Six. The Ten Challenge; Ten Stories in Ten Hours.

A character finds out a dark secret. The story is set twenty years in the past. A character is misunderstood.

He knew that purebloods were inbred, so much so that they had trouble conceiving. He knew from experience that his mother had had many a miscarriage; she carried for six months when he was barely seven, clearly misunderstanding what happened when he never got the baby brother or sister that he had always yearned for.

When he closed his eyes, the colours flashing past him quickly, he thought of his parents, and how miraculously they had conceived him. A lot of people said that they were so lucky, they had one beautiful child; a son to carry on the line. He thought of himself and how lucky he was to be alive.

He opened his eyes, twenty years into the past. He was in a street, the dirty muggles moving this way and that way, the smoke arising from chimneys and males calling of the lowest selling prices on assorted fruit, meat and vegetables. He looked left, right and then left again, his eyes latching onto a Muggle orphanage, his mother and father standing in the window, their hands grasped together tightly.

And then everything fell into place – that his parents had no photos of him before his second birthday, why he had grey eyes, when his parents both had green. That he was never anything important to his father, why he spoke so strongly to muggle-borns (mudbloods) around him. Why that he was never enough.

Because he wasn't really theirs.

And then his life spun around, and he was standing back in his head's common room in Hogwarts, the tears streaming down his face. And she was there, right in front of his eyes, just as beautiful as she always had been. Just as equal as he had never known she was.

Her eyes widened in shock and her hand reached to him, sliding through his silvery, transparent body.

"I'm sorry," he whispered, "I'm sorry for not realizing, for leaving you. For not being right, for being who I was. I'm sorry that I can't hold you anymore; that I can't be one with you; that I can't fully love you. I'm sorry."

Her choked sob echoed around the empty room, her body crumpling to the floor. His ghost had disappeared, and she knew, she just knew that she would never see him again. Never hear his voice, never hold his strong, rough hand. Never inhale that manly, intoxicating scent that was so undoubtedly his.

And she would never be whole again.

(One's still in love while the other one's leaving) I'm falling to pieces ('Cause when a heart breaks, no it don't breakeven.)

Can't remember who wrote the song.

Like? I think it's heartbreakingly cute.

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