Okay, this will be a collection of several drabbles made for me by friends and by me for friends! =D There will be lots of different fandoms, so I'll name each chapter with the pairing, so if you are interested you can just browse the chapters as they come out :P

This first drabble is from LJ buddy dinahqueen! =D

WARNING! Contains nonsexual spanking!

You know I want to see Owen getting tanned! LOL! I'll let you decide who you want the other player to be! *giggle*

Their reply was:

Subject: FICLET: Old Fashioned Man
I knew exactly what I wanted to write when I saw your prompt. Hope you enjoy it.

Clark Kent had always been an old fashioned man. It was a hallmark of how he had been raised and he couldn't help that. His parents had been old fashioned. There was right, and there was wrong. Clark didn't believe in shades of grey. It was one of the things that bothered him about Batmant.

There were some things that he couldn't abide. There were certain things that shouldn't be done. Especially things that involved his underage cousin. Clark didn't like to intrude, he knew he needed to give her space but he just couldn't sit here and let this slide. But this wasn't something for mild-mannered Clark Kent, this was a job for Superman.

It wasn't hard to plan. He found their heartbeats and just waited for them to be apart. He made excuses and then took his leave, changing in to his costume, and headed for the apartment that Kara shared with… that man. He didn't think propriety was in order and he let himself in.

The man in question was lounging on the couch, in nothing more than a pair of low hanging boxer shorts and a white tanktop that was fit tight to his body. Superman's eyes narrowed and Owen didn't notice his presence. Superman cleared his throat. Owen jumped to his feet, then stared wide-eyed at Superman standing in his living room.

"How old are you, son?" Superman asked, his voice neutral. Owen's eyes got wider and he took a step back, causing himself to stumble down on to the couch.

"Uh?" Owen responded as intelligently as he felt he was able. Superman's eyes narrowed. Owen bit down on his lower lip, feeling even more nervous. Of course, he knew who his roommate was and he should have expected something like this to happen eventually. He tried to explain that it was nothing, they were only friends. He would have gone on, but a vague reddening of Superman's eyes cut him off.

"I am a reasonable man, Mr. Mercer." Superman said. His voice was still level, uncompromising, unyielding. "Regardless of your attempt to convince me nothing is going on, I don't believe you. I think you are taking advantage of my cousin's age and naiveté." Owen opened his mouth to speak, Superman cut him off, raising his hand.

"And because of that, I think you need to be realigned, to turn your attentions elsewhere. And know I will be watching to make sure that things here stay on a very strict hands-off policy." Superman's voice was firm. He was at Owen's side before the speedster could even blink. It was another fraction of a second before Owen was strewn across Superman's lap.

"What a-" Owen's sentence was cut off when a solid smack landed on his backside. He fell silent, shock on his face. Superman's hand fell once more, on the other cheek this time. There were a few more solid smacks. Owen's face was red, outrage causing him to vibrate slightly.

"You can't do this!" Owen protested as he felt Superman's thumb hook in to his boxers to tug them down. It was already slightly pink, and Owen's cheeks flared up as he felt exposed and vulnerable. "This is insane, let me go!" Owen blustered. Superman put his free hand on Owen's back and pinned him there.

"I am going to do this, and hopefully it will be the first and only time." Superman told him. Owen's next comment was cut off when the hand came down again, now on bare flesh. Owen knew it was futile, but he struggled still, trying to get away, trying not to cry. He wasn't sure it'd ever end, and each smack only brought more pain, until it almost felt like every nerve ending was connected to his bottom, and each slap caused them all to fire.

He was sobbing by the time Superman finally stopped and winced when his boxers were tugged up and the cloth rubbed against his raw bottom. Superman lifted Owen up, and took him to his bedroom, laying him down.

"I don't want to have to do it again, son. So watch yourself." Superman warned him. He left... leaving Owen feeling humiliated and pained. He didn't come out of his room for the remainder of the evening, except to use the bathroom. He refused to tell Kara what had happened. He didn't sleep well because of the pain, and he resolved to find himself a girlfriend fast… so that the assumption would never be made again.