbing for Ron to come back to him, while Mike stood behind him holding a stiff jaw.

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