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Just A Spark

John fell into his bed, pulling his pillow into his chest and sighing. He looked over at his phone, it sitting on the edge of the desk by the door where he'd set it down. He rolled over to his back and looked up at the ceiling. He wished he could find someone like Ron, at least personality wise. Hell, he wished Mike was kind of like Ron. He knew that Mike had cared at one point in time, but somewhere it all went down hill and Mike wasn't like he used to be. After thinking over Ron's words at the bar he got up and grabbed his phone, looking at his text messages before flopping back down on the double bed and sighing. He had twelve text messages waiting on him. Twelve.

What do you mean good-night?


Don't ignore me Dammit!

John just answer me okay?

What the hell are you doing?

Who are you out with?

John, text me back. Or call me at least

Please call me John.

Fine, fuck you too

Why won't you answer me?

John please fucking call me.

God dammit John, call me for fucks sake!

John sighed, looking at each message before shoving his face into his pillow to scream. He was tired of begging Mike to come back. He pulled away and dialed the other man's number.

"It's about fucking time you called me!" Mike yelled, not even letting a second ring make it into John's ear. "What the fuck? What have you been doing? I've been messaging you and you just tell me 'good-night'. Where the hell have you been?"

John sighed. "Ron and I went out to the bar," he explained, more yelling filling his ear.

"Are you fucking him now? He's better than me that you can't even call?"

"Mike, please, he took my phone. We're trying to get to know each other because Vince put us in a storyline together!" he jumped in, trying to get Mike to calm down. "That's all that was going on. I promise."

Mike was silent for a minute. "Oh, I see." He was quiet for a little while longer.

John smiled slightly, when Mike was quiet like that, it normally meant that he felt like an asshole. "I miss you," he said, laying back and looking up at his ceiling. "I really do."

"I miss you too," Mike whispered back.

"Where're you and the rest of the RAW guys?"

"Don't know, don't really care. You and Ron are going to make a tag team?" Mike asked, really thinking about what that meant. He knew normally that when two people started to tag then they usually hooked up during that time. At least most of the time it happened that way. Hell, that's how him and John started dating.

"Yeah. Vince told us about it tonight. We went out to get to know each other at least a little. Since we'll be working out and training together now."

"Do you like him?"

"Well I guess. He's not too bad really. He's pretty fun."

"That's not what I meant. Do you like him like him John?"

John sighed, knowing this was eventually going to come up. "Mike, I we just went out for drinks. Ron's a nice guy but I doubt there's anything like that going to happen. I love you, remember?"

Mike made a disgruntled noise.

"Will you tell me something?"

"What's that John?"

"Why did you really leave me?"

Mike was silent. "We were fighting constantly. I was tired of our yelling matches and you didn't seem like you were happy. Shit John, we were separated on top of it. It's hard enough to be together on the same show but on opposite brands? It's almost impossible."

John nodded. "I know. Hey Mike?"


"I love you."

Mike was silent for a moment. "I love you too John."

"Do you think we could meet up soon?"


"Okay, I'm going to go to bed then Mike. I love you."

"Alright. Sweet Dreams John. I love you too."

Ron smiled, punching and kicking at the bag in front of him. He looked over at the door slamming shut and smiled at John's sleepy form. "Long night?" he asked, walking over and greeting him.

"Eh… it wasn't so bad. I stayed up too late talking with Mike," he admitted, stretching and yawning. "Normally, I get to bed a lot earlier."

"Ah, it's not going to be too bad. I asked Matt if him and Jeff could come out and train with us for a little while. So we'll probably be over at a gym for a little while. Hope that's okay.

John nodded, following Ron out of the hotel's little workout room and across the street to a local gym that he was sure WWE had rented it out for them and some others to work out peacefully. "They actually feel like it?"

Ron chuckled. "Jeff didn't want to get up, I guess he had spent the night hanging out with Shannon and they'd partied a little too hard," he said, opening the door to the gym and smiling, there already in the ring was Matt, giving Jeff a good stern talking to, Shannon off in the corner of the room gripping his head in pain as he sipped on a cup of water. "I hope we're not interrupting."

Jeff perked up. "Of course not!" he said, jumping out of the ring and running away from Matt who at that moment was shaking his head at his younger brother. Jeff shook Ron's hand before jumping up and hugging John close to him. "It's been a while!"

John nodded. "Yeah it really has. How's TNA going for you?"

"Better than this place," Jeff muttered, looking back at Matt's dark stare. "I'm in trouble at the moment. I guess me and Shannon stayed out too late and worried Matt. I'm 32 years old. I don't know what he treats me like I'm 12."

John merely chuckled, walking with Jeff up into the ring. "So how are we tagging or how's this going to work?"

"Well since you and Ron need the tag practice I figured we would start there. It'll be the Hardy Boyz versus… eh… do you guys have a name yet?" Matt asked, pointing at Ron before looking down at his feet.

Ron and John shook their heads.

"Oh well, you'll figure it out soon enough. Lets just get started."

After getting used to each other and comfortable with the other's style Ron and John were doing great. They were inter changing and working with each other like they had been tagging together for years.

Over the course of four hours Shannon had traded places with both Jeff and Matt, forcing John and Ron to change to the new styles quickly. After their tagging session and a little time to just sit around and talk, Matt took Jeff and Shannon back to their hotel, telling Jeff that he wasn't going back out that evening.

"You know him and Shannon are going to sneak out again anyway. The always do," Ron told John, watching them leave. "You wanna get something to eat? Working out with them always makes me hungry." He began wiping the sweat off his face with one of the gym towels only to yelp when it got stuck on one of the rods through his right eyebrow. "Shit!"

John looked over at the other man, wiping his own face off. He couldn't help but laugh at Ron's predicament, the towel in question almost hanging off the man's eyebrow.

"You could help you know," Ron mumbled grouchily. He wasn't sure why he couldn't get it undone on his own, like he'd done so many times before. He sighed, watching as John stood there, his arms crossed over his chest. "Please?" He waited, the other man smiling and walking over to him. Ron't breath stopped when those ivory hands gently pushed his away.

John's body saw suddenly the closest it had ever been to Ron's. It was so close in fact that Ron's dark eyes could see the little rivulets of sweat on John's neck and bare chest. The air between them became hotter and the slightest touch of John's nimble fingers brushing against Ron's skin sent tremors down Ron's spine and butterflies through his stomach.

One the towel was successfully removed, John handed it to Ron, their fingers touching for moments longer than what was necessary. He smiled, reaching up and getting a single stubborn white string untangled from Ron's second eyebrow piercing. "They seem dangerous almost," John murmured, his fingers tingling from their brief contact.

Ron only smiled. "Just with towels," he admitted, pulling away from John to relive some of the tension in the air. John's smile made his stomach do back flips. "You must not have any kind of piercing."

John shook his head. He had never wanted one, and he wasn't going to change his mind when he was almost thirty years old. "Not even my ears. I don't really like them, at least on me," he replied, turning towards the door of the gym, giving even more room between them. "You said something about food?"

Ron smiled, draping an arm over John's shoulders and led him out. "Well, I don't know about you, but I'm gonna go back to my room and get a shower and then we can go out for something to eat. How's that sound?"

"Sounds great. You wanna just meet back in the lobby?"

Ron nodded, walking with John back over to the hotel. "So, you don't have any of those hidden piercings then," Ron teased, pushing the up button for the elevator. "No belly ring or hip piercings?"

John shook his head smiling. "Nope, totally a virgin body, no holes, no tattoos, nothing," he said, turning in a circle before getting on the elevator with Ron.

Ron's cheeks brightened with his thoughts. "Really now?" He smiled, trying not to think of John being a real virgin.

"You okay?"

Ron shook his head, breaking his naughty thoughts to look at John. "What? Yeah, I'm fine, what's up?"

John smiled, knowing that he'd caught Ron in some pervy world. Who it was with he didn't know but somewhere inside he hoped, for some reason or another, that it was himself. "You're face lit up, like you were blushing or something."

Ron scoffed. "I don't blush, my skin is too dark," he reasoned lamely. He looked away, John's giggling warming his heart. He decided that he was going to try not to think of those kinds of things with John around anymore.



"I bet you were thinking of something dirty," John accused, earning a good shove from the other man into the side of the elevator. "You were!" He evaded Ron as effectively as he could in the small space. Luck was on his side and the doors opened just as he was about to be cornered. He darted under Ron's arms and out the doors, hoping the put at least a little distance between him and Ron. Luck wasn't that generous with him because Ron was hot on his heels.

Ron chased after the other man, darting around stuff and people to get to the other man. He easily trapped him at John's door, his hands on either side of the other man's shoulders, their faces close together, his breath rushing over John's face, while John's ghosted over his. "Caught you."

John smiled, shaking his head, and turning the handle of his room door, making both of them fall back into the doorway. He started to laugh, Ron's body on top of his, making his whole body tingle.

"You did that on purpose," Ron accused, rolling off John, and onto his back. He looked up at the ceiling, moving his feet so the door could close. "God I'm getting old." Ron groaned, getting up.

John laughed getting up as well. "You're not that much older than me," John teased, crossing his arms.

Ron snorted. "If you say so," he muttered, turning towards the door, sure that John would like to get into the shower, not to mention that he needed one as well. "I better-"

John turned Ron to face him, smashing him into the door, his hands clutching the other man's shoulders. "You are not old! So there's a few years difference. That doesn't mean anything!" John said, nodding his head, and letting Ron go.

Ron smiled, grabbing John and slamming him up against the door. "I'm almost a decade older than you John," he murmured, looking deep into the surprised dark eyes, his heart racing in his chest, his head screaming at him to lean in and plunder that soft looking mouth with his own. "It's getting up there. I didn't mean anything by it."

John nodded mindlessly, his body working against him. His knees were weak, his heart racing, his eyes flickering over every bit of visible dark flesh. Those intense brown eyes were locked onto his, and John felt electricity running through his body, setting off every nerve he had making them scream for him to do something crazy, like kiss those lips in front of his. "I… I gotta… gotta get a… a shower…" he stuttered, his body lax against the door.

Ron nodded, pulling away and feeling completely out of line. "I didn't mean to scare you or anything," he apologized, once he had backed away from John. "If you don't want to go out for dinner I understand."

John shook his head. "No, that's not it. I just… er… I just need a shower. I'll see you back in the lobby in about twenty minutes?" he asked, resting a hand on Ron's arm, those electrical jolts back.

Ron nodded, trying to make it past John to get out of the door, finding that every step he took, John followed, both getting more and more embarrassed as they danced around trying to figure out which way the other was going. "Sorry," he finally said, getting past John and holding onto the door handle. "Lobby, twenty minutes, right?"

John nodded, looking down at his feet, hoping Ron couldn't see the blush that was painted on his cheeks. He closed the door, his back resting against the strong wood before sliding down to the floor. He sighed, his heart racing that it had never raced before. He touching his chest, feeling the strong pounding. "Oh Ron," he murmured, wondering what was making him feel like he was. He didn't want to have a crush on the dark skinned man, but at that moment, it didn't seem like he had a choice in the matter, his heart was set on Ron, no matter what he thought.

Ron was walking back to his room, his mind wandering in a million different directions, that all led to John. He sighed, knowing that there was no way that he would ever be able to get with John. John was too cute, too popular, and totally stuck on Mike, so why would he ever give Ron a second look as more than just a tag team partner, and possibly a good friend? He sighed, rubbing his face roughly, wincing when he hit his previously injured eyebrow rod. The pain sucked, but the memory of early that day with those fingers touching his skin made him warm on the inside. "Dammit John," he muttered, trying to get his mind off of the younger man and on to something different.

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