Seven. The Ten Challenge; Ten Stories in Ten Hours.

Mid-summer; ends in a valley. One character turns another character in.

"You don't have to do this Granger."

("You didn't have to kill him.")

"I can change, I promise."

("Don't tell me things that will never happen.")

"I love you."

("I-I know. But it's not good enough.")

The dementor's kiss, the most dreaded of all death penalties. Avada Kedavra paled in comparison of this terrible end to a life.

"Change your mind Granger, change it!"

("I can't, I can't.")

"Why won't you just try? Do you ever try for me?"

("I went behind all my friend's backs to be with you, I defied everyone who had ever trusted me. Don't say I never tried.")

"I-I'm scared, Hermione."

("I know Draco, I know.")

I sat by his graveside in that fateful valley where we buried him, watched as his white coffin was lowered into the dark, cold ground. Crying for all the wrong I had done, crying for the life he lost, crying for what we could've been. Crying for the right that I had done, that made me feel so wrong. Each tear I shed reminded me of how damn much that I loved him. How I loved him and betrayed him.

"I love you."

("I-I know. But it's not good enough.")

"I'm sorry."

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