Two. The Ten Challenge; Ten stories in Ten Hours.

It starts during a meal. There is an explosion, and there is a meat cleaver at the end.

Narcissa sat straight and tall across the dinner table as they silently watched the house elves bring dinner to the table. Lucius' smile was forced and full of empty promises; he would be sincere, he would be friendly. Nobody had to even second guess his lies.

Draco sat calmly, his eyes flicking between his parents and his girlfriend, almost seeing the sparks of anger flying from her eyes. He squeezed her hand lightly, trying to get her to lay off a bit, but he knew he was fighting a losing battle. There was nothing he could do when her heart was set on something, and she had worked hard and long for House Elf Rights, only to have them thrown in her face when she had dinner at her boyfriend's parent's house.

"Go on, say what you want to say," Lucius drawled.

She took a breath and then exploded, "How can you just do this? How can you do this knowing that they could be free and not used for petty labour like your housework?"

"They want to work."

"Because they don't know it any other way! You remember Dobby? Well he works at the Hogwarts kitchens, is paid and he loves it! Why do you do it?"

And so the yelling continued, the noise level escalating and the threats and taunts thrown becoming quite childish.

"Psychotic pureblood!"

"Insufferable mudblood!"

Then it stopped. Her mouth opened and closed, twice. His brow twitched, realizing that he might have gone a bit too far. She took the nearest object – a meat cleaver – and threw it at his head.

It missed; barely. She spun on her heel and stormed out of the manor, fuming and swearing never to come back.

Narcissa turned to her son and nodded, "Take care of her Draco. Take care of her, and never let go."

As her son hurried after his beloved, she smiled slightly and turned to her husband, "That one's a keeper."


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