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Enjoy Volume 2! :)

Volume 2

The Underground

The car rumbled on through the forests, breaking up what would have been a pleasant, silent morning. I gazed through a partly open window, letting the wind of the ride rush over my face and through my hair. Green and trees were all that I saw for miles on end. Where I was? I had no idea. All I knew was that this was going to be my new assignment.

We passed trainers on the side of the road who each in turn stopped to glance at us and let us pass before continuing. And for the first time in a very long time I wished I could be one of them. To have that freedom to come and go as I pleased.

I tugged at my black gloves, brushing Persian fur from my uniform that insisted on sticking to me. We pulled up into an old, dirt driveway and stoped just outside of what looked to be a holiday cabin of sorts.

Stepping from the car, I squinted in the morning sunlight and pulled my black hat down over my eyes. All black with the exception of a red R on my chest, it was obvious who I represented. Not so obvious who I really was to those of my rank, however.

But that was what he had wanted.

The Boss.

He wanted me to start again from the bottom. For me to see how hard it was to prove myself in this organisation.

My name is Kair Yu. Not my real name, but the one that I chose for myself. And I was just about to learn the hard way, how to win back my father's approval….

A small gaggle of rockets was waiting for us in the cabin, including a woman who I immediately recognised from the HR department. She looked impatient as she tapped a finger on an orange envelope, no doubt meant for me.

"Finally! You're here," she let out an exasperated huff.

I took at seat at the kitchen table in front of her, looking this way and that.

"Wherever 'here' happens to be," I muttered.

Ignoring my response, she slid the envelope over to me which I eagerly opened, hoping for it to shed some light on the situation. I read from the orders written in Giovanni's own handwriting, only to stop suddenly.

"I'm being assigned a partner?"

Wendy from HR nodded, her green hair bouncing in front of her face, her grin menacing. "I guess daddy feels the need for someone to keep an eye on you after your last endeavour," she snickered like I was the butt of a joke I hadn't gotten yet. "Good luck!"

She pulled herself to her feet and walked out followed by her friends.

I sat alone in the cabin, bringing up the file of the person I was being assigned to, then cursed. This had to be a joke…

The careful knock at the door confirmed that indeed, it wasn't. She stood in the doorway, tall and elegant. Long magenta hair and eyes of determination, she entered and for moments nighter of us uttered a word.

"Jessie," I finally said.

"Kair," she nodded.

"So what happened to James?" I sat back on our cabin couch which I found we were sharing as our base of operations.

Jessie followed suit, gently crossing her legs, and tugged at her skirt. The normally firey Rocket was the quietest I had ever seen her.

"We got assigned new partners," she said sullenly and I was sure she was just about to burst into tears.

"That sucks." I nodded.

She just looked at me, toying with a ringlet of her hair. "So what is our new assignment?"

I grabbed the envelope and handed it to her. "We're infiltrating Team Aqua. It seems that they've gotten their hands on something that is of much interest to the Boss."

"So, we're going under cover?"

"Yup. I found our new uniforms in one of the bedrooms-."

She was on her feet before I even got to finish my sentence. Storming into the nearest bedroom, I needed wait only a few minutes before hearing her ear-splitting scream.

"He can't be serious!" Jessie burst from the bedroom, holding up one of the uniforms, a glare of disgust blatant on her face. "These… things…. will make us look like we just escaped from prison!"

Blue pants with a black and white striped t-shirt and a blue bandana bearing the Team Aqua logo- it was obvious not much thought had gone into the process.

Regardless, Jessie looked determined. Quickly grabbing her duffle bag, she rummaged through it before finding a small box. I watched with intrigue as she pulled a pair of scissors from the box and proceeded to dissect the pants.

"What are you doing?" I demanded.

"Giving this piece of crap uniform some Jessie flair!" she retaliated, whipping a needle and thread from her box, "and giving this stupid Team Aqua a lesson in style."