Five. The Ten Challenge; Ten Stories in Ten Hours.

Ends at a religious place. There is a stained glass window.

The white pyre reached almost to the gates of heaven, the tip pointing skywards and telling all who would hear it: Good News was here. The bells rang out through the small city of Ottery St. Catchpole and he stole a quick breath, the cool nip of the morning biting at his uncovered fingers.

The church that stood in all its majesty before him was so binding through his life; it was the home base, the rest point. Everything had happened here, almost everything that really mattered in his life.

His parents were married here, bringing their love and heartbreak all together in one home. He was christened here, under the wizardry laws only. He supposed that maybe they did it here because it was where they had began their married life, three long years ago. Life had hardened their faces, but he had made them smile again.

She, she was married here. Hermione Jean Granger became Hermione Jean Weasley, and she broke him heart.

He hesitated at the open doorway, his misty breaths coming out slowly. One step, two step, three steps and he was inside, the memories engulfing him so, so fast.

Her wedding gown was pristine white – wasn't that mean to signify virginity? He knew she didn't have that – and her hair was tied up. She was so beautiful that it hurt to look towards her and to know what he was loosing.

But he did it for her, it was what she wanted – or did she? – because he would do anything for her.

The stained glass window sprinkled vibrant rainbows of light throughout everything that had happened. He reluctantly decided that it was beautiful.

Beautiful and tragic, that he still hadn't moved on, that he was standing here in the same white church wishing that she hadn't gone. If this was really a dream, then she would appear at the door way ("Hello Draco.") and she would take him back, she would tell him what he wanted to hear ("I love you.). But this wasn't a dream ("I'm not really here.") and she wasn't coming back, he had to realize that.

But he could still remember ("Remember me Draco, remember me when you're regretting this and remember me when you're lonely. I'll be there, in your heart, if only for a moment. Remember.") who she was and how beautiful she was and how her personality struck something inside him – a burning fire.

He remembered her, in that white church. He remembered who he was and who she was and then he sat up from his pew and moved away; turned away from the church that was so binding, and moved on with his life ("We'll never really move on.").

But he never really did. ("I was right.")

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