Number one. This is my ten challenge, ten stories in ten hours.

Twenty years in the past. Two characters watch the start of something. The start affects both of their lives.

They stood at the back of the ballroom, transfigured into small ladybugs, watching what was going on. They watched Lucius approach Narcissa, offering a dance. By the end of the night, they could see it in their eyes – it was similar to what they had.

It was the start of something so, so beautiful.

They watched Draco grow up, his young milestones as he took his first steps across those familiar, marble tiles, watched him dance around in the gardens as Narcissa and Lucius stood there, watching their son grow. They watched as Lucius' lines began to grow around his face, they watched the fights begin. They watched Voldemort himself walk into the dining room and offer Lucius a position. They watched in despair as he accepted.

They watched his father grow cold, their hands grasped tightly together. They watched his family grow apart.

They watched as they came together.

And then they were back and sitting in their same bedroom that they had seen them fight in, they took a trip to the same marble tiles where he grew up on, they smiled and cried at the life that this house – mansion – the life that they were bound to carry on. He kissed her as he cried, their tears intermingling.

The first words spoken, where the only words that needed to be said, "Without that I wouldn't be here. I wouldn't have you in my arms; I wouldn't be in love," Draco whispered.

"But you are," Hermione replied tenderly.

"I am."


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