So, remember that little moment with the Pseudo-Klema in AAI that left all of us fans extremely dissatisfied?

This story is a light prequel to Nightfall but can be read as a standalone.

The Slip

Joy is a net of love by which you can catch souls.

-Mother Teresa

The first thing Ema Skye did when Klavier Gavin and his silly little band got off the stage was to jump straight on it and start peering off into the distance, hoping the increase in height would also increase her chances of finding Miles Edgeworth.

Yes, Ema was quite intent and excited on finding the famous prosecutor. Ever since she'd returned from Germany for her holiday, she'd done nothing but meet boring old friends, had to bear their ridiculous questions about Klavier Gavin (honestly, just because they both lived in the same country didn't mean they were bosom buddies) and, all around, waste her precious time on all things non-scientific.

That all changed when Phoenix had told her Edgeworth was in town.

Honestly, she'd never imagined she would even hear his name, let alone have the chance to see him. But now the possibility dangled before her tantalisingly and there was no way in HELL she was going to let it get away. He always wore such a distinctive colour and had such a distinctive frame that she knew she would be able to see him from a rather vast distance if need be. Okay maybe not from a mile because that was just impossible, scientifically speaking but –

A gasp scattered her thoughts. Was that – ? No wait, that shade was too pink to be him. How the hell had she mistaken the Pink Badger for him? Ema let out a disappointed sigh and resumed her scanning of the horizon, cursing the Gavinners for having chosen today to perform. Their presence had attracted a far larger crowd than usual and she was having more difficulty than she would have had if they weren't here today. She glanced at the boy band irritatedly as they packed up their gear, pausing once in a while to sign something from one of their stupid fans. She couldn't understand what on earth was so great about any of them – sure the lead singer, Klavier Gavin was handsome enough and maybe that other one, the drummer (what was his name? Deston something) and she could kind of see the allure of Daryan Crescend and maybe – oh fine, they were all handsome. But they were just ridiculously dressed up freaks at the end of the day. Another boy band to add to the endless category.

She shrugged. Maybe that's what people were into these days. She turned her eyes back to the multi-coloured dispersing crowd leaving through the doors. She edged forward impatiently.

"Where are you, Mr Edgeworth?" she muttered. "I know you've been around here. You have to come back."

She took another step forward, now looking at the stands, wondering if maybe he was there; it was unlikely but she needed to –


And then she felt a swooping sensation in her stomach, the kind one gets after missing a step and that is, in essence, what happened to her. Her next step landed on nothingness and then she was falling… falling…

There was a heavy thud, like wood or metal falling on the floor, and she remembered thinking it was an odd sound for her body to make as it hit the ground. Yet, the pain she'd been expecting never came and instead, she felt herself enveloped by warmth and something soft was beneath her, next to her… all around her. Had she died and gone to Heaven? That was a fast transition.

It wasn't until she opened her eyes that she realised she'd had them closed but the thought was of no importance in the face of what was before her… quite literally.

The azure eyes fixed on her were set in a tanned and chiselled face, framed by a chaotic mass of platinum hair. The concern etched in the planes of his face was at complete odds with the amusement dancing like blue flames in his gaze and, instantly, Ema felt her cheeks redden.

"Are you alright?" he asked and she was surprised at how manly his voice was when he was talking. It reverberated through his chest and she was suddenly painfully aware of her position; one arm was around her back, the other under legs and she was pressed against him unnecessarily close.

"Fräulein?" he spoke again and she bit her lip.

"Um, can you put me down?"

"Certainly," he said and she felt herself being lowered to the ground. She landed on her feet smoothly and glanced at him as he straightened, looking at her.


She didn't know what to say. She was embarrassed and humiliated that she'd been caught (literally and metaphorically) falling in front of a world renowned rock band. How the hell did she manage to get herself into these situations?

"Yo, K!" A voice called behind Ema and she turned in spite of herself to see the drummer approaching them, clad entirely in shocking yellow. He shot her a brief smile. "Are you okay, Miss?"

Ema nodded, inexplicably feeling more comfortable around him than Klavier. She wished she could remember his surname. Deston… Calvin? No that wasn't it.

"You won't be rocking with that guitar anymore, K," Deston said, addressing Klavier as he jerked a thumb over his shoulder. Ema glanced towards where he was gesturing and saw the instrument lying on the ground morosely, the end smashed and pieces scattered nearby.

"Ack!" Klavier sounded and Ema saw the frustration as well as disappointment on his face.

"What happened to it?" Ema blurt out and instantly wished she hadn't said anything when both of them looked at her.

"It is nothin – "

"K threw down his guitar and ran when he saw you falling," Deston said to her with a massive grin. Oh my God, Ema thought. That's what made that sound! Because of me!

"Thank you," she said to Klavier, her cheeks flushing an even deeper red. "And I'm sorry that you, er… about your guitar."

Klavier was regarding her with amusement and she ducked her head hoping her hair and hat would help in hiding her face.

Why was she so shy all of a sudden? Why did she feel so warm and self-conscious? Why did she wish the ground would open up and swallow her despite knowing how scientifically impossible it was?

"It is no problem, Fräulein," Klavier said moving one hand into his pocket, catching her eye. Her gaze ran over his clothes which were so… stupid but looked so good clad on him. His other hand reached up to his chest and his fingers curled around his sunglasses which were resting at the V of his shirt and it was then that she noticed the large G hanging from the thick chain around his neck.

"Maybe you should stay away from the stage, ja?" he said, slipping his sunglasses on. "Although you are beautiful enough for the limelight, I do not believe you are quite ready for it."

And then suddenly Ema wasn't so shy anymore. Her temper rose at the almost condescending tone of his voice and she glowered at him, her arms entwining over her chest.

"I don't want the damn limelight thank you very much," she snapped. "I was using the stage as leverage in an attempt to spot someone."

"Ah," Klavier said, nodding as if he understood. "A boyfriend?"

"No!" Ema replied heatedly.

Klavier leaned forward to look into her face and she had the urge to rip his sunglasses off his face, throw them to the ground and stomp on them.

"I hope nobody is standing you up, ja?" Klavier said with a smile and Ema's eyes widened in horror. "That would be a crime bigger than somebody not buying our album."

"For your information, I'm waiting for a friend!" Ema growled. "And the real crime is somebody buying your stupid album."

Suddenly, silence descended on them and Ema saw the flurry of activity cease from the corner of her eye. The rest of the Gavinners seemed to be staring at them but she refused to move her angry gaze from Klavier who chuckled.

"I think I will have to have you arrested, Fräulein," Klavier said with a cheeky grin.

"I – you – how – what?" Ema spluttered. Klavier's smile widened and he ran a hand through his hair.

"Or, if you prefer…" Klavier took a step toward her. "You could make it up to me by going to dinner with me tonight?"

"You can't be serious!" The moment the words left her mouth, Ema slapped a hand over it as if she could take them back and her eyes widened in horror when she saw that he was smiling widely.

"On the contrary, I am very serious, Fräulein."

"Yeah, I wouldn't put it past him to do that, Miss," Deston called and Ema's eyes snapped to him. When she saw that he was tending to the broken guitar, she suddenly felt guilty. Klavier had saved her from breaking every bone in her body (okay, maybe that was an exaggeration) and although she didn't understand why on Earth he'd want to take her anywhere, Ema figured the least she could do was say yes.

"Alright, fine," Ema sighed.

"Alright!" Deston whooped and Klavier glanced at his friend.

"Achtung!" he laughed. "She is agreeing to a date with me, not you."

Ema almost choked. A date? She suddenly remembered all the front page news that she saw every time she went past a news stand. A picture of any one member of the Gavinners with a girl was always plastered across the front with speculation about their relationship.

"Who should I ask for and where should I pick you up from, Fräulein?"

Another shock went through her as she realised he didn't even know her name. Did he do this often? Ask random women if they wanted to go out with him? Urgh. As much as she wanted to tell him no, she'd already agreed to it and he had ruined that guitar and she didn't think she would have the money to reimburse –


"Ema Skye," she shot at him. "And I'm staying at the Gatewater Hotel."

"How perfect," said Klavier with a flashy smile. "So am I. Very well, Ema Skye, I shall be at your door at precisely 8."

He took her hand in his and, kissing the back of it, he winked at her and walked away to join his departing band. Ema watched after him as Deston – what the hell was his name? – punched him on the shoulder with a laugh. As he passed Klavier the case which, she assumed, held the broken guitar Ema couldn't help but think that that stupid instrument was going to cost her a lot more than she realised.

Dammit. What the hell have I got myself into?